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PCGS to Add ''Full Bands'' Designation for Roosevelt Dimes

(Newport Beach, CA) - Responding to collectors' requests, Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) will add a new designation for Roosevelt dimes, "Full Bands."

"In every survey we've conducted, customers have asked for the Full Bands designation on fully-struck Roosevelt dimes. The Roosevelt series, from 1946 to date, is a good entry level collectible, and finding coins with Full Bands is a popular collecting specialty," said PCGS Vice President Michael Sherman. PCGS will begin using the designation on April 1, 2003.

Beginning September 1st, the Full Bands designation will begin appearing on PCGS's population report and anyone registering a coin with the Full Bands designation in one of the Roosevelt dime categories in the PCGS Set Registry(TM) will receive bonus points for that coin. According to B.J. Searls, PCGS Set Registry Director, "It will be the same bonus structure we use for Full Bell Line Franklin half-dollars and Full Band Mercury dimes."

The PCGS "Full Bands" designation for Roosevelts requires that both the upper and lower pair of bands on the torch be distinct and show full separation. The line dividing the bands must be complete and unbroken.

See the diagrams below for a detailed look at what constitutes a Full Band Roosevelt dime. Readers are invited to direct questions or comments to:

P.O. Box 9458
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Phone: (800) 447-8848
E-Mail: [email protected]

PCGS Grading Criteria - Full Bands Roosevelt Dimes

Full Bands (FB) is the designation following the numerical grade of some business-strike Roosevelt dimes which display full separation on the two sets of bands crossing the torch on the reverse. Note the following characteristics necessary to qualify as a "Full Bands" Roosevelt.

Detailed Examination of a Full Bands (FB)
and a Non-FB Roosevelt Dime


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