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This year is the anniversary of the Chinese "Year of the Dragon" coins as well as the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee coins. To celebrate this event the Royal Mint is producing 10 special Chinese Dragon legal tender coins. The coins dated 2012 will have face values of £1,000 and weigh 1 kilogram each. The Baldwin's Auction Firm commissioned the Royal Mint to produce 10 of these special Chinese Dragon coins. One of the 10 coins will be offered in the Baldwin's Hong Kong Auction at the Holiday Inn, in Kowloon, Hong Kong on April 5, 2012. The 2012 1000-Pound Chinese Dragon will be featured as Lot # 757.

The 1,000-Pound 2012 Chinese Dragon coins are legal tender in Alderney. Alderney is the third largest of the British Channel Islands. One side of the coin has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with the inscriptions "Alderney 1,000 Pounds Elizabeth II 2012." The other side has an image of a dragon with the inscription "Year of the Dragon 2012." The coins weigh 1105 g each and are struck in .999 fine gold containing one kilo of pure gold. The single coin offered at the Baldwin's auction is expected to bring an astonishing $100,000 to $120,000.