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New Collector Program from PCGS!
PCGS has developed a NEW initiative to make it easy for people to either sell their newly acquired coins, or develop their collections and an active interest in our wonderful hobby. To read more click here.
U.S. Mint Fractional Gold Buffalo Coins Available
On July 12, 2008, the U.S. Mint began offering the much-anticipated and extremely popular Fractional Buffalo Gold Coins directly to the public. In 2006, the U.S. Mint resurrected Earle Frasier’s Indian Head Chiefs composite, along with the Buffalo design, for the first time ever on a gold coin. These captivating and nostalgic designs were resurrected from the popular 1913 Type I Buffalo nickels. Click here to read more.
Copper Coins are Blazing Red Hot!
In the past couple of years, the price of copper has increased significantly. Many popular copper coins have been blazing hot in the marketplace, with prices on the rise. From Half cents to Large cents, and Indian Head cents to Lincoln cents – not to mention the elusive Matte Proof Lincoln cent series from 1909-1916 – most copper coins have been appreciating in price dramatically. Click here for more details.

Upcoming Auctions for PCGS Graded Coins

Auction Company Status Dates
Heritage Coin Galleries Bidding Open 7/30/08 - 8/03/08
Bowers and Merena Bidding Open Ends 7/26/2008
Stacks Not Started 7/27/08 - 7/28/08
Superior Coin Galleries Bidding Open Ends 7/26/2008
David Lawrence Rare Coins Bidding Open Ends 7/24/2008
Teletrade Coin Auctions Bidding Open Ends 7/23, 7/27, 7/28

PCGS Set Registry(SM) Spotlight

Just Having Fun with Shield Nickels Proof The Number One Finest Shield Nickels, Proof (1866-1883) Set

Even to the most untrained eye, this is definitely one of the finest set of coins from the 19th century. This set is a 3-time award winning set and rightfully so. With a finest possible set rating of 67.75, this collectors' set is not far from that with a rating of 67.64. Each coin in this set is a "Top Pop' coin, and 5 of them are the single finest graded examples! Special attention is paid to the 1867 pieces, both of which are the highest graded examples. Click here to view. Spectacular!

Shield Nickels Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1866-1883) Just Having Fun with Shield Nickels Basic Set
Shield Nickels with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1866-1883) Mitch Green Variety Set
Shield Nickels, Proof (1866-1883) Just Having Fun with Shield Nickels Proof

PCGS Set Registry Awards
The judges have selected the winners of the 2008 PCGS Set Registry awards. Announcements should be made this week. To review the list of award categories for 2009, please
click here.

PCGS Currency Set Registry Award Winners Announced!
Sponsored by the PCGS Set Registry, Stewart Blay will display his entire copper collection – over 400 coins. The highlights are literally too numerous to mention here, but Stewart promises that the collection is a "guaranteed mind blower." It consists of the following series:


BEST LARGE SIZE TYPE NOTES: Paula Griffiths (A Day in the Life) - $1 Large Size Design Set

BEST SMALL SIZE TYPE NOTES: Larry S. Emard (The Larry Emard Collection) - $1 Federal Reserve Notes 1963-Date District Set With Stars

BEST FRACTIONAL NOTES: Gopher State Collection - Fractional Currency 24-Piece Design Set

BEST MILITARY CERTIFICATES: Jeff Smith - Military Payment Certificates Complete Set

BEST LOW BALL SET: Cliff Andrews (Cliff's "How low can I go?") - $1 Small Size Design Low Ball Set

In addition, the owners of 58 sets will receive the "Best of the Registry" certificate for being at least 75% complete and in the top spot!

To view a complete write up of each of the major winners' sets, please click here. To review the list of award categories for 2009, click here.

Set Registry Luncheon at the ANA
The luncheon is scheduled for August 1st in Baltimore at the ANA. The major winners of the 2008 PCGS and PCGS Currency Set Registry Awards will be presented with their awards. This will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Ron Guth, PCGS President, on copper and how to collect it. The panel will consist of several distinguished copper experts, including Stewart Blay, Steve Ellsworth, Dennis Loring, Andy Skrabalak and Rick Snow.

Stewart Blay's Red Copper Collection to be Displayed at the ANA
Sponsored by the PCGS Set Registry, Stewart Blay will display his entire copper collection – over 400 coins. The highlights are literally too numerous to mention here, but Stewart promises that the collection is a "guaranteed mind blower." It consists of the following series:

  • 1793-1857 Half cents, all in Mint State
  • 1856 Flying Eagle cents plus patterns
  • 1858-1909 Indian cents plus patterns
  • 1909-date Lincolns with varieties CS
  • 1909-date Lincolns PR

Stewart's collection is a true work of art that has been 20 years in the making. Be sure to stop by the PCGS booth (#1245) July 30 – August 3, 2008, and enjoy a first-hand look at his masterpiece.

Stewart Blay Interview Online
Recently, David Hall interviewed Stewart Blay about his collection. Stewart discusses coin collecting and gives a great deal of very valuable tips to new collectors just starting out. Click here to view this highly informative interview online.

New Set Composites Recently Added to the Registry:

  • 1849 Mint Set with Gold
  • 1849 Mint Set
  • 1849 Proof Set with Gold
  • 1849 Proof Set
  • 1848 Mint Set with Gold
  • 1848 Mint Set
  • 1848 Proof Set with Gold
  • 1848 Proof Set
  • 1847 Mint Set with Gold
  • 1847 Mint Set
  • 1847 Proof Set with Gold
  • 1847 Proof Set

Have Fun with Your Paper Money
The new PCGS Currency Set Registry is now online. Click here to start building your sets!

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Our Readers Ask
Will PCGS recognize the 1951-S Franklin Half Doubled Die Reverse FS-501?
Yes, PCGS will recognize the 1951-S Doubled Die Reverse and list the appropriate Fivaz and Stanton designation on the PCGS label if submitted through the Variety Attribution Program.

In addition the PCGS Population Report will reflect the population figures for coins submitted under Variety Attribution. For a free preview click here. Once you are in the Franklin Half Dollar series click on the plus (+) sign next to coin # 6660 (50C 1951-S MS) and the menu will drop down the most current population information for the 1955 Bugs Bunny Half Dollar.

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FREE Quarterly PCGS Collectors Club Submission Special
(July 1st - September 30, 2008)

On the 4th of July, 2008, America celebrated its 232rd year of independence. In honor of that celebration, PCGS will accept any U.S. coin that bears the word "LIBERTY" for this quarter's PCGS Collectors Club Submission Special.

Examples include:
Any U.S. Half Cent or Large Cent
Any Seated Liberty coins (LIBERTY appears on the scroll on the obverse)
Any Liberty Head gold coins

Exercise your independence today and take advantage of this great benefit.

This offer is valid for all Collectors Club members in good standing.
Each Collectors Club Submission Special is free of charge (return shipping charges are extra)
One coin per member per quarter.
Each coin must be submitted on its own submission form with its own return shipping.
Please contact customer service if you have any additional questions.
To download a submission form, click here.
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Please clearly mark the outside of your package CC Special.
Hurry! All orders must be postmarked by September 30, 2008.

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