November 25, 2008 | Vol. 8 Number 15
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Holiday Specials from PCGS!
By Jaime Hernandez, eCollector Editor

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, PCGS would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. We would like to offer any eCollector reader who is not yet a PCGS Collectors Club member a 20% discount toward any level of yearly membership.

We also have a tasty discount for current Collectors Club members. From now through December 31, 2008, you can receive 50% OFF one grade for any service level (see Collectors Club banner below for details). And now is a great time to take advantage of our new Genuine Service. Eliminate those body bags!

Check out the exclusive video of David Hall discussing the inception of PCGS. And finally, be sure to check back every two weeks to see if you've won one of the great coins we're giving away with each issue.

Each and every one of us at PCGS wishes you a great holiday season!
Win a Free Coin!
(For eCollector Subscribers only)

In each issue of eCollector, we'll randomly draw a name from our subscribers.

The winner in this issue will receive a FREE 2008 10 Yn China Panda Silver Coin in a PCGS holder! Check the next issue to see if you won. Good luck!

Last week's winner of the 2007 Missing Edge Presidential Dollar was Daniel Richardson of Bettendorf, Iowa. Congratulations, Daniel!

Offer good while supplies last, and may be altered or cancelled by PCGS at any time.
The 1893-S Morgan Dollar: "You Can't Have It"

As an adult, I never thought I would hear the words "you can't have it" ever again. But I can still remember looking at the small red bicycle through the display window of the local grocery store when I was a kid. I also remember my mother telling me "you can't have it."

There it was, shining behind the display window with its nice yellow and red colored protective pads on the handlebars and the red frame. I imagined myself after school with both this beautiful bike and the prettiest girl in school while the other kids all looked at me with admiration, just because I had the coolest bike in school. And then within a split second my dreams and hopes would again be ruined by those four uninspiring words from my mother, 'you can't have it." In that sense, the 1893-S Morgan Dollar screams out at me just like the red bike in the display case did almost 20 years ago.

In my imagination, the coin tells me that by having it I will walk around with a numismatic legend in my possession that everyone else admires. And once again as a grown man, my dreams and hopes are interrupted, this time by none other than my wife, who tells me, "you can't have it" just as I was imagining what it would be like to buy the 1893-S Dollar.

Coins like the 1893-S Morgan Dollar are what really make numismatics a challenging and exciting hobby for me. They remind me that we can't always have what we want, but we can at least imagine what it would be like if we ever owned it. I may have moved on to something bigger and better than the red bike of 20 years ago, but in the case of the 1893-S Dollar, I admit it would be extremely difficult to find anything bigger and better.

For over a century, the 1893-S Dollar has been recognized by many as being the key coin to the entire Morgan Dollar circulation strike series. It is believed to have an approximate mintage of 75,000 coins with many of them presumed to have been melted over the years, resulting in the figure being even smaller.

Recently, the finest and only example graded MS67 by PCGS was sold by Legend Numismatics for over a million dollars to an extremely lucky new owner. In my personal view, the new owner not only bought the red bike in the display case, he bought the entire store!
David Hall reminisces about
the early days of PCGS.

Watch Video!
PCGS Unveils New "Horizontal" Price Guide

We have recently expanded the PCGS Price Guide to include prices for most U.S. coins in all grades. The new horizontal PCGS Price Guide is a great tool for collectors and dealers to determine the approximate retail values of their coins or their entire collection. The new and improved PCGS Price Guide contains four tabs at the top of each pricing chart. Each tab indicates "Most Active, Grades 1-20, Grades 25-60 and Grades 61- 70." Clicking on any of these tabs will provide the most current pricing information within those grades for all U.S. coin series.

The new Price Guide includes improvements similar to those made recently to the PCGS Population Report. Now, it is possible to view the number of coins certified by PCGS in all grades. The PCGS Price Guide has pricing information for many significant coins dating back to 1970 and is updated on a daily basis Monday through Friday. In addition to being updated daily, it displays the Biggest Price Gainers and Losers for the day, week, past three months and for the past year.

At PCGS, we strive to make our website one of the most informative sites in numismatics, and this is just one of many new features designed to assist collectors in determining values for
their coins.

To find out the retail value of your coins in any grade, be sure to visit the PCGS Price Guide and stay on top with the most up-to-date retail pricing information.
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