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Building A Walking Liberty Half Dollar Short Set on the PCGS Registry


Assembling a short set of Walking Liberty Half Dollars is something many collectors endeavor to do, and those who want to earn merits and awards for doing so often turn to the PCGS Set Registry. More than 125,000 collections have been built on the PCGS Set Registry, and the Walking Liberty Half Dollars Short Set, Circulation Strikes is one of the more popular avenues because it incorporates one of the world’s most beautiful silver coins in a relatively affordable set format.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar, 1941 50C, PCGS MS68. Click image to enlarge.

The Walking Liberty Half Dollars Short Set on the PCGS Set Registry consists of coins dating from 1941 through 1947 and avoids the series key dates, semi-keys, and major varieties. Of course, those are coins that often prove financially unobtainable for many collectors. As is unfortunately all too often the situation, expensive dates cause many cash-strapped collectors to give up altogether on completing an entire run of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, which were minted from 1916 through 1947.

The 20-coin 1941 through 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Registry Set is easy on the pocketbook. And for collectors inclined to build a circulated run of these coins, it’s possible to obtain them for relatively little over their spot value. In fact, the PCGS Set Registry offers a venue for collectors looking to complete a short set of Walking Liberty Half Dollars with circulated coins. Still, those who want a higher-end Registry Set will normally opt to pursue uncirculated specimens. And even in the grade of PCGS MS65, the basic circulation-strike short set can be completed for around $3,000. Yet, as any series enthusiast can attest, Walking Liberty Half Dollar prices are all over the board.

Collectors who want the best of the best Walking Liberty Half Dollars Short Set will need to look beyond the MS65 level and turn to MS67 and MS68 specimens. Undoubtedly and certainly unsurprisingly, it’s at that grade threshold where a Walking Liberty Half Dollar collection can no longer be considered reasonably “affordable” to the average collector. The most common of Walking Liberty Half Dollar dates trade for a minimum of $500 in MS67, and the few known in the much more elusive MS68 range are four- and five-figure coins. Consider, for example, the 1941-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar – an $825 coin in MS66 and $32,500 in MS67!

While a stellar Walking Liberty Half Dollars Short Set boasting conditional rarities may be a tremendous goal for any collector, one need not achieve a top grade-point average to be competitive on the PCGS Set Registry. As is the case with all Registry Sets, constant activity, sets in the process of being upgraded, and other more readily achievable benchmarks can all help pad the grade-point average and improve one’s odds of earning top prizes for their given set(s).

In the case of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, there are few sets more popular among the generations. We find collectors of all ages regularly pursuing these coins. Perhaps it’s little wonder that even young collectors are familiar with the coin’s resplendent design by Adolph A. Weinman. The timeless themes captured by Miss Liberty striding before a dawning sun on the obverse and an American eagle perched upon a mountain top on the reverse resonate with so many. Some 39 years after the retirement of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar series, Weinman’s obverse design was readopted for use on the American Silver Eagle bullion coin beginning in 1986.

The challenges, opportunities, and potential for enjoyment are boundless with the Walking Liberty Half Dollar Short Set. Collectors ready to embark on a Walking Liberty Half Dollar Short Set while earning medals, points, and bragging rights can get started for free today on the PCGS Set Registry!

Set Registry Coin Collecting: Basics Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1916-1947)

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