Liberty Head $10

Obverse of Liberty Head $10 Eagle
Reverse of Liberty Head $10 Eagle

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Q. David Bowers (derived from the PCGS Coin Guide): When $10 coinage recommenced in 1838 a new design, the Coronet or Liberty Head style, was employed. This motif continued through 1907, with a slight change in the portrait in 1839, and with the addition of the motto IN GOD WE TRUST in 1866. As is the case with contemporary half eagles, few people collect Liberty Head eagles by date and mintmark varieties, with the result that there are many rarities, particularly among Uncirculated coins, which have relatively low catalogue values. No one has ever assembled a set of Uncirculated Liberty Head $10 pieces, and no one ever will, for numerous early varieties are virtually impossible to find in this preservation. After the early 1880s, Uncirculated $10 pieces become more available, and issues of the early 20th century are plentiful, particularly 1901-S, the most often seen variety.