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Bruce Morelan Collection to be Displayed at PCGS Members Only Show

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, PCGS SP66. Click image to enlarge.

1804 Draped Bust Dollar, Original – Class BB-304, PCGS PR65. Click image to enlarge.

Lincroft, NJ – Legend Rare Coin Auctions has announced that the entire Bruce Morelan Collection will be featured on display at the PCGS Members Only Show, which will be held August 5-7 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Attendees of the show can view the entire collection of Early Dollars and Early Type coins, including the world-famous 1794 PCGS SP66 Flowing Hair Dollar and 1804 PCGS PR65 Draped Bust Dollar.

“We are incredibly excited to be able to present this collection in its entirety at the upcoming PCGS Members Only Show,” said Matthew Bell, CEO of Legend Auctions. “Every coin in this collection is incredible, and we are thrilled that we will be able to share these amazing coins with collectors who can appreciate just how much dedication and effort went into assembling this set.”

“Of course, the 1794 and 1804 Dollars are unbelievably special coins,” echoed Laura Sperber, founder of Legend Auctions. “Having just one of them on display would be a major event, but to have them both available at the same time is almost impossible to imagine. Beyond that, each coin in the collection is an incredible rarity and is a highlight in its own right. We wanted to make sure that we gave collectors the opportunity to come see all these coins, since once the set is sold, they most likely will never be seen together again.”

Bookended by the 1794 and 1804 Dollars, the Bruce Morelan Early Dollar Set contains a representative of every major dollar variety from 1794 through 1804, consisting of 15 coins overall. The Early Type Collection contains spectacular examples of most coins minted during the 18th century at the United States Mint. The full list of coins being displayed is below:

Early Type Collection

  • 1797 1/2C PCGS MS66BN
  • 1793 1C Wreath, Vine and Bars PCGS MS66RB
  • 1794 1C PCGS MS67BN
  • 1797 1C PCGS MS66RB
  • 1795 H10C PCGS MS66+
  • 1797 H10C 16 Stars PCGS MS65+
  • 1796 10C PCGS MS66
  • 1798/7 10C 16 Star Reverse PCGS MS65+
  • 1795 $5 PCGS MS64
  • 1795 PCGS $10 MS64+

Early Dollar Set

  • 1794 PCGS $1 SP66
  • 1795 $1 Flowing Hair, 2 Leaves PCGS MS64+
  • 1795 $1 Draped Bust PCGS MS66
  • 1796 $1 PCGS MS65
  • 1797 $1 PCGS MS64+
  • 1798 $1 PCGS MS63
  • 1798 $1 PCGS MS65
  • 1799/8 $1 PCGS MS64+
  • 1799 $1 PCGS MS66
  • 1800 $1 PCGS MS65+
  • 1801 $1 PCGS MS65
  • 1802/1 $1 PCGS MS64+
  • 1802 $1 PCGS MS65
  • 1803 $1 PCGS MS65
  • 1804 $1 PCGS PR65

The Bruce Morelan Collection will be sold at the PCGS Members Only Event in Las Vegas in October. To find out more information about the collection or for any general consignment inquiries, please contact Legend Rare Coins auctions at [email protected] or at 732-935-1168.

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