eCollector - April 23, 2002 | Vol. 3 Number 9 

Market Report

Economic Stability and Consumer Confidence Buoy Collector-Driven Market
Economic growth projected to remain strong throughout 2002. Rare coin market shows no evidence of slowing down. Strongest areas continue to be early coins, 20th century issues and commemoratives. Michael Casper Morgan dollar set trades for $1.7 million. Kingswood "Holderness" sale is now online. Click here to read more.

Set Registry Spotlight

Dr. S.D. Collection - Current Finest Barber Half Dollar Set - Circulation Strikes
This great collection is missing only one coin, the 1909-S. The grade point average is 66.18 with over a dozen coins claiming the finest PCGS-graded status, including the rare 1893-S in MS66 and the 1901-O in MS67! The set is filled with amazing pedigrees and is simply awesome. Click here to view this set.

There are currently 2,489 sets registered with registrants continually updating their sets. The First Annual PCGS Set Registry Awards program is underway. Weekly, the current standings in various categories are posted on the awards web page. Click here to review who currently holds the number one set in Washington Quarters.

We are in the process of weighting sets (or re-weighting sets as the case may be), removing varieties from Basic Sets, and adding Sets with Varieties. We are posting these sets on the Set Registry News page for at least a week prior to actually making the changes. This is allowing registrants time to review the changes and submit feedback. Recently weighted were the 20th Century Type sets with Type Varieties.

Get involved with other collectors who are currently participating in the Set Registry program or are just beginning. Click here to chat on the Set Registry Messageboard.

The PCGS Set RegistryTM is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or comments please email [email protected].

Building a Barber half dollars set? Go to the Authorized Dealer link on PCGS and click on United States Coins in Specialties. Looking for dealers with Internet sites? Click on the Internet sites link in services. Search for more than a 1,000 dealers in the PCGS Authorized Dealer listings.

The Expert's Corner

Barber Coins: Great Collector Coins at a Bargain Price
Importance, popularity, beauty, rarity, and price. These are five great reasons to collect Barber coinage -- dimes, quarters and half dollars minted between 1892 and 1916. This article by rare coin expert David Hall shows how Barber coins have recently settled out at relatively low prices, making them a collecting avenue of explosive potential. David Hall identifies the key dates and shows what Barber bargains can be found. Click here to read more.

Collector's Survey

Barber coins cover one of the most historic and romantic periods of America's past. From the last days of the wild, wild West to the beginning of "The Great War" the years of 1892-1916 saw the introduction of the automobile, the first airplane and much more. Which Barber series would you like to collect the most, this time with NO financial restrictions.

  1. Barber dimes in Gem Mint State. These little coins are beautiful, challenging and a wonderful value at present levels. Just for fun I'd add the 1894-S too, even though it's technically a Proof coin.
  2. Barber quarters in Gem Mint State. Look at those mintages! The 1913-S is the lowest mintage coin struck for circulation in the 20th century. Plus, there's the 1901-S and lots of other great coins.
  3. Barber half dollars in Gem Mint State. Talk about a challenge! Almost every coin in the series is a toughie in Gem quality, so this series would be the most fun and rewarding.
  4. Deep Cameo Proofs. I'd like to build a complete set of dimes, quarters and halves in Gem quality DCAM! Yes, some dates don't come that way, so I'd settle for quality non-DCAM pieces where I must.
  5. Magnificently toned Proofs. Rainbow, iridescent, candy-colored magnificence! I love toned coins, and I'd like to assemble a set of great quality with the prettiest toning imaginable.

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next eCollector.

Results from last survey: 53% would build a set of cents from the 1850s if restricted to a single decade. Click here for a complete breakdown.

What is Barber coinage? Find out in Lingo, the PCGS dictionary of numismatic definitions. Click here for Lingo.

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Our Readers Ask

Question: What is a broadstrike? What would make it a small one?

Answer: Broadstrikes occur when the planchet is not properly fed into the collar. Upon striking, the metal surges outward without a boundary to form the rim. A large broadstrike will occur depending upon how far the metal is pressed from its normal borders.

-- Rick Montgomery, PCGS

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Bidding ends May 9, 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time

The Holderness Sale begins with a very nice offering of currency -- over 100 lots from which to choose. It then abounds with many interesting and desirable coins, all certified by PCGS. In many instances, these pieces are of special quality or are remarkably choice, and we have taken the time to describe pieces with such features. The present sale is filled with interesting, rare, and desirable items -- from "entry level" pieces for less than $50 to $100, up to magnificent rarities. In short, there is something for everyone.

Participating in our Holderness Sale promises to be a lot of fun! Plan to be a part of this exciting event that's bringing together bidders from all over the world. Click here to browse and to bid!


Central States Numismatic Society Convention
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, Ohio
April 25 - 27, 2002

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- Special Show Service -- $65 per coin valued at $1,500 or less
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Coins may be submitted to all other PCGS grading levels at the show.

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