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PCGS Certified Chinese Coins Bring Record Prices in ChengXuan Beijing Autumn Auction


The Beijing ChengXuan Autumn Auction on November 20, 2019, set record prices for PCGS-certified Chinese coins. Several highlights of the sale include:*

Lot 2522: (1929) “Globe” Pattern Dollar KM-Pn106 L&M-88 China. Once part of the NC Collection and now graded SP63+ in a PCGS holder realized 3,105,000 RMB (over $440,000 USD).

Lot 2965: (1907) Tael Y-74.2 L&M-437 China – Chihli PCGS MS62 realized 1,897,500 RMB (about $270,000 USD).

Lot 3041: (1884) 7 Chien Y-172 L&M-504 Kann-916 China – Kirin, Ex. Chang Foundation and L&M plate coin PCGS MS61 realized 1,725,000 RMB (over $245,000 USD).

Lot 2253: (1911) “Long Whisker” Pattern Dollar L&M-28 PCGS SP61 China – Empire, ex. Zhu H.J. Collection realized 977,500 RMB (over $139,000 USD).

Lot 2213: (1908) Dollar Y-14 L&M-11 PCGS MS65 China – Empire, ex. Ma Ding Xiang Collection realized 402,500 RMB (over $57,000 USD).

Lot 2252: (1911) Pattern Dollar L&M-31 PCGS SP62 China – Empire, realized 828,000 RMB (over $117,000 USD).

Lot 2290: (1912) Dollar Li Yuan-Hung with “OE” for “OF” variety L&M-44 Y-320.1 PCGS MS64+ China, realized 517,500 RMB (over $73,000 USD).

Lot 2389: (1914) Dollar L&M-63 Y-329 Connected variety PCGS MS66 China realized 195,500 RMB (over $27,800 USD).

Lot 2431: (1914) 50c Fukien variety WS-0175-2 PCGS MS65+ China realized 195,500 RMB (over $27,800 USD).

These lots and several other PCGS-certified coins realized incredible prices, once again highlighting that PCGS is the market leader for coins.

*Values are in Chinese Yuan and United State Dollars.

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