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Great Value in American Silver Eagle Coins


PCGS-graded American Silver Eagles offer many fantastic values for collectors and investors. Courtesy of PCGS TrueView. Click image to enlarge.

Combining the investor allure of precious metal with many scarce issues and special finishes that appeals to numismatists, American Silver Eagles offer a plethora of opportunities for bullion speculators and coin collectors. American Silver Eagles in bullion, proof, or burnished finishes have proven to be both immensely popular and stunningly successful in terms of value. Numerous dates and finishes in the American Silver Eagle series represent so much more than their melt value, especially with PCGS-graded MS70 and PR70DCAM issues that bring large premiums – particularly for scarce dates.

There are so many options for PCGS-graded American Silver Eagles. The bullion and proof finishes have been produced annually since 1986 (with the exception of 2009, when no proofs were struck), while the burnished silver eagles were introduced in 2006. Yet, despite their overall popularity, the American Silver Eagles yield many dates that are undervalued or underappreciated, thus giving buyers an advantage on the price side.

Most American Silver Eagles from 2007 and after are currently priced on the PCGS Price Guide at $100 or less, while proof American Silver Eagles after 2008 are generally listed for $110 to $120 on the PCGS Price Guide. PCGS-graded burnished American Silver Eagles in SP70 are available in most dates from 2007 and after in the $85 to $110 range. You can buy any one of the three finishes in MS70, SP70, or PR70DCAM for $120 or less.

Even more affordable are American Silver Eagles in MS69, SP69, and PR69DCAM, depending on the premium over their melt value. Many of the earlier dates in all three of these finishes represent exceptional value in these “nearly perfect” grades. While not quite as flawless as their 70-graded counterparts, the 69-grade American Silver Eagles offer a tremendous middleground when it comes to the intersection of getting a good price on excellent quality. Any PCGS-graded American Silver Eagle at a small premium over its melt value represents great value in any and all grades, but as always buy only PCGS coins with a focus on stellar eye appeal.

And always consider the silver bullion prices when buying American Silver Eagles, as the precious-metal element constitutes a large portion of any silver eagle’s value – save for extremely rare issues. You can readily find the current spot price of silver near the bottom of the homepage on

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