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Don't you wish you had an extra $1,000,000 to spend on the coins of your dreams? That's exactly what you can do in the PCGS World Series of Coin Trading! Play it for your chance to buy a million bucks' worth of fantasy coins and for a shot at the very real $10,000 grand prize. Click here for more details.

Bowers and Merena to Offer Wide Variety of Numismatic Rarities in June as Official Auctioneer of the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention
Bowers and Merena Auctions will act as Official Auctioneer at the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention on June 28 and 29. More than 2,200 lots will be auctioned over three sessions in what promises to be one of the premier events in the numismatic world. The catalog contains many rarities, including a 1911-D Indian Quarter Eagle in PCGS MS-65. Click here to read more.

PCGS Set Registry(SM) Spotlight

Registry Enhancements
We have updated V2 of the PCGS Set Registry. We have made a few subtle design changes to provide a cleaner look on some of the display pages. In addition, in My Set Registry, there is now a link on the menu bar for Orders. Once you are logged in to MSR, you can look up your submission orders, both past and current. You can also add coins from the orders to your Registry inventory.

We have made some changes to the way retired to-date sets are being calculated. Formerly, once a set was retired, the completion of the set remained the same regardless of the addition of new, required coins each year. Although this was fair to those who had worked hard to complete their to-date set before retirement, it wasn't fair to those still working on their sets, especially for the modern proof sets where bonus points are in play.

For retired sets in the ATF category, you will notice a small "R" by the GPA. If your roll your cursor over the "R" icon, you will see the retirement statistics. This will give you the rank, weighted GPA, % complete, and rating at the time of retirement. For closed sets, if there is a change in the statistics from the retirement statistics, then this means that the weighting and/or bonuses for that set have changed since the time of retirement.

Note that if your retired set falls below the 90% mark due to the yearly addition of required coins, it will not be removed from the Registry (unless you tell us to remove it). In this way, we will continue to recognize the hard work of those who have completed the modern sets by keeping their sets in the All Time Finest category.

Low Ball Registry
Do you have what you think is possibly the worst Type Set, Silver Dollar Set, or Commemorative Set ever compiled? Are your coins graded Poor to Good? Have fun with the Low Ball coin sets! You can now compete to see who has the worst possible GPA. It's all for fun, but who knows, maybe you'll win an award this year for the worst set ever. The set rating for the Low Ball sets are calculated in inverse order. For example, PO-1 = 70 and MS/PR-70 = 0. Click here to have some fun.

PCGS Set Registry Awards Deadline June 29th
Speaking of awards, this year's deadline for set registration and updates is June 29, 2007, just a couple of weeks away. Please plan ahead when sending potential set registry coins to PCGS for grading, as all sets will be judged at the deadline. If your set is in the top five, it may be considered for an award. Click here for details.

Building a Morgan Dollar Set? Work with any of our PCGS Authorized Dealers at

What is a "Cheerios Dollar"?
Find out in Lingo, the PCGS dictionary of numismatic definitions. Click here for Lingo.


What should be done with the ten 1933 Double Eagles the descendants of Israel "Izzy" Switt turned over to the U.S. Government?

  1. The coins should be returned to the family
  2. The coins should be sold and the proceeds split between the U.S. government and the family
  3. The coins should be destroyed
  4. The government should keep the coins and donate them to the Smithsonian

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next eCollector.

Results from last survey: 46% selected vintage silver commemorative coins (1892-1954) as their favorite commemorative series. Click here for a complete breakdown.

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Our Readers Ask

Question: Since the discovery and recognition of the "Cheerios" Sacagawea dollars it has become one of the most sought-after modern coins of the past few years. Would PCGS consider placing the name of the submitter as a pedigree on each coin?

Answer: While we agree that "Cheerios" Sacagawea dollars are interesting and exciting coins, pedigrees are reserved for big-name collections or top sets in the PCGS Set RegistrySM, not for submitters. The only exception allowed in the past was for new coins or varieties in which the discoverer was recognized. In all cases, we try to do what is best for the submitters and the customers who eventually purchase the coins.

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Quarterly Collectors Club Grading Special
This quarter began on April 1, but we're not going to fool around with this Quarterly Special. For the next three months, we'll accept the following firsts from the 20th century:
  • 1909 Lincoln Head Cents (1909, 1909-VDB, 1909-S, 1909-S VDB)
  • 1913 Buffalo Nickels (1913 Type 1 and 1913 Type 2)
  • 1916 Mercury Head Dimes (1916, 1916-D, 1916-S)
  • 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter
  • 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1916, 1916-D, 1916-S)
  • 1921 Peace Dollar

This offer is valid for all Collectors Club members.
Current Approximate
Turnaround Times
as of 6/12/2007:

Economy: 25 business days.
Modern: 20 business days.
World Economy: 25 business days.

CCE Collector's CornerSM
Current listings:
106,882 items, valued at $35,167,012.
Collectors Corner(SM) is The Rare Coin Marketplace to buy directly from the world's top dealers.

CCE will be attending these coin shows in 2007:
June 29 - July 1: Baltimore Coin and Currency, Baltimore, MD
Aug. 8 - Aug. 12: ANA World's Fair of Money, Milwaukee, WI
Sep. 27 - Sep. 29: Long Beach Coin Expo, Long Beach, CA
Nov. 1 - Nov. 4: Santa Clara Coin Expo, Santa Clara, CA

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    PCGS Public Friday

    Collectors Universe
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    June 22, 2007

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    PCGS representatives will be available to answer all your questions and accept submissions for all levels of service.

    Public Hours:
    10am - 4pm

    Baltimore Coin and Currency Show

    Baltimore Convention Center
    Baltimore, MD

    June 28 - July 1, 2007

    Show Info:
    For more information regarding the Baltimore Coin and Currency Show, click here.

    For more information on PCGS's list of services please contact customer service at 800-447-8848.

    PCGS will be offering on-site grading.

    Check with a PCGS Representative for Show Service submission schedule and turnaround times. Representatives will be available to answer questions and accept all other submission levels through Saturday. Show Service turnaround is not guaranteed.

    PCGS Currency will be grading on-site.

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