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Crossing Over: Why the Best Coins Always End Up in PCGS Holders


1836 Capped Bust Half Dollar 50/00, Lettered Edge, PCGS PR66. Click image to enlarge.

Among the various premium service types that PCGS offers is “Crossover.” We recognize at PCGS that there are many quality coins that are graded and housed in the holders of other third-party grading services. As such, PCGS offers the crossover service to individuals who would like the coin in a PCGS holder:

  • ONLY if it crosses at the same grade level or higher
  • If it crosses at a certain level; for example, it is in another grading service’s holder as an AU58, but the submitter would accept a PCGS AU55
  • At ANY grade level

During our last Walk Through Week grading event, we had several impressive rarities come into our office for crossover service. One of the highlights was a proof 1836 Capped Bust Half Dollar! Anyone who has studied Bust Half Dollars knows that proofs are few and far between at any grade level; this coin is no exception. With a total mintage of 10 specimens, it is a rarity that would improve any collection in the world with its acquisition.

The coin was received by our team and was graded by an alternative grading service as PF67 and was noted to be the Eliasberg specimen. After thorough examination by our world-class graders, it was decided that the coin was worthy to cross to a PCGS holder if the customer accepted the grade of PR66. The grade was accepted, and it is now the current finest-known 1836 50C 50/00 Lettered Edge proof with a PCGS PriceGuide value of $225,000.

The customer felt that the best value for this numismatic rarity would be attained by having the PCGS guarantee and market preference associated with it. As an interesting side note, of the 25 highest auction results in 2019 for numismatics, 21 were coins authenticated and graded by PCGS. This just goes to prove that the saying is true, “the best coins always end up in PCGS holders.”

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