Proposed National Issues

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Ron Guth: This group of coins includes those that were intended to circulate throughout the states, and not be restricted to a particular state or region. Unfortunately, none of them achieved wide circulation because they either never went beyond the pattern stage, or they were issued in limited quantities. The one exception was the Fugio Cent, which saw the most extensive circulation of any coin in this section.

The Continental Dollars appear to have been intended for a Dollar coinage, but the most common specimens are made of pewter, a metal more commonly used on tokens and medals. If this type was meant to be a Dollar and to compete with the Spanish 8 Reales then in circulation, they would have been made of silver. However, the silver versions are extremely rare and are considered patterns by most experts.

The Nova Constellatio Patterns consist of several denominations that are either unique or nearly so. They are among the most historic, desirable, and valuable of all United States Coins.

Immune Columbia and Confederatio Coppers are generally perceived to be pattern coins. They share some dies with ties to New Jersey Coppers, Nova Constellatios, and Vermont Coppers.

Fugio Cents bear designs and mottoes popularized by Ben Franklin: the sundial (representing time) and the legend "MIND YOUR BUSINESS". The reverse features 13 circles linked in a never-ending chain, representing the original 13 colonies (this symbolism appeared later on 1793 "Chain" Cents, one of the first official U.S. coins). The later New Haven Restrikes have a reverse that is similar in style to the originals, but is clearly a mocked-up die from a later period.