Rosa Americana Coins

Obverse of 1722 Rosa Americana Penny
Reverse of 1722 Rosa Americana Penny
Major types and varieties:
Undated Twopence
"UTILE DULCI" on scroll on reverse
"UTILE DULCI" without scroll on reverse

1722 Halfpenny
"VTILE DVLCI" on reverse
"D:G:REX" on obverse / "ROSA.AMERI:UTILE.DULCI" on reverse
"DEI GRATIA REX" on obverse / "ROSA AMERICANA" on reverse

1722 Penny
"GEORGIVS" on obverse
"VTILE DVLCI" on reverse
"UTILE DULCI" on reverse

1722 Twopence
Period after "REX" on obverse
No period after "REX" on obverse)

1723 Halfpenny
Uncrowned rose on reverse
Crowned rose on reverse

1723 Penny

1723 Twopence

1724/3 Penny
"DEI GRATIA" on obverse
"D GRATIA" on obverse

Undated Penny ("ROSA SINE SPINA" on reverse)

1724 Twopence

1733 Twopence