April 28, 2009 | Vol. 9 Number 9
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PCGS Members Only Show Exceeds Expectations

By Jaime Hernandez, eCollector Editor

We just returned from the PCGS Members Only Show in Las Vegas. To summarize, the show was great. The bad news? The slot machines did not take Morgan or Peace Dollars. The good news is, PCGS did not discriminate against any coin – whether it was a Silver Dollar or a modern Presidential Dollar, we took them all! We even created an "instant collectible" by giving away 100 PCGS Members Only polo shirts.

At the show, some of the top coin dealers in the world were trading with one another. Collectors got a rare opportunity to see these major dealers in action all in one room, offering their services to the collectors in attendance.

Mike Faraone, PCGS grader, gave a great presentation on counterfeit detection. Ron Guth presented the new, improved CoinFacts, which will provide collectors a wealth of information on coins. The sessions also featured numismatic legal expert Armen Vartian, and closed with a special presentation by PCGS founder David Hall on the future of the rare coin market, complete with cake as David celebrated his birthday.

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Last week's winner of the John Tyler Presidential Dollar was Phillip Struble of Grand Haven, Michigan. Congratulations, Phillip!

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1795 $10 Gold Eagle – An Enduring Treasure
By Jaime Hernandez

One has to wonder how a coin over 200 years old still exists in immaculate condition today!

213 years ago, someone could have gone to the bank and taken out $10 to pay for their mortgage, or used the $10 for just about anything else, but instead, they fell in love with a beautiful piece of art and decided to buy the coin, and made sure it was carefully preserved.

The 1795 Eagle pictured here is graded MS65 by PCGS and is one of only two in this grade with none graded higher. At a recent auction held by Heritage Coin Galleries, a PCGS MS63 example, considered a condition census example since it is one of the finest-known, sold for $322,000. Whoever saved this coin 213 years ago passed down the opportunity for a keen collector to own a great numismatic rarity. Read More...

PCGS Grades Abigail and Louisa Adams Mule

On April 14, Tony Santumora submitted a medal depicting an Abigail Adams obverse and a Louisa Adams reverse design, or what is known as a mule. In numismatics, a mule refers to a coin, medal or token that is struck with a die intended for a different coin. So far, only two or three dozen sets with this error have been reported. Most of the sets have already been selling in the $800 - $1,000 range.

Mule coins are very rare, and since the Mint has steps in place to prevent them from being struck, it is almost impossible to produce a mule for a currently circulating coin. However, since this is a medal and not a circulating coin, fewer restrictions apply. The Abigail and Louisa Adams mule was probably created by accident when a Mint employee confused both Adams dies. Noteworthy is the fact that the 2007 Abigail Adams medal mule had a reverse design from a different spouse and from the following year!

All 2007 Spouse Medal sets contain four different medals depicting Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolly Madison and finally a Liberty design on the obverse (since Thomas Jefferson was a widower). The four different medals originally came in a custom envelope and sets were priced at $12.95 each by the U.S. Mint.

Tony Santumora said he ordered one set on November 26th. He has been collecting all of the Presidential Dollar Medals. He also mentioned that he has ordered many other products from the Mint over the years and has never found anything as worthwhile as this. Read More...
Part I of Mike Faraone's presentation on counterfeit detection at the Members Only Show.
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Die Sharing Among Counterfeit Coins
By Mike Sargent

Mike Sargent is Head Verifier at PCGS and is a leading expert on counterfeit detection. "Sarge" maintains a large database of known counterfeits and unfortunately is frequently adding new ones.

Counterfeiters fake money by copying legitimate coins, and they save money by using shortcuts. Thus, a common practice among counterfeiters is to share obverse or reverse dies when the design element is identical to that of another year. It saves a great deal of money and time to use the same reverse die over and over again while adding a new obverse die with a different date to make different counterfeits. Read More...
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