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Submissions for a Cure – PCGS Attacks Breast Cancer with BCRF


Submissions for a Cure – PCGS Attacks Breast Cancer with BCRF

This project means a lot to me. Breast cancer (and all cancers) are a curse to humanity, and PCGS is taking a stand and helping to eradicate it. As a person who works here, that gets me going.

Submissions for a Cure

We have tens of thousands of coin collectors in our hobby. With this, we can share our love of coin collecting while making a difference for an important cause. To me, that’s one heck of a pleasing combination. Can we get just a small percentage of our collector base to divert a small part of our coin collecting resources to make a difference against breast cancer? That would be incredibly worthwhile.

I see this as an opportunity.

Coins make great gifts. This is a chance not to just donate, but also to share our love of coin collecting with friends that may not otherwise know anything about the joy of numismatics. If they love and are touched by your gift, perhaps they will be inspired to share that love with others, too.

The Mint has produced uncirculated and proof $5 "pink" gold coins, silver dollars and clad half dollars for their Breast Cancer Awareness Program with BCRF.

We spent a lot of time going through breast cancer charities to make sure we made the right selection. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is a phenomenal organization making a difference. They work to find a cure and educate the public about breast cancer. It’s an honor to work with them. One of the main reasons we choose them is they're very efficient with donations made. The U.S. Mint chose BCRF, too, so it’s all a great fit.

First, buy your Breast Cancer Awareness coins from the Mint or from a PCGS Authorized Dealer. To maximize your donation to BCRF, buy the coins from the Mint then send them to us for protection, grading and authentication.

If you’ve read this far but you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I introduce you to the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin program. The mint produced a $5 "pink" gold coin (not rose gold), a silver dollar, and a clad half dollar, all released for sale in March. Whether you prefer the uncirculated or proof strike, these Breast Cancer Awareness coins are all beautiful. They feature a butterfly, a symbol of beautiful change that is important to many breast cancer survivors. There are two women on the obverse of each coin. One is ready to fight, and one is perhaps grateful that she overcame that vicious disease. Or perhaps she’s remembering one she lost to cancer. It’s up to you to interpret, but the symbolism is lovely, poignant, and important to people who have dealt with breast cancer. I’m really excited about the Mint giving me, a coin collector, an opportunity to attack breast cancer with coins.

The coins’ design features the butterfly, symbolizing transformation into beauty and two women impacted by breast cancer.

The Mint donates to BCRF with each coin purchase. Last time I checked, they had contributed over $800,000. That’s just phenomenal! I’m so excited that we’re a part of that. We’re asking for help from our Collectors Club Members. We’ve also been working with our modern coin PCGS Authorized dealer partners to get them working on this with us. Apparently, it’s working – and that’s awesome. Let’s see if we can break $1 million!

This is an unusual case where as collectors we don’t want coins to be rare. We want the Mint to sell out of Breast Cancer Commemorative coins – the sooner, the better! Of course, you can find conditional rarity by having your coins graded. Those coins that don’t get graded right away may fall victim to the ravages of time or get damaged. I’ve seen thousands of commemorative coins in original packaging that no longer look nice. I’ve also seen many proofs and choice uncs handled accidentally by people that didn’t know better. These coins lose substantial value over time. But, when you get your coin graded by PCGS, it’s protected and will remain beautiful. Unlike the Mint capsule, a PCGS holder can’t be opened, and PCGS holders are virtually air-tight and water-tight. All materials, including the pink gaskets, are chemically inert – so they won’t cause your coins to spot or get ugly over time.

To maximize your donation to BCRF, buy the coins from the Mint and then send them to us. In the coin industry, we call this submitting a coin for certification. That's how we got the name, coin "Submissions for a Cure." We’ve created a special "Submissions for a Cure" BCRF label and a cool pink gasket to hold the coins safely in place. Normally the PCGS coin gasket is clear, but we made a pretty pink gasket to hold these breast cancer awareness coins. It’s the first time a colored gasket has been made available for PCGS Collectors Club members. And the coins look great! You can opt for the BCRF label and gasket and we donate half of the sales from that to BCRF. Every bit helps!

So spread the love for life by fighting breast cancer. Submit your Breast Cancer Awareness coins to PCGS through "Submissions for a Cure." If you need help, PCGS Customer Service is here to guide you through the process at 800-447-8848. They’re great, they’re friendly, and they are happy to help.

Keep an eye on the PCGS Breast Cancer Awareness page for other opportunities to contribute in other ways. But don’t wait - get your coins and get them graded!

Join PCGS in Submissions for a Cure. Help us help BCRF make a difference in millions of lives.

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