December 21, 2009 | Vol. 9 Number 31
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Coin Market Looks Even Brighter for 2010
By Jaime Hernandez, eCollector Editor

2009 has been an exciting year for the coin market. Even though it struggled in the beginning, it ended really well in December. So what's in store for 2010?

My prediction is that coins will be in high demand, even more than in 2009. For months, collectors and dealers have had a difficult time finding coins. And they have had to step up and pay premiums for most nice coins. Even some of the major coin auction companies have fewer selections. The nice coins that do make it to auction are being bid on by multiple dealers and collectors. Therefore, expect price increases on many rare coins.

For modern coins, the Mint still seems to be struggling with the bullion-related coins and in 2009, it canceled many of its bullion-related products. As a result, the Mint has sold out many of its products very quickly this year. This will likely be the same scenario next year as the Mint is still struggling to obtain bullion-related planchets to produce silver, gold and platinum coins.

At PCGS we are all thankful for 2009. It has been a great year thanks to every one of you. Whether you submitted one or 10,000 coins to us in 2009, or even visited our web site or read our newsletter, we want to say thank you! We wish you a great holiday season. As we approach 2010, we want to hear from you - what would you like to see in the PCGS eCollector or at PCGS in 2010?
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The 1928 Peace Dollar
By Jaime Hernandez

The 1928 Peace Dollar is the key coin to the short-lived Peace Dollar series. The 1928 Peace Dollar has a relatively low mintage, especially for a silver dollar. With a mintage of 360,469 coins, the 1928 Peace Dollar also has the lowest mintage in the entire Peace Dollar series by a large margin. The second lowest mintage after the 1928 Peace Dollar is the 1927 Peace Dollar with a mintage of 848,000 coins. Read More...

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2009 Proof Platinum Coins Sell Out

Despite having a high maximum authorized mintage of 8,000 coins for the Proof Platinum coin series, the 2009 One Ounce Proof Platinum coins have completely sold out. This was the only platinum coin offered by the U.S. Mint this year. Last year's mintages for Proof Platinum coins were very low, including the 2008 One Ounce Proofs which had a reported sales figure of fewer than 5,000 coins. Read More...

All-New PCGS Web Site is Launched
By Jon Garner

PCGS announces the unveiling of a completely new version of its popular web site, With three million page views each month, is one of the most-visited web sites in the entire numismatic field.

The new site represents more than just a face lift. Its cleaner feel and more logical arrangement of links and information make navigation much easier than in the past. "It shouldn't take regular visitors long to adjust to the new site," said PCGS President Don Willis. "We've designed it to be less cluttered and more intuitive, making it easier for both frequent and newer visitors to find the information they're looking for."

With ease of use in mind, PCGS has eliminated the left-side menu and made the most frequently used pages accessible via the main menu bar at the top. The buttons link directly to PCGS Home, Services, Price Guide, Set Registry, PCGS CoinFacts, Resources, PCGS Store and About PCGS. Read More...
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The 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar With
3 Leaves on PCGS

Since the launch of the new PCGS CoinFactsTM, we have been hard at work updating and expanding the site's information. Here's a recent example:

Don Willis: A scarce but easily identified variety. This is the only reverse with three leaves under the eagle's wings. Also, there is a large die break through the left wing and the eagle's body. Read More...

Last Chance to Order 2009
Ultra High Relief Coins

The 2009 Ultra High Relief coins were initially offered in January for $1,189 each. By February, coins were being sold for up to $1,700 each in original sealed packages. As of this writing, the coins are now priced at $1,489 each if purchased directly from the U.S. Mint. However, the Mint will be offering the coins only until December 31. After that, the coins should not be available any longer as they are a one-year type coin. Therefore, collectors have about a week remaining to order the coins directly from the U.S. Mint. Read More...

2010 Coin Designs Unveiled

The U.S. Mint has recently unveiled several designs for coins that will be issued in 2010. These include the Shield One Cent coin, the Native American coin, the four Presidential Dollars which include the very popular Lincoln design, and finally, the 2010 American Disabled for Life Commemorative Dollar. Read More...
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