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Round Three of World Series Complete
The third "round" of the PCGS World Series of Coin Grading was held March 12 and 13 at the Baltimore coin show. Winners have been announced from among the 11 dealers and 19 collectors who participated in their respective divisions. Click here to continue.

Set Registry Spotlight

The Wang Family Collection - The Number One 20th Century Type Set, Major Types, No Gold (1900-1999)
This high-grade type set achieved the number one status in 2003 and earned the "Best of the Registry" award. 45% of the set contains "Pop-Tops" (the finest graded) and the set is sitting on top in the All-Time Finest category as well. Congratulations to the Wang Family! Click here to enjoy.

PCGS Invitational
Several weeks ago invitations were sent out to all Set Registry members inviting you to the PCGS Invitational that is being held in Las Vegas, April 12-13. Besides having the opportunity to meet some of our authorized dealers in an intimate bourse setting and complimentary breakfast and lunches, members have been invited to attend a grading seminar hosted by David Hall. This seminar should prove to be highly informative, entertaining and fun! We look forward to seeing all who have RSVP'd to this event.

10,000 Sets!
In a matter of days, the PCGS Set RegistryTM will reach 10,000 registered sets in the U.S. Coin division. To celebrate and to thank all those participating in the Registry, as soon as we reach 10,000 we will have a drawing of all members who have active sets in the Registry. The winner will receive an expenses-paid trip to the PCGS Invitational in Las Vegas next month. Good luck to all members!

The following new set compositions have recently been added to the Registry:
  • 1859 Mint Set with Gold
  • 1859 Mint Set
  • 1859 Proof Set with Gold
  • 1859 Proof Set
  • 1872 Mint Set with Gold
  • 1872 Mint Set
  • 1872 Proof Set with Gold
  • 1872 Proof Set
  • 1892 Mint Set with Gold
  • 1892 Mint Set
  • 1892 Proof Set with Gold
  • 1892 Proof Set
  • Oregon Gold, Circulation Strikes (1849)

    The following 2004-dated coins have been added to sets as optional:
  • Lincoln Cents
  • Washington Statehood Quarters
  • Kennedy Half Dollars
  • Silver & Gold Eagles
  • Platinum Eagles
  • Edison S$1 Commemoratives
    Note: 2004 coins will be required at the end of this year.

    Visit the Set Registry News page for frequent updates on these additions and other news.

    Fun, educational, and sometimes controversial, the PCGS Set RegistryTM Messageboard remains the number one informative coin forum on the Internet. Get involved with other collectors who are currently participating in the Set Registry program or are just beginning. Click here to chat on the Set Registry Messageboard.

    The PCGS Set RegistryTM is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or comments please e-mail [email protected].

    Building a 20th Century Type set? Go to the Authorized Dealer link on and click on 20th Century Coins in Specialties. Looking for dealers with Internet sites? Click on the Internet sites link in services. Search for more than 1,000 dealers in the PCGS Authorized Dealer listings.

    From the PCGS Archives

    What You Should Know Before You Buy Rare Coins for Investment
    This was one of the very first articles to appear on the PCGS web site, but it's still one of the most informative. If you're new to collecting or looking at making a serious investment in rare coins for the first time, you'll want to read this! Click here to continue.

    What is a "device punch?"
    Find out in Lingo, the PCGS dictionary of numismatic definitions. Click here for Lingo.

    Collector's Survey

    Representative Michael Castle, who sponsored the Sacagawea dollar, recently proposed a new series of dollar coins with a "rotating" design that would feature each of the former presidents. As everyone knows, the Sac dollar was less than a smashing success. Which of these factors is most important if the United States is ever to have a successful dollar coin?

    1. It needs a fresh new design! The Sacagawea and Susan B. Anthony coins were ugly, and a more aesthetically pleasing design is needed.
    2. It needs to be a different size! Our previous dollar coins were too easily confused with the quarter dollar, so nobody wanted to use them.
    3. Get rid of the paper dollar! The public will never use dollar coins as long as paper notes are around.
    4. It needs a rotating design! Rep. Castle's plan is a good one. It will increase interest in dollar coins much like the State Quarter program.
    5. I don't want a dollar coin! The public considers them to be unnecessary, and I agree.

    Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next eCollector.

    Results from last survey: 40% believe that the Proof issue of nickels with the "Louisiana Purchase" reverse will be a big winner but that the circulation strikes will be too common.
    Click here for a complete breakdown.

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    Our Readers Ask

    Question: First, this World Series of Coin Grading was a great idea. I have two questions: Would PCGS consider having this as an annual event or perhaps, like the Olympics, hold it every 4 years? And now for the tough question: All things considered, what do you consider to be a good score?

    Answer: We are delighted with the response to the World Series of Grading and will probably do it again.

    For dealers... good scores are over 70 and great scores are over 80.

    For collectors... good scores are over 50, and over 60 is great.

    -- David Hall, Professional Coin Grading Service

    Do you have a question you would like to ask our experts? Click here.
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    Quarterly Collectors Club Grading Special
    Way down yonder in New Orleans... coins from this historic Mint haven't been struck in 95 years, but Collectors Club members can have one graded for free during the first quarter of 2004 (from now through March 31). So dig out that 1885-O dollar or that 1909-O quarter or that 1838-O half dollar (dream on!) and send it on in! Each coin will be graded and authenticated through the Regular Service, which takes 15 business days. All that you have to pay for is the postage.
    This offer is for Gold and Platinum Members only.

    Important Show Updates!

    ANA Money Show

    Oregon Convention Center
    777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
    Portland, Oregon 97232
    March 26-28, 2004

    Show Info:
    For more information regarding the ANA Money Show, click here.

    For more information on PCGS's list of services please contact customer service at 800-447-8848.

    PCGS will have representatives available to answer questions and accept submissions of all service levels.

    On-site grading and/or courier service will not be offered at this show.

    Public Show Schedule:
    Fri. 3/26 - 10am - 6:30pm
    Sat. 3/27 - 10am - 6:30pm
    Sun. 3/28 - 10am - 2:00pm
    (PCGS will not attend on Sunday)

    Santa Clara Coin, Stamp, and Collectibles Expo

    Santa Clara
    Convention Center
    5001 Great America Pkwy.
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
    April 2-4, 2004

    Show Info:
    For more information on the Santa Clara Expo, call 805-962-9939 or visit

    For more information on PCGS's list of services please contact customer service at 800-447-8848.

    PCGS will have representatives available to answer questions and accept submissions of all service levels through Saturday.

    On-site grading and/or courier service will not be offered at this show.

    Public Show Schedule:
    Thu. 4/1 - 12pm - 7pm
    Fri. 4/2 - 10am - 7pm
    Sat. 4/3 - 10am - 7pm
    Sun. 4/4 - 10am - 3pm
    (PCGS will not attend on Sunday)

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