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Submitting to PCGS

How do I submit to PCGS for grading and authentication?

PCGS offers two ways to submit for grading and authentication. You may either join the Collectors Club or locate a PCGS Authorized Dealer to submit on your behalf.

How much does it cost to get coins graded by PCGS?

The fees associated with submitting to PCGS for authentication and grading will vary based on the type of coins, declared value per coin, and the estimated turnaround time. Visit PCGS Services and Fees to review current fees. Fees listed are on a per coin basis. In addition to grading fees, each submission form will incur shipping and handling charges.

If you opt to submit through a PCGS Authorized Dealer, please contact the dealer directly to determine your submission cost.

Where can I find step-by-step submission instructions?

Submission Guidelines are located within the PCGS Submission Center.

I'm out of PCGS submission forms.  How do I get more?

Please use our contact form and file the request under ‘Order Submission Forms’.

How do I determine the declared value of my coins?

You have a few options available to you to assist in determining your coin's value. The fastest and easiest way is to use the PCGS Online Price Guide or PCGS Auction Prices Realized.  You may also consider using current marketing prices on sites like www.Collectors.com or www.CollectorsCorner.com.

Why do I need to provide a declared value for each coin submitted?

While completing the submission form, this information will assist in determining the appropriate service level and return shipping cost.

What is meant by "on-site grading?"

Throughout the year, PCGS travels to several coin trade shows and offers "on-site" grading. This is an opportunity for clients to submit their coins for authentication and grading at the trade show. The process from start to finish is conducted on-site with clients picking up their order by the end of the show. To view a list of shows PCGS will be offering "on-site" grading, you may visit our Show Schedule. As this service is limited, ensure you read the "comments" section under each show for additional details.

Can I drop my submissions off at PCGS headquarters?

No, PCGS is a private, secure facility and is not open to the public to ensure the security of your coins. PCGS offers three ways to send your coins for authentication and grading:

  • Mail
  • PCGS Authorized Dealer
  • Trade Shows

Learn how to submit at www.pcgs.com/services.

How do I become a PCGS Authorized Dealer?

Please use our contact form and file the request under ‘Account Inquiry’.

PCGS Collectors Club

How can I sign up for the PCGS Collectors Club?

Learn more about the PCGS Collectors Club at www.pcgs.com/join. PCGS offers three ways for you to join the Collectors Club.

  • Credit card orders may be processed online through the PCGS store
  • Check or money order memberships can be mailed to: PCGS, P.O. Box 9458, Newport Beach, CA 92658
  • Contacting PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848

Can I send my submissions the same day I sign up for Collectors Club?

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please use our contact form to file the request under ‘Collectors Club Membership’ and a PCGS Customer Service Department member will support you.

How do I get my Collectors Club voucher?

Customers who purchase a Gold or Platinum membership will receive their digital grading voucher via email. The email address that PCGS has on file at the time the membership is purchased or renewed will receive a welcome email from PCGS providing the voucher number for the included complimentary submissions. The welcome email will come from [email protected]. If an email address is not currently on-file with PCGS, a physical membership kit will be mailed to you and, if applicable, include a paper voucher.

What will I receive in my Collectors Club membership kit?

A digital welcome email will be sent to the email address on-file for your account upon the purchase or renewal of a PCGS Collectors Club Membership. If an email address is not currently on-file with PCGS, a physical membership kit will be mailed to you.

The digital welcome email will include your PCGS customer number, current email address on-file, a voucher number for your complimentary grading submissions, when applicable, along with useful resources for submitting to PCGS.

Physical welcome kits will only be mailed to you if an email address is not on-file with PCGS.  If mailed to you, the documents sent in the Collectors Club membership kits will be tailored to our current services and offerings at the time you join. Items that remain constant are: submission forms, services and fees flyer, and step-by-step Submission Guidelines. Gold and Platinum membership kits will also include a voucher for complimentary coin grading submissions.

Platinum memberships receive a Nike Dri-Fit PCGS embroidered polo shirt.

What are the rules and regulations to use a Collectors Club voucher?

The Collectors Club voucher may be applied to either the Regular Standard or Gold Shield service. You may submit your coins for either Raw, Crossover, Regrade or Reconsideration service. You cannot submit U.S. and World coins together and you cannot mix raw coins, Crossovers, Reconsiderations or Regrades on the same submission form.

Voucher is not valid for Mint Errors, Special Issues, First Strike fees, Variety Attribution fees, Oversized Holder fees, Guaranteed Premium fees or coins valued over $2,500. Additional information may be located with the Submission Guidelines. Vouchers are valid for submissions to the PCGS U.S. office only. Visit www.pcgs.com/SubmissionGuide for further details.

Can I submit Collectors Club voucher submissions at different times or must I submit all at once?

Gold and Platinum members are allowed to submit all complimentary submissions at once or may submit the coins separately as long as all guidelines for the voucher are met and all complimentary submissions are post-marked prior to your Collectors Club voucher's expiration date printed on the voucher or indicated in your welcome email. Collectors Club Members are required to provide payment for shipping and handling for each complimentary submission.

Can I submit additional coins on the same invoice as my Collectors Club voucher submission?

Yes. As long as each coin follows the requirements listed in the Submission Guidelines. For each additional coin, you will be responsible for the corresponding fees.

What happens if I forgot to send my Collector Club voucher with my submission?

As long as you indicate "voucher XXXXXX" on the "other" line in the Service Level section of the submission form, we will be able to access your voucher number without the physical voucher being sent to PCGS.

Does my Collectors Club voucher expire?

The Collectors Club voucher is valid for the term of the original membership only. Vouchers have no monetary value and expire one year from the issue date. Please refer to the expiration date printed on the voucher or in the confirmation email.

What is a Grading (raw) submission?

Coins not currently encapsulated in a third-party grading company's holder are considered raw.

PCGS Grading & Services Policies

Can I mix types of services?

Only one type of service is allowed per form. There are four different service types:

  • PCGS Standard – U.S. coins
  • PCGS Standard – World coins (Modern Only - 1965 to date)
  • PCGS Gold Shield™ – U.S. coins
  • PCGS Gold Shield – World coins

Note: Coins required for Gold Shield Service: 1. All World (Non-U.S.) coins submitted under any service level other than Modern. 2. Any coin submitted under the Gold Shield-included service levels (Express and higher service levels). 3. Reholders valued above $3,000. Gold Shield service is included with Collectors Club Gold and Platinum complimentary submissions as long as Gold Shield is requested on the submission form at the time of submission.

Can I mix different types of submissions?

Only one type of submission is allowed per form. The five options include:

  • Grading (raw)
  • Crossover (coins currently graded and in another third-party grading company’s holder)
  • Regrade (coins currently in a PCGS holder)
  • Reconsideration (coins currently in a PCGS holder that are not removed from their original holder unless they upgrade)
  • Guarantee Resubmission (coins currently in a PCGS holder that you feel may be counterfeit or over-graded. For additional information on the PCGS Guarantee, visit PCGS.com/guarantee)

Can I mix Service Levels?

PCGS requires you to separate your submissions based on service level. You can only choose one service level per submission form.

What is a Regrade submission?

Coins currently encapsulated in a PCGS holder are considered Regrades. Submit Regrades in their original PCGS holders. The coins will be removed from their holders by PCGS and go through the grading process as raw coins. Your coin will then get holdered with either the same grade or with a higher grade in a new PCGS holder. You do not have the option of keeping the original holder.

What is a Crossover submission?

A Crossover is a coin submitted for grading that has been previously graded by another third-party grading company and is currently encapsulated in their holder.

Can I retain the CAC sticker on my PCGS holdered coin upon resubmission?

It depends on how the coin is submitted.

Coins submitted for Regrade will be removed from their PCGS holder, the grade will either stay the same or go up. Regardless of the grade outcome for Regrade orders, your coin will be placed into a new PCGS holder. The CAC sticker and old PCGS holder will not be returned to you.

Coins submitted for Reconsideration will only be removed from their PCGS holder if they upgrade. Coins that do not upgrade will be returned to you in their original PCGS holder. If a CAC sticker was on the PCGS holder, it will remain on the holder if the coin did not upgrade. If the coin upgrades, the coin will be placed into a new PCGS holder, the CAC sticker and old PCGS holder will not be returned to you.

If I remove a coin from a PCGS holder, will it still be considered a Regrade?

No. Once a coin is removed from a PCGS holder, it will be considered a "raw" coin upon resubmission. The prior grade is no longer valid.

If I remove a coin from a PCGS holder, will the grade still be guaranteed?

No. The PCGS Guarantee of Grade and Authenticity does not apply to any coin which has been removed from the PCGS holder or any coin for which the PCGS holder shows evidence of tampering.

How do I submit a Crossover (coin graded by another third-party grading service)?

The Crossover service is for coins previously graded by another third-party grading service. Submit your Crossover coins in their original holders and be sure to fill in the minimum grade and certification number on the submission form. If your coin does not meet or exceed the minimum grade, it is returned to you in its original holder with no change in grade.

PCGS will holder your coin only if it meets or exceeds the current grade on the holder per the PCGS Grading Standards unless a lower minimum grade is specified. You cannot specify a higher minimum grade than what is currently on the holder. If you leave this area blank on the form when requesting Crossover Service, PCGS will assume the minimum grade is the grade currently on the holder. Indicate one of the following in the Minimum Grade column:

  • "CURRENT" – Requests coins to cross at grade listed on holder
  • "ANY" – Requests coins to cross at any numerical grade (01-70)
  • "DETAILS" – Request Genuine with Details
  • If you would like to specify a lower grade than listed on the holder, write your acceptable numerical grade (include suffix if applicable).

You will be charged the full grading fee even if your coin does not meet the minimum grade specified and is not encapsulated (since the coin completed the grading process and our graders rendered an opinion). For coins which do not meet the minimum grade specified, the result for the coins will show as DNC (Did Not Cross) as the only explanation.

There are instances when our grade can be a "No Grade," (For "No Grade" explanation, see No Grades in this brochure), in which case your coin will be returned to you in the same holder.

Please keep in mind that it is not uncommon for different grading services to reach different conclusions about the grade of a particular coin. PCGS is not bound, in any way, by an opinion rendered by another grading service.

Can I submit Crossover coins for Gold Shield services?

Yes, a mandatory $5 per coin fee applies to all Gold Shield submissions. This $5 Gold Shield fee is in addition to the service level grading fee.

Can I retain the CAC sticker on my Crossover coin upon submission?

Only if the coin does not meet the minimum grade. In those instances, it will be returned in the original holder and will retain the CAC sticker. Crossover coins that meet or exceed the minimum grade listed on the submission form will be cracked out and placed in a PCGS holder. In the event the coin does cross, you do not have the option of keeping the CAC sticker. For further direction on how to submit a Crossover, review our Submission Guidelines.

May I request the First Strike designation listed on my Crossover submission also be designated on the PCGS holder?

No. Since PCGS is unable to verify the designation per PCGS First Strike policies and procedures, a Crossover coin submitted with a First Strike designation from another third-party grading service will not be recognized. If the coin meets or exceeds the minimum grade listed on the submission form, it will be cracked out and placed in a PCGS holder without the First Strike designation.

May I request the Variety Attribution listed on my Crossover submission also be designated on the PCGS holder?

Yes. To determine if the variety you are requesting is recognized by PCGS, review the PCGS Variety Attribution program prior to submission. As PCGS has our own grading standards, not all varieties acknowledged by another third-party grading service may be recognized by PCGS. You may request a variety by following the Submission Guidelines.

What is the importance of the PCGS coin number?

The coin numbering system has several benefits to the industry and PCGS clients. PCGS coin numbers are a central part of our reporting databases: PCGS Population Report, PCGS Set Registry, etc. Outside vendors (such as auction houses and software vendors) use PCGS coin numbers as integral parts of their offerings.

Listing PCGS coin numbers on the PCGS submission or Restoration forms are optional when submitting to PCGS. If you would like to list the PCGS coin number for coins you are submitting, PCGS coin numbers can be found at www.pcgs.com/pcgsnolookup. If utilizing the PCGS online submission center, the step-by-step process will automatically locate the PCGS coin number for most U.S. coins.

What happens if I fill out my submission form incorrectly?

Missing information will cause delays. To prevent any delays in the processing of your order, follow the Submission Guidelines. If PCGS determines additional information is required upon receipt of your order, we will contact you via e-mail or phone. Once proper authorization is obtained and the submission is corrected, your order will continue forward.
Note: Estimated turnaround times are delayed for orders with missing and/or incorrect information. Once the order is corrected in the PCGS system, the estimated turnaround time will begin.


Where can I find shipping instructions?

Shipping instructions are located within the PCGS Submission Guidelines section of PCGS.com.

Can I send multiple orders in the same box to PCGS?

Yes. You may send us more than one submission at a time in the same box. If you do this, be sure each individual order has its own submission form and method of payment. To assist with turnaround times, clearly notate the fastest service level on the outside of your package.
Note: We are unable to combine orders for return shipment.

How should I package my coins for safest transport during shipping?

PCGS recommends housing your coins individually in 2 ½" x 2 ½" Mylar flips (we do not accept acrylic snap cases or cardboard and stapled coin holders). Place the coin in the inside front pouch of the flip so the openings of the flip are not exposed. Note: PCGS highly recommends you use Mylar flips when submitting any of your coins for grading. The inert Mylar flips will be a better storage unit for your coins while they are in the grading process here at PCGS.
Except for Regrades or Crossovers, label each item using a sticker. Write the submission number and the corresponding line number for that item on the sticker and place it on the flip.

Rubber band the coins (while in the Mylar flips) together for each submission per the order listed on the submission form. This will ensure each order is received as itemized on the submission form and is kept separate from other orders sent in the same package.

Package your coins with bubble wrap or Styrofoam to cushion your coins during shipping to PCGS.

Be sure to tape the entire package. By taping the package well, you'll reduce the chances of tampering during shipping and prevent items from slipping through the openings in the box. (Paper tape is required on orders sent via Registered Mail.)

Mark the outside of the package with the fastest service level (EXPRESS, REGULAR, MODERN, etc.) you are sending. For complimentary submissions, please mark "CLUB." This will help expedite the process of your order.

Do the grading fees include shipping and handling fees?

No. Shipping/insurance and handling fees are in addition to the grading fees.

How do I determine my return shipping cost?

Shipping rates may be located on the back of PCGS submission forms or on the PCGS website. Shipping fees are calculated by the number of coins submitted and the total declared value of the submission. Return shipping fees are required for each submission form. You may not combine shipping for multiple orders.

What carrier should I utilize to mail my submissions to PCGS?

PCGS recommends sending your submissions via USPS Registered Mail to PCGS, P.O. Box 9458, Newport Beach, CA 92658.

If shipping via FedEx, ship to: PCGS, 1610 E. St. Andrew Place Ste. 150, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

For shipping costs associated with the carriers mentioned above, please contact them directly. No UPS or DHL shipments will be accepted.

May I request multiple orders mail together upon completion?

No. While you may send us more than one submission at a time in the same box, PCGS will return each order individually.

What carrier will PCGS utilize to return my orders upon completion?

PCGS returns all orders Priority, Express or Registered Mail (based upon the declared value). If you choose to have your submissions returned via FedEx or USPS Express Mail Services, you must have your own account with FedEx or USPS and you are responsible for your own insurance. A $2 fee per order is required if you choose to use your own shipping account.

Does the estimated turnaround time include shipping?

Estimated turnaround times do not include the time it takes for a package to travel to and from PCGS. Please contact the shipping carrier utilized for details pertaining to their specific transit times

Can I send a GPS tracker with my submission?

FedEx and other third-party shipping services have now introduced GPS tracker tags as an option to send with your packages for more thorough tracking. Individuals can also purchase off-the-shelf tracker tags to include in their shipments. FedEx trackers are returned to FedEx within 24 hours after they arrive at PCGS. If you send an order to PCGS with a tracker tag you purchased, please be advised of the following:

  1. You will be contacted by a PCGS representative within 24 hours of the order being unboxed and have the option to have the tracker returned to you. You will be charged a separate return shipping fee as the tracker cannot be held at PCGS and shipped back with your order.
  2. If you do not respond to the PCGS representative within 24 hours after they contact you about your tracker, then it will be discarded.
  3. If you don’t want to pay for return shipping for the tracker, then it will be discarded.

Using PCGS.com

What is my coin worth?

PCGS does not directly value or appraise coins but offers you a number of tools to research the value of your coins. The PCGS Price Guide is a comprehensive database that contains the latest sales prices reported to PCGS by respected auction houses, EBay, and PCGS Authorized Dealers. PCGS continually updates the PCGS Price Guide to ensure it is the most robust and complete coin price guide available online.

Note: All sales prices reported to PCGS were for a specific PCGS graded coin. The actual market value of the coin(s) may differ from what is indicated on the PCGS website.

Where can I find more information about coins?

PCGS CoinFacts is the largest online encyclopedia for U.S. coins available today, and is 100% free to access. PCGS CoinFacts has a large and ever-growing amount of coin information available, including, but not limited to: metal content, exact dimensions, weight, recent and historical auction prices, narratives, pricing, population reports and more.

Can PCGS buy, sell, or determine the value of my coins?

No. As a third-party authentication and grading company, PCGS does not buy, sell, value, or appraise coins. PCGS does offer the PCGS Price Guide, a compiled database of the latest sales prices reported to PCGS by a respected auction house, EBay, or PCGS Authorized Dealers. If you are interested in buying, selling, or determining the value of your coins, you may want to contact a few PCGS Authorized Dealers.

How do I stop future (recurring) billing for my membership or online subscription?

Log in to your account utilizing the e-mail address and password PCGS has on file. Once logged in, scroll to the “You have active recurring orders” section of your account, you will see all active and recurring memberships in this section. If your membership is set to automatically renew each year, you will see a “Stop Future Billing” button above your membership. If you no longer wish to have your membership automatically renew each year, click this button.

Please note: if the future billing is stopped, your membership will expire on the date indicated on your account page. A valid membership is required to submit to PCGS. Any promotional or grandfathered membership pricing will no longer be available if the future billing for that membership is stopped.

What is the PCGS Population Report?

The PCGS Population Report is a compilation of all coins graded by PCGS. The "Pop Report" (as it is known in the industry) shows the number of coins graded in all condition levels and is useful in interpreting rarity.

What is the PCGS Set Registry?

The PCGS Set Registry is a program that allows collectors to showcase their collection(s) online and to rank their coins against those of other collectors. If questions still remain after reviewing the details listed online, please contact Set Registry at [email protected].

Where may I check the validity of my PCGS certification number?

Certification Verification allows you to enter a certification number and pull up details pertaining to the encapsulated coin.

Important Note:Verification of certification numbers on the PCGS Certification Database does not eliminate the risk of buying counterfeit and/or altered coins, because persons who manufacture such coins may also counterfeit PCGS grading inserts using actual certification numbers derived from public sources. Always verify the legitimacy of any transaction before proceeding.

How do I update the credit card on-file for my recurring membership?

Log in to your account utilizing the e-mail address and password PCGS has on file. Once logged in, scroll to the “You have active recurring orders” section of your account, you will see all active and recurring memberships in this section. Click on the “Update Billing Info” button, enter your updated credit card information including the card type and expiration date then click the “Save Edited Address” button.

Please note: If a payment is pending, or if multiple failed attempts have been made to charge the current payment method on-file at the time you attempt to update your credit card, the update and charge may not be processed.

If you see “Deactivated” in red above your recurring membership, please contact PCGS Customer Service at 1-800-447-8848 to update your account, at one point your credit card may have been declined or has expired. Your recurring membership charge was not able to be processed. You will not be able to update the billing information online. The “Stop Future Billing” button will still work if the account has been “deactivated.”

My Orders

How can I check the status of my order after it has been entered into PCGS' system?

You may go to www.pcgs.com/myaccount.

Why is the status of my order stating "receive hold?" (via my online account)

Orders are placed on a "receive hold" if there is a discrepancy between the information listed on the submission form, the coins received, and current PCGS policies. PCGS will send an e-mail with an explanation of the discrepancy and request your authorization to correct. The submission will remain on hold until an e-mail reply with authorization is received. Once proper authorization is obtained and the submission is corrected, your order will continue forward. If you notice the hold prior to receiving an e-mail, please contact PCGS Customer Service for further details.
Note: Estimated turnaround times are delayed for orders with missing and/or incorrect information. Once the order is corrected in the PCGS system, the estimated turnaround time will begin.

Tracking details show my package was picked up by PCGS. Why is my submission not showing on my account?

Once packages are picked up from the various shipping agencies, they are brought to our secure facility to await processing. Depending upon the current influx of orders, it may take up to 2-4 business days for packages to be opened and entered into the system. Once the packages are processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and be able to see the order on your account. Rest assured packages are secure at all times.

What other communication may I expect from PCGS while my order is being processed?

PCGS will send three separate e-mails notifying you where your order is in process:

  • E-mail #1: Submission has been entered into PCGS's system
  • E-mail #2: Grades have been finalized with a link to view grades online
  • E-mail #3: Submission has been shipped with a tracking number

When does my estimated turnaround time begin?

Upon receipt of the e-mail stating submission has been entered into the PCGS system. If your submission is established as a problem order, estimated turnaround time will begin when the problem is corrected.

What is the "shared" column I see while checking the status of my order online?

The "shared" column refers to whether an order is viewable by the general public or listed privately. By clicking the "share order" link, you are allowing PCGS to share order information with other collectors. This is an option you may control as PCGS has found often times submitters opt to share with others to know current trends and/or coins being submitted to PCGS. PCGS will not list information regarding your specific account or order details viewable to the public.

What should I do if my coin is labeled incorrectly?

Please use our contact form and file the request under ‘Other/General Questions’.

Is it possible to receive a further explanation as to why my coin(s) received the grade/code listed on the insert?

The information listed on the insert (encapsulated or within the Mylar flip) accurately describes the condition of the coin. This is the extent of information available. We encourage you to read more about the PCGS Grading Standards to educate yourself about the PCGS grade your coin received.

General Grading

How many PCGS experts (graders) review my submission?

Every coin submitted to PCGS for grading is reviewed by a minimum of two and in most instances three or more of our grading experts. Our grading experts collectively have many decades of experience and have graded more than 40 million coins over the past 30+ years.

Each grader operates independently and without knowledge of any other grader's opinions. Each grader records the results of their grading in our computer system which utilizes time-tested rules based logic to determine and track each coin's grade. After each coin has been graded by the graders it is reviewed and the grade is verified by one of our most senior experts.

Why don't graders and sealers wear gloves while handling coins?

PCGS graders and sealers are experts in the proper care and handling of coins. While gloves offer additional protection, they reduce the tactile sensations necessary to properly manipulate coins during the grading process and could increase the chance of dropping a coin.

What are the PCGS Grading Standards?

The PCGS Grading Standards have been established by PCGS and are applied to every coin graded by PCGS. The standards are based on the 1-70 Sheldon Scale and are the reference we use for every coin we grade.

What types of coins does PCGS grade?

PCGS grades most U.S. coinage, Mint Errors, Colonials, Fractional Gold, Patterns, Territorials, and World coins from 1600 to present.

Does PCGS grade tokens and medals?

For U.S. medals or tokens, PCGS will grade medals or tokens that were officially minted by the U.S. Mint and are capable of being encapsulated in a PCGS holder. For additional information on U.S. and World tokens and medals that PCGS currently authenticates and grades, please visit the Tokens & Medals page.

How do I submit GSA Carson City Morgan dollars for grading to receive the GSA designation?

GSA dollars can be submitted with raw coins, but must arrive in their GSA holder in order to receive the "GSA" designation on the PCGS label. Send the coins in the acrylic holder only. External packaging, original GSA acrylic holders, and certificates of authenticity will not be returned.

Will "GSA" Carson City Morgan dollars submitted for grading retain the GSA holder?

You have the option of having your GSA Carson City Morgan Dollar holdered in the standard sized PCGS holder or a larger PCGS holder that will encapsulate the oversized GSA issued holder.

If you would like to have your GSA Dollar holdered in its original case inside of the oversized PCGS holder, you will need to indicate this on your submission form and will need to include the $20 per coin oversized holder fee. Your GSA Morgan Dollar will be graded, and then holdered inside of a larger PCGS holder. The Label will state “GSA Hoard.”

If you would like to have your GSA Morgan Dollar placed into a standard sized PCGS holder, indicate so on the PCGS submission form. If your GSA Morgan Dollar is placed into a standard PCGS holder, the PCGS label will state “GSA.”

The oversized PCGS holder:
The standard sized PCGS holder:

What is the Genuine Service?

Any coin that does not qualify for a numerical grade but is genuine may be encapsulated under our Genuine service. Only one option is allowed per submission form. There are three different genuine options:

  • Genuine with Details (default) (will print the coin problem as well as a details grade)
  • Genuine no Details
  • Do not holder Genuine-only coins

Can I receive the Genuine Service through Gold Shield services?

Yes. Genuine services are available under Gold Shield.  Learn more about our Gold Shield service.

What if I don't select a Genuine Service?

Your submission will automatically default to Genuine with Details.

Must I select one of the Genuine service levels?

Yes. PCGS currently offers the three options under the Genuine service. If you prefer not to have coins deemed genuine encapsulated, ensure you mark the "Do Not Holder Genuine" box on the submission form.

Are Genuine coins eligible for Variety Attribution?

Yes. Genuine coins are eligible for the Variety Attribution service. For a list of varieties PCGS currently recognizes, please visit our Variety Attribution page.

Can Genuine coins be used in the Set Registry?

Yes. Genuine coins will continue to be eligible for Registry sets. Coins in genuine holders will have a set value of one (1). Genuine coins are not eligible for "low ball" sets.

Is my coin eligible for "First Strike" designation?

Beginning in 2005, PCGS began designating coins packaged and delivered by the U.S. Mint in the 30-day period following the initial sales date of a new product as First Strike. PCGS has very specific rules and regulations for First Strike submissions. Please review the First Strike requirements prior to submission.

What size holder will my coin need to be encapsulated in?

PCGS currently offers three different holders: standard, oversized, and jumbo-sized. To determine the appropriate holder for your submission, please use our contact form and file the request under ‘Other/General Questions’. Although offering three options has expanded the coins PCGS can holder, there may be a select few we are currently unable to accommodate.

Standard: 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle
Oversized: 5 oz. America the Beautiful
Jumbo-sized: 90mm. Gold Panda 1kg.

What is a "No Grade?"

PCGS experts may encounter coins which, for one reason or another, cannot be assigned a numerical grade. These "No Grade" coins fall into three categories: (1) problem coins, (2) inconclusive, or (3) ineligible "No Grades." In the first category, coins will be placed in a PCGS Genuine holder (except where noted). Coins in categories two and three will be returned un-encapsulated. Please visit PCGS Grading Standards for further details.

Will I receive a refund for coins that receive a "No Grade?"

No. By signing the PCGS submission form, you agree in the event that PCGS rejects any coin for grading in accordance with the PCGS grading standards and procedures, we shall not refund the fees paid because the determination to reject the coin required a review by PCGS grading experts. For additional information and policies on submitting coins, please see the back of your submission form or reference the PCGS Collectors Club Agreement.

The only "No Grade" PCGS will refund is (no exceptions): N96, No Service. Further explanation of this code may be viewed under the PCGS Grading Standards.

What if the information on Certification Verification differs from the PCGS holder?

There are certain instances when the information listed on Certification Verification differs from the insert encapsulated with the coin. In the event this occurs, please use our contact form and file the request under ‘Cert Verification’ to resolve any discrepancies. Ensure your e-mail is accompanied by legible pictures (front and back) of the coin in its PCGS holder.

What does PVC residue do to a coin and how can I avoid it?

PVC (or Poly-Vinyl Chloride) is a chemical used to soften plastic so it can be formed into a variety of vinyl coin holders. PVC can leach out of the holder and onto the surface of your coin, leaving a greenish film or residue that will eventually etch the surface of your coin, thus reducing or destroying its value. PCGS recommends using PVC-free, mylar flips. PCGS will not place coins with PVC residue in a PCGS holder.

Can my coin change appearance after being placed in a PCGS holder?

It is extremely unlikely that your coin will change appearance within a PCGS holder. The PCGS holder was designed specifically for the long-term storage and protection of your coins. The holder itself is made of inert materials that keep your coin safe. The sealed holder inhibits the entrance of atmospheric gasses and contaminants that might harm your coin. Even so, common sense dictates that you should keep your PCGS graded coins safe for a lifetime. Avoid humidity and excessive temperature swings by keeping your coins in a dry environment, preferably at a constant room temperature. It's also important to note that PCGS' holders are sonically sealed but not air tight.


How can I be sure my coins are safe?

From the moment your coins arrive in our facilities until they are returned to you, PCGS takes great care to ensure the safety of your valuables. In addition to being covered by our liability insurance while on our premises, your coins are further protected by our highly-trained security personnel and state-of-the-art security systems. Each of these measures reinforces our commitment to protecting your coins throughout the grading process.

How do I know the coin I send to PCGS is the same coin I will receive when returned?

The only coins at the PCGS facility are coins submitted by our clients. Great care is taken to maintain the integrity of each order. From the moment each package is received by PCGS it follows a very strict and controlled tracking process. The opening of each package is recorded with full audio and video. As the receiver opens the package all the contents are verbally described and recorded. As each coin is removed from the package a bar coded label is prepared which is immediately attached to the flip containing the coin. Another bar coded label is affixed to the box containing all the coins from that submission.

As the order proceeds through the various stages of grading, all the coins in the submission are continuously kept together in the bar coded box. Each individual coin is always kept in its bar coded flip unless actually being graded or eventually placed in a PCGS plastic holder. Throughout the entire time a coin is at PCGS our computer system tracks it and can tell us exactly where it is. Under no circumstances are coins from separate orders ever combined or co-mingled. Each order is kept intact in its own box as it moves along through the various processes within PCGS.

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