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1927-D (Altered) Saint Gaudens Double Eagle on Display in PCGS Grading Set
On May 29, 2008 at the Long Beach Show, PCGS will display hundreds of coins from the PCGS Grading Set. Many of the sets in the complete Grading Set are composed of multiple coins ranging from the numerical grades of Good 4 to MS65. Click here to read more.
1964 "Special Mint Set" Coins
Some of the most beautiful coins in numismatics today are also some of the most intriguing. A simple look at any of the breathtaking 1964 SMS coins reveals their special numismatic status. The special finish of 1964 SMS coins is characterized by a nice, smooth, satin-like appearance. Click here for more details.
PCGS Set Registry(SM) Spotlight

TMKRunner - The Number One Finest 1965-67 SMS Mint Set

This is indeed a "Special Mint Set." From 1965-1967, the U.S. Mint did not strike proof 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c or 50c. Instead the Mint introduced the special mint strikes which were coins exhibiting proof characteristics. The TMKRunner collection has a set rating of 68.33 and has reached the number one spot in the All-Time rankings as well. This collectors' set contains a number of "Top Pops" leaving little room for improvement. Take a peak and you will also see that most of the coins in this set are imaged for your enjoyment. Click here to view.

1999-Present Mint Set Walter D Hutton Estate Collection
1968-Present Mint SetErasmusHall
2007 Mint Set Circulation StrikesJames Elsmore - 2007 Mint Set Circulation Strikes
2007 Mint Set Satin FinishAlan L Epstein 2007 Mint Set
2006 Mint Set - 4-way tie:Walter D Hutton Estate Collection, ErasmusHall, E.Lyle,IV Collection, Alan L. Epstein 2006 Mint Set Collection
2005 Mint SetAlan L. Epstein 2005 Mint Set Collection
2004 Mint SetWalter D Hutton Estate Collection - 2004 Mint Set (Last Business Strike)
2003 Mint SetWalter D Hutton Estate Collection
2002 Mint SetWalter D Hutton Estate Collection
2001 Mint SetLeonardo's Birth Year Set
2000 Mint SetWalter D Hutton Estate Collection
1999 Mint SetE.Lyle,IV Collection
1968-1998 Mint SetErasmusHall
1998 Mint SetThe Byram Lake Collection
1997 Mint SetAMK
1996 Mint SetKaitlin Birth Year Set
1995 Mint SetElizabeth Haynes Collection
1994 Mint SetThe Byram Lake Collection
1993 Mint SetWojcikowski Collection
1992 Mint Set1992'S
1991 Mint SetMax's Birthyear Set
1990 Mint SetCCR - Greg's Mint Set
1989 Mint SetE.Lyle,IV Collection
1988 Mint SetThe Byram Lake Collection - Chris
1987 Mint SetWelch 1987 mint set
1986 Mint SetThe Roderick Collection
1985 Mint SetVinnie G's Birth Set
1984 Mint SetThe Roderick Collection
1983 Mint SetMartin's Collection
1982 Mint SetMartin's Collection
1981 Mint SetMJ Hood Collection
1980 Mint SetE.Lyle,IV Collection
1979 Mint SetE.Lyle,IV Collection
1978 Mint SetSJMIII Collection
1977 Mint Set1977 Mint Set
1976 Mint SetBicentennial Mint Set
1975 Mint SetThe Roderick Collection
1974 Mint SetMartin's Collection
1973 Mint SetSJMIII Collection
1972 Mint SetSJMIII Collection
1971 Mint SetGDH 1971 Mint Set
1970 Mint SetSJMIII Collection
1969 Mint SetNick Shelton Collection
1968 Mint SetClackamas River Birth year set
1965-1967 SMS SetTMKRunner
1967 SMS SetHoneycutt - Thanks Rick & Ilona
1967 Mint SetMelanie 1967
1966 SMS Set - 2-way tie: Princess Ellaina 1966 SMS Collection, TMKRunner
1966 Mint SetThe ALC Collection
1965 SMS Set - 2-way tie:olscs31, Enjoyable
1965 Mint Set - 2-way tie: Andree 1965, Luksic 1965
1964 Mint SetNick Shelton Collection
1963 Mint Set - 2-way tie: Luksic 1963, supamonk
1962 Mint Setsupamonk
1961 Mint SetLuksic 1961
1960 Mint SetDCR's '60 MintSet
1959 Mint Set - 2-way tie:Luksic 1959, DCR's '59 Mint Set
1958 Mint Set - 2-way tie: Walter D Hutton Estate Collection, DCR's '58 mint set
1957 Mint SetG.E.G Collection
1956 Mint SetCJK's New Set
1955 Mint SetThe Roderick Collection
1954 Mint SetThe Smith Collection
1953 Mint SetLarry's 1953 II
1952 Mint SetThe Roderick Collection
1951 Mint SetCoolkarma's mint set
1950 Mint SetJoel's 1950 Set

Ashmore's Original Hot Lips Grading Set on Display in Long Beach
Be sure to visit the Long Beach Coin & Collectibles show to see the only complete PCGS grading set of "Hot Lips". This 21-coin set will be on display, courtesy of Ash Harrison, from 5-29 to 5-31. This grading set contains examples from Poor-1 to Mint State-61 of the very popular "Hot Lips" variety, VAM 4.
Click here to view this one-of-a-kind set. For more information about the Long Beach show, click here.

New set composites recently added to the Registry:

  • 1852 Mint Set with Gold
  • 1852 Mint Set
  • 1852 Proof Set
  • Sacagawea Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (2000-present)
  • Sacagawea Dollars Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (2000-present)
  • Susan B. Anthony Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1979-1981, 1999)
  • Susan B. Anthony Basic Set, Proof (1979-1981, 1999)

Have Fun with Your Paper Money
The new PCGS Currency Set Registry is now online. Click here to start building your sets!

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What is a "Variety"?
A coin of the same date and basic design as another but with slight differences. PCGS recognizes all major varieties while there are thousands of minor varieties, most of which have significance only to specialists of the particular series. After hubbed dies, introduced in the 1840s, varieties are mainly variations in date and mintmark size and placement. Looking for the definition of a numismatic term? Visit the PCGS Glossary and arm yourself with knowledge! Click here for Lingo.

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Results from last survey: 34% answered 50 and another 34% answered 55 is the grade of specified coin. The correct answer: AU50. Click here for a complete breakdown.

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Question of the Week By Nuncio Dalto
Is my 1994 Washington quarter a doubled die coin?
Based on the image, your coin's appearance appears to have been caused by die erosion and it is not a doubled die coin. Die erosion occurs when a die is worn from over-usage. In that case, the die will lose some of its detail and will sometimes create a matching reflection of the intended design. PCGS would not recognize this coin as an error.

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The Olympics are coming! To celebrate this world-famous sporting event, PCGS will accept any US or World coin that features an Olympic theme for this quarter's PCGS Collectors Club Submission Special.

Examples include:
Germany 1972 10 Mark commemorative coins
USA 1983 Los Angeles Olympiad commemorative coins
Japan 1964 Olympic 1000 Yen
Many, many more

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