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Young Numismatist Digs History on Mexican Coins


My name is Jacob Gonzalez, and I am a 17-year-old numismatist from South Texas. Currently, I collect a variety of Mexican coins spanning from the early 1500s Colonial period to the dawn of the 20th century. Mexican coins offer a wide range of enticing characteristics, such as rich history, beautiful designs, and extreme rarity at reasonable price points for all collectors. Recently, a surge of new collectors interested in this area of numismatics has resulted in rising coin prices. However, the full potential of many of these coins has not yet been reached.

I got my start in numismatics at age 13, when I would dig through the many drawers in my grandmother’s house looking for some “hidden treasure.” I had located a little leather pouch and inside was a variety of early 20th-century U.S. coinage. The unfamiliar coins piqued my interest, and I began to research each type. After going down what I could only describe as a rabbit hole, I was hooked on coins. I found out that there was a local club, The Hidalgo Coin Club, near me, and I began to actively attend their meetings and shows. After two years of collecting U.S. coins, I began to realize how extremely hard it was to assemble a decent collection as a close-to-broke young numismatist. After exploring a variety of options, I came across Mexican coins.

Jacob Gonzalez is a 17-year-old collector from South Texas who enjoys Mexican coins. Image is courtesy of Jacob Gonzalez. Click image to enlarge.

It is important to note that Mexican coins span almost five centuries' worth of history. During this time, a large variety of coin designs and types were minted, making this area of numismatics quite large. As a new collector of Mexican coins, finding out about all these different coins was like sensory overload. I had a wide variety of coins to choose from, so I did my due diligence and researched every major coin put out by Mexico. I was amazed by the designs, history, and rarity of Mexican coinage. When I started to purchase Mexican coins, I would get a variety of pieces to see which type captivated me the most. The two areas that got my attention were War of Independence and Cap & Rays 8 Reales. War of Independence coinage offers a variety of crude and rare issues that tell the story of the Mexican fight for independence, while the Cap & Rays 8 Reales showcases the varying minting qualities of the 14 Mexican Mints with extreme rarity and beautiful design renditions thrown in.

Mexican Cap and Rays 8 Reales coins like this one are among Jacob Gonzalez’s favorite numismatic treasures. Courtesy of PCGS. Click image to enlarge.

Mexican coins offer a lot of bang for one’s buck. You get stunning designs, captivating history, and ultra-rarity for a fraction of what you would for a U.S. coin. There is also a lot of area to cover in Mexican coins. If you are determined and smart, you are certain to curate a world-class collection. After a life-changing numismatic experience attending Witter Coin University, a desire has been instilled in me to be the best possible collector I can be in Mexican numismatics. I hope to someday be a pioneer in this field of numismatics regarding knowledge and building a world-class collection.

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