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A PCGS Year in Review


The New Year is upon us! During this Season of holidays and giving thanks, I take time to reflect on the year that came and went. So, as 2017 comes to an end, I can’t help but reminisce on the successful year PCGS has had, filled with fun new trade show locations, exclusive coin displays, and a new facility to accommodate our growing company.

The year opened with the much-anticipated F.U.N. Convention. Located in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this show brought in collectors and dealers, old and new. Everyone was ready to start the year off with their sharpest foot first. At the PCGS booth, enclosed in a 6-foot-tall glass case, we displayed the 1794 Specimen Silver Dollar - graded PCGS SP66. Many believe this record-breaking piece of history to be the first dollar minted by the Philadelphia Mint in 1794. We were thrilled to display it, both at F.U.N and at the Long Beach Expo in February. See the CoinFacts page here

Continuing with the PCGS Set Registry® of the finest set of early American dollars, we then displayed the Class I Dexter/Pogue Specimen 1804 Draped Bust Dollar, PCGS PR65 at the Summer Las Vegas Members Only Show. With only 8 extant, the uniqueness stems from the fact that many 1804 dollars were not even minted in 1804, but in the 1830s as diplomatic gifts. See the CoinFacts page here

Back by popular demand, PCGS returned to the heart of New Orleans to host the PCGS Members Only Show. With such positive feedback on this location, you can anticipate joining us in the French Quarter in May 2018 as well. We also brought our Members Only Show to a new location - Philadelphia. With one of our biggest turnouts yet, the Philadelphia Members Only Show accommodated a large East Coast Collectors Club base. All who attended enjoyed our private tour of the Museum of the American Revolution – that was a real treat. We will see you in Philadelphia in August 2018 for the ANA World’s Fair of Money.

At the Fall Las Vegas Members Only Show, we showcased the world’s most valuable Morgan dollar; the Vermelule-Lee-Coronet 1893-S $1 PCGS MS67. In mint state, the 1893-S is arguably the rarest Morgan Dollar. In exquisite condition at 124 years old, this coin had collectors in awe. See the CoinFacts page here

Just last week at the Winter Las Vegas Members Only Show we showcased a 3-coin display of 1861 Confederate State of America rarities. The Newcomer/Newman/Green 1861 50c CSA SP40 was crossed over into a PCGS holder immediately after it sold at public auction. That made it the 19th coin in a PCGS holder of 2017’s Top 20 highest selling coins. See the CoinFacts page here

No question, 2017 was an exciting year for the PCGS display case and for those who joined us on the road. In 2018, expect the same level of enthusiasm and historical content. Our staff is bigger, our building is bigger, and our goals are bigger.

Check out the entire PCGS Show Schedule here.

Have any feedback and suggestions for PCGS? We are always open to improvements. Let us know what you would like to see next! Send the PCGS Customer Service team an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (800) 447-8848, Monday through Friday 7am – 5pm PST.

See you next year and safe travels,

Nichole Schembre
PCGS Marketing Coordinator

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