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Honoring Armed Forces Day with Modern Commemorative Coins


2011 United States Army Silver Dollar in proof. Courtesy of PCGS TrueView. Click image to enlarge.

Armed Forces Day is a national holiday honoring service members both past and present from all United States military branches – the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Space Force. It’s a time to reflect on the many sacrifices service members make when they join the military, and it’s also an opportunity for those of us who may not have served in the military to thank those who have given of themselves whatever necessary to help keep the United States a safe place for freedom and democracy.

When we think about all of the U.S. coins that in some form or fashion recognize an aspect of the nation’s military and its servicemembers, many folks can immediately think of at least four or five different commemorative coins. This is particularly so for U.S. commemorative coins struck since 1982, when the United States Mint launched the modern commemorative coin program – known for its plethora of coins paying homage to many aspects of the nation’s grand military history.

There are so many wonderful modern commemorative coins a collector can choose from when wishing to add pieces that salute the U.S. military and particularly the Armed Forces. These commemorative coins include:

  • 1990 General Dwight D. Eisenhower Centennial Dollar
  • 1993 50th Anniversary of World War II Commemorative Half Dollar, Dollar, and $5
  • 1994 Women in Military Service Memorial Dollar
  • 2002 West Point Bicentennial Dollar
  • 2005 Marine Corps 230th Anniversary Dollar
  • 2011 U.S. Army Half Dollar, Dollar, and $5
  • 2012 Infantry Soldier Dollar
  • 2013 5-Star Generals Half Dollar, Dollar, and $5
  • 2018 World War I Centennial Dollar

Many of these coins are relatively affordable and widely available. Whether pursuing just one of these coins as a gift for someone who may appreciate it or building oneself a broader set of commemorative coins that also includes these military-themed issues, the pieces above are all dignified coins suitable for honoring Armed Forces Day.

Modern Commemoratives

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