Market Report

Long Beach Show is "85% of Normal" as Auctions and Bourse Activity "Hum"
Commemoratives and other "affordable" collector coins lead the way during Long Beach week. 1876-CC twenty cent piece brings $138,000 in Heritage sale. 1922 "Plain" Lincoln cent stars in Superior Galleries auction. Kingswood "Franklin" sale is October 18. "Tree Many Feathers" auction by Bowers & Merena Galleries is rescheduled and back online.
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Set Registry Spotlight

Gregory Samorajski - MS Eisenhower Set - 2nd Finest Set of All Time
The number one registrant has not chosen to have his Mint State IKE set viewable. Therefore, this week we show off the Number Two set. Greg Samorajski deserves the credit! His set ranks only a few points below the number one spot and ranks higher than 40 other sets. 12 of the 21 coins in the set are highest graded. The standouts include two highest graded coins from the Peacock hoard, the 1974-D in MS67 and the 1974-S in MS-68. Considering the scarcity of Gem quality IKE dollars, Greg should be very proud of this accomplishment. Read Greg's outstanding article on collecting Mint State IKEs in the Expert's Corner below. To view this set, click here.

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The Expert's Corner

Building a Mint State Eisenhower Dollar Registry Set
Don't let the size of this small set deceive you. Finding Gem quality coins is challenging, but the rewards are great. Depending upon the size of your budget and the level of your expertise, collector Greg Samorajski discusses three ways to assemble this very popular modern series.
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Collector's Survey

While quite a few Americans have been honored on commemorative coins, only a few have been placed on coins issued for circulation. Eisenhower is one, of course, along with Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Washington, Franklin, Kennedy, Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea. Who else would you like to see honored on a regular issue US coin?

  1. John Adams. History is proving that our second President was perhaps one of our greatest ever.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt. War hero, fine President, and certainly an icon for numismatists with his work with St. Gaudens
  3. Jimmy Carter. He is perhaps the most popular and respected American alive today.
  4. Ronald Reagan. Well.. There are few choices that could be better, all things considered.
  5. Harry Truman. The perfect man for his time and the epitome of The Greatest Generation.

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Results from last survey: 73% answered that the Walking Liberty half dollar was the most beautiful of the 20th century regular issue non-gold coins. Click here for a complete breakdown.

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Our Readers Ask

Question: Since the West Point mint mark is a "W", and the San Francisco mint mark is an "S", why is the New Orleans mint mark an "O" rather than an "N"?

Answer: It's because Orleans tells you where it is. New tells you nothing...New York, New Jersey, New Brunswick? After that, they just used the first letter for multi-word place names. San Francisco, West Point, etc. They used two letters for Carson City because of Charlotte, but felt that Denver and Dahlonega wouldn't be mixed up because of the 45-year time lapse.
--Bruce Amspacher, PCGS

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Featuring PCGS graded collector coins and rarities, the Franklin Sale is now available for online bidding. The sale concludes on October 18th with a live telephone auction. Bids can also be placed by mail or fax. Call 888-540-COIN for more information. To receive your copy of the Franklin Sale catalogue for only $5, call the Bowers and Merena Publications Department at 800-222-5993. To browse the entire auction and bid now, click here.

The Bowers and Merena Tree Many Feathers Collection, rescheduled from September 14-15 to November 28th in Baltimore, MD, is one of the most exciting sales in recent memory, especially if you're interested in high quality US Patterns, copper, gold and early type coins. This sale will also bring to auction many other diverse properties from additional consignors. You can browse and bid on this auction online until November 26th. For more information about this incredible auction, please call 800-458-4646.


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March 7 - 9, 2002

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