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The 225th Anniversary American Silver Liberty Medal Set


At noon eastern standard time on October 19, the U.S mint released the 225th Anniversary American Silver Liberty Medal 4-coin set. This release celebrates the 225th Anniversary of the U.S Mint which was established by the Coinage Act of 1792. It is the last release to commemorate this milestone for the year. The obverse and reverse of the medal exhibit honorable renditions of Lady Liberty and the American Bald Eagle.

Each medal is struck from the same planchets as the American Silver Eagle, weighing 1 ounce (.999 fine silver). The set consists of 4 medals, each struck by a different U.S Mint production facility and each struck in a different finish. The set is as follows:

Philadelphia (P) – Reverse Proof (PR)

San Francisco (S) – Proof (PR)

West Point (W) – Enhanced Uncirculated (SP)

Denver (D) – Uncirculated (MS)

PCGS will be offering the First Strike Designation for the whole set. The cutoff date for First Strike is November 20, 2017. Please follow the first strike submission guidelines to receive this designation.

  1. Submit the coins in the original unopened and sealed shipping box from the U.S Mint. The post mark on this package must be dated prior to the specified PCSG cutoff date.

  2. Submit the coins removed from the original US Mint shipping box. Mail them to PCGS prior to the PCGS cutoff date. The coins must be received by PCGS within the first 30 days of issue.

  3. The First Strike designation fee is an additional $18.00 per coin. Check the box found in Section 9 of the PCGS submission form.

See the PCGS First Strike cutoff dates for coins struck by the US Mint since 2007 here.

If you have any further questions, please contact a PCGS Customer Service Representative during our standard business hours: Monday through Friday, from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Call us at (800) 447-8848 or email us using [email protected].

We’re looking forward to seeing your First Strike 225th Anniversary American Silver Liberty Medals!


Nichole Schembre
PCGS Customer Service Representative

U.S. Mint News