(2010) $1 Missing Edge Lettering Native American, Satin Finish (Special Strike)

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Glenna Goodacre/Thomas Cleveland
26.50 millimeters
8.10 grams
77% Copper, 12% Zinc, 1% other over a pure Copper core
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Jaime Hernandez:

Article Written by - Jerry Wendel: The 2010 Satin Finish Missing Edge Lettering Sacagawea was first reported on the front pages of both Coin World (August 30, 2010 issue) and Numismatic News (August 31, 2010 issue). When I first read those articles, I decided to check the 3 Uncirculated Sets I had recently received, and found that 2 of my 3 sets had the 2010 Missing Edge Sacagawea Dollars in the Denver coins. My order was placed on 7/15/2010 and was received on 7/20/2010.

Initially, Ken Potter estimated in his August 31, 2010 Numismatic News article that possibly over 1,000 of them could have been made. When I emailed Mr. Potter in September 2010, he mentioned that he had been asked about them by several dealers at a local show in Michigan, but that he had actually only seen 5 or 6 of them. In a Numismatic News article on Oct. 2, 2010 Mr. Potter suggested that he knew of "well over two dozen" being reported.
When I came across another report by Mr. Potter on CONECA's website written on Sept. 27, 2010 which said, "At the time that I originally reported upon these errors in the August 31 issue of Numismatic News, only 11 were known to me as reported upon in the August 30 issue of Coin World. Since that time I have had very few reports of additional finds; only five more reported to me between three dealers at a local coin show I attended on September 12. One dealer found one out of two sets he ordered; another found two out of an undisclosed number of sets he had in stock and he reported knowing another dealer that found two in his stock. A search of ebay on 9/27/10 revealed that none were for sale in that venue. It's possible that fewer were released in this manner than my gut feelings originally suggested. Only time will tell."
Since that time, I've tried to find other reports of this coin and I've only encountered one other report - another poster on the PCGS Coin Forum who had a couple and subsequently sold them. I emailed Fred Weinburg about a year ago, and he didn't know of any other finds from any of his clientele. Based on actual hard reports, I don't think that more than 20 have been identified, although it's always the case that many more could be "out there" sitting in 2010 Uncirculated Sets that have never been inspected.