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Lincoln Cent Records Shattered with $7.7 Million Stewart Blay Collection at GreatCollections

1958 Lincoln Cent Realizes $1.136 Million

This 1958 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent, one of just three known, broke the million-dollar barrier at GreatCollections. Courtesy of PCGS TrueView. Click image to enlarge.

(Irvine, California) January 30, 2023 – The finest collection of Lincoln Cents has been auctioned for $7,731,811 by GreatCollections, setting all-time world records, including the first Lincoln Cent to break the million-dollar mark. Thirteen other Lincoln Cents realized over $100,000 each.

The Stewart Blay Collection, also known as “Red Copper,” was meticulously formed over the past 50 years and included the finest examples of Lincoln Cents from 1909 to 1958, with all of the rare doubled die varieties. Doubled dies became famous after the 1955 issue and occurs when the hub strikes the working die twice at different positions, resulting in all coins minted with that die to appear with a doubled design.

The 1958 Doubled Die, the finest of only three known, realized $1.136 million and is the first Lincoln Cent to sell at auction for over $1 million (and first non-gold 20th-century coin also to realize seven figures). It was graded and authenticated by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). The winning bidder is an advanced collector who needed this coin to complete their collection. A total of 117 bids were entered by 18 different bidders.

Another rare doubled die variety is the 1969-S, minted in San Francisco. About 50 coins have been discovered to date, with the Blay example being the finest known by a wide margin. Graded PCGS MS66RD, the rarity realized $601,875 after 199 bids were placed.

Regular Lincoln Cents also sold for record amounts. The 1919 graded PCGS MS69RD realized $421,875, while the famous 1909-S VDB Lincoln, tied with about a dozen others at the same grade of PCGS MS67RD, realized $345,375 – more than double the previous auction record. The finest-known 1911 realized $120,937.

Blay, a sculptor from New York, was attracted to Lincoln Cents at eight years old. He spent decades traveling the country, visiting coin shops and shows on his quest for the very best, while also sharing his knowledge with fellow collectors and dealers. He consigned his core collection to GreatCollections several months ago and had expected to see the sales results before he unexpectedly passed away in late November aged 71.

Ian Russell, president and co-founder of GreatCollections said, “Stewart spent his life procuring the absolute best-of-the-best Lincoln Cents, and they were very well received by the market. Most of these coins were being auctioned for the very first time. It might be another generation before they appear on the market again.”

The 1955 Doubled Die – perhaps the most famous of all varieties of U.S. coins – realized $287,156, which is more than double the previous price record of $124,875, also set by GreatCollections in 2020.

“It was one of our greatest honors to be entrusted with these coins. Special thanks to all of the bidders that turned this special event into a record-breaking auction that will be remembered for decades to come,” continued Russell.

Highlights from the Stewart Blay Collection of Lincoln Cents PCGS Price Guide Sold by GreatCollections
1909-S Lincoln Cent V.D.B. PCGS MS67RD $175,000 $345,375
1911 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS68RD $65,000 $120,938
1911-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66+RD $22,500 $45,000
1912 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67+RD $20,000 $42,469
1914-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66RD $53,500 $109,688
1916-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65RD $6,000 $12,938
1917 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS68RD $35,000 $78,075
1918-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66+RD $31,500 $53,859
1918-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65+RD $18,500 $32,635
1919 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS69RD Unpriced $421,875
1919-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65RD $5,500 $9,956
1920-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65RD $16,000 $29,935
1921 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS68RD $32,500 $59,625
1921-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65RD $11,500 $21,038
1922 No D Lincoln Cent Strong Reverse PCGS MS64RD Unpriced $253,125
1922-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66+RD $22,500 $49,331
1923 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS68RD $25,000 $65,531
1924 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67+RD $18,500 $53,719
1924-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65RD $30,000 $51,760
1925 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67+RD $6,000 $15,173
1925-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65RD $25,000 $91,125
1926 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67+RD $2,500 $15,173
1927-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65+RD $4,500 $11,250
1927-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65+RD $34,000 $52,875
1928-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66+RD $25,000 $61,313
1928-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66RD $35,000 $74,813
1930-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67RD $13,500 $25,875
1931-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66RD $3,750 $9,450
1933 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67+RD $5,000 $29,250
1940-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67+RD $500 $4,472
1943-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS68+ $25,500 $46,125
1945 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67RD $260 $3,148
1955 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse PCGS MS65+RD $125,000 $287,156
1955 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS67+RD $1,750 $9,056
1958 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse PCGS MS65RD Unpriced $1,136,250
1969-S Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse PCGS MS66RD Unpriced $601,875
1970-S Lincoln Cent Large Date. Doubled Die Obverse PCGS MS66RD $24,500 $42,750
1972 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse PCGS MS67+RD $9,000 $17,438
1974-S Lincoln Cent Struck in Aluminum PCGS PR68CAM Unpriced $199,687

The full prices realized of all 286 Lincoln Cents from the Stewart Blay Collection can be viewed at in the GreatCollections auction archive.

Blay also consigned his collection of Canadian Cents, which are currently being auctioned by GreatCollections over two weeks in February. The collection includes very rare King George V specimen issues.

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