Market Report

F. U. N. Show is Fantastic as Auctions and Bourse Activity Point to Ultra-Strong Market
Enthusiasm reigns supreme as F.U.N. show is smashing success. Bowers & Merena "Rarities Sale" brings excellent (or better!) prices from start to finish. PCGS Proof 66 1936 Walking Liberty half dollar brings $27,600 in Bowers sale! Gold spike causes generic gold to jump in price. Click here to read more.

Set Registry Spotlight

The Heller Collection - 50 Piece Silver Commemorative Type Set - The Number One Finest Set of All Time
Steven Heller was one of the first supporters of the PCGS Set Registry and introduced us to his fabulous collections of Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, Franklin halves, Kennedy halves, and Silver Commemoratives. Although some of his sets were retired in the last year, his Commemorative half dollar set is still current and maintains the number one position with a set rating of 67.10. Many of the coins in his set have a population of 1 with none higher. Until Steven retires this set, it will be very hard to beat! To view this set, click here.

The number of sets now being listed is 1,857 with new sets being added everyday. Click here to visit the home page of the PCGS Set Registry.

Last week, we mailed out a survey to all set registrants asking them how they felt about varieties, weighting, and other issues. The response was incredible. Next week we will be sending out the results of the survey and will be posting new information on the Set Registry News page. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Get involved with other collectors who are currently participating in the Set Registry program or are just beginning. Click here to chat on the Set Registry Messageboard.

The PCGS Set RegistryTM is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or comments please email [email protected].

Building a Commemorative Half Dollars set? Go to the Authorized Dealer link on PCGS and click on Commemoratives in specialties. Looking for dealers with Internet sites? Click on the Internet sites link in services. Search for more than a 1,000 dealers in the PCGS Authorized Dealer listings.

The Expert's Corner

U.S. Silver Commemorative Coins--Coins from the "Golden Age"
From Daniel Boone to the building of the Bay Bridge to the Battle of Antietam, dozens of important historical events and personages were celebrated on U.S. silver coins during the "Golden Age" of commemoratives (1892-1954). Coins in this series contain a wide variety of beautiful designs and intriguing themes, placing them among the most widely collected of all U.S. coins. After a brief lull in popularity throughout the 1990s, resurgent interest in silver commemoratives has given them new life among collectors. Click here to read more.

Collector's Survey

Commemorative coins are hot again, and the PCGS Set Registry coins are on fire. So, if you could suddenly find a "dream coin" or two that would make your fellow numismatists jealous, which coin (or coins) would you choose to own?

  1. The first Sesqui half dollar in PCGS MS67. No, it hasn't been graded yet, but this little quiz is just a fantasy, anyway, so why not dream big time?
  2. A matched set of Oregon Trail commemoratives in PCGS MS68. Every coin has gorgeous rainbow toning around the periphery and brilliant centers with blinding luster. Wow!
  3. The 1892 Columbian half dollar that was the first commemorative half dollar struck. The Remington Typewriter Company paid $10,000 for it more than a century ago, then rejected it because it had a scratch on it! Historic, but flawed.
  4. A Lafayette dollar in PCGS MS67 that was a gift from William McKinley to Theodore Roosevelt. Included with the coin is full documentation, including a signed letter from McKinley.
  5. A newly discovered hoard of 100 Lexington half dollars (all Gem and fresh and original, of course) that Joseph Kennedy bought for his son John's eighth birthday.

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next eCollector.

Results from last survey: 42% would hoard a Lincoln cent with a new log cabin reverse if the government were to issue such a coin. Click here for a complete breakdown.

What is a commem? Find out in Lingo, the PCGS dictionary of numismatic definitions. Click here for Lingo.

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Our Readers Ask

Question: I know you have written about the new 2002 edition of the Guide Book, but have you actually read through it? I did this and was quite confused, as I think there are too many obscure varieties listed among regular issues. In the section about nickels I find a "1935 Doubled Die reverse," but although I have been collecting coins since the 1960s, I don't know what this variety is. Similarly, what the heck is a 1936-D nickel with "3-1/2 legs?" In my opinion all of this is very hard for a beginning coin collector to follow, never mind an experienced numismatist. I just thought I would share my comments.

Answer: I agree that in recent years there have been many minor varieties listed among the regular (dates, mintmarks, overdates, and major differences) varieties. This makes it very hard to formulate a "want list." Personally, I have never heard of anyone asking for a 1936-D nickel with "3-1/2 legs?" I think that confusion could be averted by listing sub-varieties in smaller type under the regular listings. The listing of early silver dollars, for example, could be "cleaned up" by taking something unimportant (in my opinion), such as the "1800 Dotted Date from die breaks," and listing it in small type. I believe there is a market for a modern popular catalogue for the specialist, sort of like Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins, but more tightly constructed, and with market values or estimates. About 10 years or so ago I had a discussion about doing such a book for Whitman Publishing Co., but then Whitman changed ownership and nothing further was said.

-- Q. David Bowers, Bowers and Merena Galleries

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Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Exposition
Long Beach Convention Center
100 S. Pine Avenue
Long Beach, CA
February 20 - 23, 2002

Take advantage of PCGS' On-Site Show Service!
- Special Show Service -- $65 per coin valued at $1,500 or less
- Standard Show Service -- $100 per coin
Coins may be submitted to all other PCGS grading levels at the show.

Have your coins graded by PCGS and save on one-way postage! You may submit your coins at the show to all PCGS grading service levels. Submissions will be accepted from Wednesday, February 20*, through 4 p.m. on Saturday, February 23. Your PCGS-graded coins will be mailed to you following the show.

*Wednesday, February 20 is Dealer Set Up Day. We'll be accepting submissions from 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. on February 20. Check with the show promoter for access to the facility.

Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Exposition Show Hours are as follows:
Dealer schedule Public schedule
*Wed. 2/20 (Set up) 2 p.m. - 7 p.m.  
Thur. 2/21 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Thur. 2/21 10 a.m. 6:30 p.m.
Fri. 2/22 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Fri. 2/22 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Sat. 2/23 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Sat. 2/23 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

For more information about PCGS grading at the show, call 800-447-8848. For more information about the Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Exposition, call 805-962-9939 or go to

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