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Honoring Mom with Floral Coins


Mother’s Day is around the corner again, and that means many of us will be buying flowers for the women in our lives who were instrumental in raising and shaping us. Numismatists may find another way to honor Mom by gifting her coins depicting flowers.

The advantage of this? The flowers will never wither away – they may be forever lustrous!

Sure, purchasing flowers by way of numismatic design may be a little more expensive than buying a bouquet at the local florist. But it’s a sure bet that your mom will find great novelty in receiving beautiful coins with flowers on her day of maternal honor.

So what are some of the best coins to wrap into the numismatic bouquet? Here are a few ideas involving various U.S. and world coins that are widely available.

2002 Mississippi Quarter
The 2002 Mississippi Quarter showcases the magnolia on its reverse. Courtesy of PCGS TrueView. Click image to enlarge.

Have you ever smelled a magnolia flower? It exudes a fragrant, sweet rosy scent with notes of citrus and lemon on a soft bed of musk. A magnolia flower would make a terrific addition to any Mother’s Day bouquet, but these big, beautiful flowers aren’t always easy to get in arrangements, especially outside of the southeastern United States.

But the state flower of Mississippi is easy to find at many PCGS Authorized Dealers who carry the 50 State Quarters! The 2002 Mississippi Quarter is anchored by an extravagant design boasting flowers from the magnolia, Mississippi’s state tree.

1970 Canada Manitoba Dollar
The 1970 Canada Dollar honors the centennial of Manitoba’s provincehood with a design that shows a prairie crocus. Courtesy of PCGS. Click image to enlarge.

The Royal Canadian Mint struck a lovely commemorative dollar coin in 1970 that recognized the centennial of Manitoba becoming Canada’s fifth province. While the obverse of the 1970 Canadian Manitoba dollar features a bust of Queen Elizabeth II that was standard on Canada’s coins of that period, the reverse showcases a blooming prairie crocus.

Known as the provincial flower of Manitoba, the prairie crocus is also the state flower of South Dakota. Just be careful with the prairie crocus; while the plant has some medicinal properties, misuse can cause highly toxic results – a rather menacing fact that belies the delicate beauty of this iconic flower.

Great Britain 20 Pence
The Great Britain 20 Pence with its tudor rose emblem on the reverse. Courtesy of PCGS. Click image to enlarge.

The British 20 Pence coin was introduced in 1982 as a circulating cupro-nickel coin equivalent in face value to one-fifth of a pound – Great Britain’s unit of currency. During the first quarter century of the denomination’s existence, the reverse design carried an ornate crowned tudor rose, a traditional floral pattern that serves as the heraldic emblem of England.

The tudor rose was seen on hundreds of millions of 20 pence coins in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. The wide range of dates spanning back to the early 1980s gives those who bestow a 20 pence on their mother to buy an example bearing a date of significance… Maybe even the year of birth for the child giving the coin to their mother?

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