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Tyrant Collection’s Historic Mexican and Brazilian Coins at February Long Beach Expo

Tyrants of the New World exhibit features 197 superb-quality Latin American coins publicly exhibited together for the first time

The historic Tyrant Collection will be exhibited at the Long Beach Expo, held at the Long Beach Convention Center February 2-4, 2023. Click image to enlarge.

(Long Beach, California) – Important early coins of Mexico and Brazil from the unparalleled Tyrant Collection ( will be publicly displayed together for the first time at the Long Beach Coin, Currency, Stamp & Sports Collectible Show (, February 2-4, 2023.

Entitled “Tyrants of the New World,” this will be the latest multimillion-dollar exhibition in a multi-year series of different displays of portions of the extensive and unprecedented Tyrant Collection. Owned by Southern California collector Dan O’Dowd, it is described as the world’s most valuable rare coin collection in private hands.

“The big exhibit will be divided into two distinct sections: The Tyrants of the Amazon and The Tyrants of Lake Texcoco,” explained Ira Goldberg, president of Goldberg Coins and Collectibles, Inc., ( in Los Angeles, California. Goldberg is one of the numismatic professionals providing guidance in assembling the wide-ranging Tyrant Collection of superb-quality, historic U.S., World, and ancient coins.

“There has never been such an important public exhibit of Latin American coins in Southern California,” he stated.

The Tyrants of New World display showcases how Latin America was divided between the Portuguese tyrants who ruled Brazil and the Spanish tyrants who ruled the rest of Latin America.

The Tyrants of the Amazon is a collection of coins issued by the tyrants who have ruled the Amazon. The objective of this portion of the set is to find the biggest, nicest looking, highest condition portrait gold coin for each tyrant.

The Tyrants of Lake Texcoco collection is a type set of coins from the Mexico City Mint. The objective is to find the finest representative of each coin denomination for each tyrant there. If there is more than one major coin design in a reign, then there is a representative of each denomination for each major design.

“The coinage from the many Spanish royal mints in Latin America were all very similar,” explained Goldberg. “The Mexico City Mint was chosen because it is the oldest and most productive Spanish mint in Latin America.”

Highlights of the exhibit include:

  • A silver “R” 3 Reales of Charles and Johanna dating back to 1536, the first year of the Mexico City Mint, graded VF25
  • Mexico, 1689/8 MO L, silver Royal 8 Reales, Charles II (1665-1700), AU53
  • Mexico, 1714 MO J, gold “Royal” 8 Escudos, Philip V (1700-1746), MS66
  • Mexico, 1711 MXO J, gold “Royal” 4 Escudos, Philip V (1700-1746), MS65
  • Mexico, 1733 MO F, gold 8 Escudos, Philip V (1700-1746), MS64
  • Mexico, 1822 MO JM, silver 8 Reales, Augustin Iturbide I (1822-1823), PR63
  • Mexico, 1822 MO JM, Silver 8 Reales, Augustin Iturbide I (1822-1823), MS62
  • Mexico, 1823 MO JM, gold 8 Escudos, First Republic, AU55
  • Brazil, 1646, gold 6 Florins (Guilders), Dutch Government of Permambuco (1630-1654), MS62
  • Brazil, 1703 R (Rio), gold 4000 Reis, Peter II (1683-1706), MS66

Visitors to the February 2023 Long Beach Expo exhibit (booth #910) can receive a free, illustrated educational booklet about this latest, amazing display. Detailed catalogs with information and illustrations about each coin in the “Tyrants of the New World” exhibit will be available for $10 each.

The Long Beach Coin, Currency, Stamp & Sports Collectible Show will be held in Hall C of the Long Beach Convention Center at 100 S. Pine Ave. Public hours are Thursday and Friday, February 2 and 3, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturday, February 4, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For additional information about the show, visit

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