April 14, 2009 | Vol. 9 Number 8
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Enjoy a Better 2009 in the Coin Market
By Jaime Hernandez, eCollector Editor

If you have recently lost money in the coin market or anywhere else, you shouldn't feel too bad. Last year two of the richest men on the planet also lost money and lots of it! Warren Buffet lost 25 billion dollars while Bill Gates lost 18 billion dollars. The good news is... there are ways to have a better 2009 in the coin market!

Today, collectors have the advantage of having plenty of resources to make better decisions when it comes to their coins. At PCGS, we believe in helping our customers learn as much as possible about their coins. Knowledge itself won't keep you from losing money in the coin market. However, it will help you make better decisions.

Recently we added Auction Prices Realized to our website. Here, you can access tens of thousands of auction prices realized from more than a dozen major auction firms! We have also added CoinFacts Numismatic Wiki, where collectors can learn about their coins and share their knowledge with just about everyone. Hopefully these new features will arm you with more knowledge and help you have a better 2009 in the coin market!

As always, please don't hesitate to give us your feedback on the PCGS eCollector.
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The winner in this issue will receive a 2009 John Tyler PR Dollar in a special PCGS holder indicating eCollector issue #12. Check the next issue to see if you won. Good luck!

Last week's winner of the 2009 William Henry Harrison $1 was Milt Pettit of Bonita, California. Congratulations, Milt!

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Members Only Vegas Show Starts Thursday!

If you are a PCGS Authorized Dealer or Collectors Club Member, we hope to see you in Las Vegas. Our inaugural Members Only Coin Show will take place at the Venetian in Murano Room 3305, starting at 10:00 a.m. Thursday April 16. Don't miss out on three days of numismatic magic in Vegas! View Details.

Lincoln Silver Dollar Sells Out – In Seven Weeks!

On March 31, the U.S. Mint website indicated that the 2009 Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Dollars were sold out.

The obverse of the Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollar depicts Abraham Lincoln, portrayed from a sculpture inside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The reverse of the coin has two large wreaths, and within the wreaths are 43 of the final words from Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. A banner with Lincoln's signature is under the wreath.

The U.S. Mint had initially limited each household to 100 coins to allow all of its potential customers an opportunity to order the coins. Lincoln Commemoratives first became available February 12, so they sold out in less than two months. Read More...

Braille Commemoratives … Will They Sell Out Too?
The 2009 Braille Commemorative Silver Dollars were put on sale by the U.S. Mint on March 26. The coins were issued to honor the 200th birthday of Louis Braille, who invented the Braille reading system. The total allotted mintage for the coins is 400,000, mint state and proof coins combined.

With the recent Lincoln Silver Dollar sellout, who knows how long it will take the Braille Silver Dollars to sell out? Also, there are 25,000 coins from the original 400,000 mintage intended to be sold in a special uncirculated set being offered later this year. Read More...
Benefit from Dale Friend's experience
at high-end coin collecting.

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Indian Head Quarter Eagles – King of the Counterfeit Gold Coin Series!
By Mike Sargent

Mike Sargent is Head Verifier at PCGS and is a leading expert on counterfeit detection. "Sarge" maintains a large database of known counterfeits and unfortunately is frequently adding new ones.

The single most counterfeited series of U.S. gold coins is the Indian Head Quarter Eagle. This series accounts for approximately 40% of all counterfeit gold coins received by PCGS. The only other series of counterfeits that could compare in quantity to the $2½ "Indians" would be $1 gold coins (if all three types are added together), followed closely by $3 gold pieces and $5 "Indians." Combined together, these four series account for 90% of all the counterfeit gold coins received for authentication.

It is easy to see why these four series of coins are copied so often. First of all, one does not need a whole lot of gold to make these small coins, allowing the counterfeiter to sell fakes at a lower price point to unsuspecting buyers. Read More...
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