Kentucky Tokens

Obverse of Kentucky Token
Reverse of Kentucky Token

Ron Guth: This coin is really a reference to the United States, not just to a particular state, but because the star at the top of the pyramid bears the abbreviation "K", this coin has become known as the Kentucky Token (sometimes called a "Cent"). All of the different varieties of the Kentucky token were struck in England and they are collected as 1) part of the series of American Colonial coins and 2) as part of the series of Merchant (and other) tokens catalogued by Dalton & Hamer -- otherwise known as Conder Tokens.

Obverse: "UNANIMITY IS THE STRENGTH OF SOCIETY" surrounds a hand holding a scroll that reads, "OUR CAUSE IS JUST"

Reverse: "E PLURIBUS UNUM" above a fifteen star pyramid in rays of glory. Each of the stars bears the initial of one of the fifteen United States existing at the time. The top star bears the letter "K" (for Kentucky - the fifteenth State), hence the name of the token.