July 30, 2009 | Vol. 9 Number 20
Introducing the All-New PCGS CoinFacts
All of the Information for Every U.S. Coin – PCGS CoinFacts®
By David Hall, PCGS Founder

What if... There was one place where you could get all the information about every coin you care about.

What if... There was one place you could get all of the information about every U.S. coin.

Every U.S. coin... including all United States Mint-issued regular strikes, proofs and commemoratives...and every Colonial, Territorial and Pattern.

All of the information...including...

What the coin is... date, date and mint mark, major variety, die variety all with pictures for attribution...metallic content, designer, mintage, etc.

How rare the coin is... expert survival estimates for all survivors in all grades...relative rarity listing for series and type, sortable by mintage, all grades, MS/PR60 or better, and MS/PR65 or better.

What the coin is worth... prices for every existing grade...price movement...price history...auction results from every major auction.

The best examples and collections... a condition census for every U.S. coin, including photos, pedigrees and expert comments...what the great collections had...and what were the great collections by series and types.

What the experts think... expert narratives from world-class experts and specialists.

PCGS CoinFacts has or will soon have all of this information. After over a decade of work, PCGS CoinFacts is now available for you. It’s a work in progress and new information is being added daily.

Visit pcgscoinfacts.com today!

"The new PCGS CoinFacts is a 25-year dream come true." - David Hall -

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A Numismatist's Dream Come True
By Jaime Hernandez, eCollector Editor

In this special edition of the PCGS eCollector, we finally unveil what several PCGS experts and founders have been working on and dreaming of for decades. And all this information is now available to coin enthusiasts on the new PCGS CoinFacts website, PCGSCoinFacts.com.

The new site contains an incredible amount of features and information gleaned from the top numismatic experts in the world. In the U.S. coin market, David Hall, Ron Guth and John Dannreuther are considered some of the top experts in the field. These individuals have studied, researched and handled some of the rarest and most significant U.S. coins. They now offer you their insights, facts and research in the new PCGS CoinFacts.

If you had a single financial site that allowed you to view all of Bill Gates' and Warren Buffet's facts and research, wouldn't you jump at that opportunity in a heartbeat? That's the kind of opportunity the new PCGS CoinFacts offers coin collectors, buyers and sellers. If you buy, sell, or even collect one coin, a membership to the new PCGS CoinFacts is a must.

Please give us your feedback on how you like the new and improved PCGS CoinFacts.

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Finding the Right Coin Information Can Be Costly
By Don Willis, PCGS President

As a former coin dealer, I know first-hand how important having the right information is in buying and selling coins and how much it can cost when the information you need is not available. That's why I paid well over $1,000 a month to have auction prices realized (APR), price guides and population reports as well as the software to look up and compare the information.

In today's market, you can't help but see many dealers on their computers looking up information about a coin they are buying or selling. The old saying is knowledge is power, which in today's coin market translates into buying or selling a coin at the best possible price. This concept certainly applies to collectors who buy or sell coins even at a modest level.

Do you think you could make better decisions if you had all the information you needed about a particular coin at your fingertips? Think about how much stronger your negotiating position could be. That's why I believe that the new PCGS CoinFacts, at $9.95 per month, is one of the best investments anyone in numismatics can make!

CoinFacts – The Good Old Days
By Ron Guth, PCGS CoinFacts President

I started CoinFacts in 1999 with a simple vision – to provide as much information as possible about U.S. coins by aggregating information and images from a variety of sources into a single place. The Internet was the perfect place to build such a site. Unlike a book, where the information is "locked" in place and the amount of information is limited, a website offers virtually endless space, the ability to add and update information quickly, and the capability of editing the information and correcting errors immediately.

We started out like everyone else...we registered the CoinFacts name, parked the site on a hosting service, and started building away. We tried numerous HTML editing software package before settling on what turned out to be one of the simplest and least expensive programs, yet one of the most powerful. We built every page by hand, eventually creating over 10,000 pages.

In 1999, disk space was at a premium and we were afraid we would run out of space. But we were in the right place at the right time. Just as the site grew bigger and bigger, the cost of disk space went down and down, making more space available just as we needed it. We had the support of most of the major auction houses and coin companies, who supplied content and images that helped "flesh out" the site. Our small staff consisted of a data entry assistant, occasional help from my kids, and me.

Before long, CoinFacts became one of the most popular numismatic-related sites on the Internet. In 2004, PCGS purchased the CoinFacts website and the rest is history. The site you see today is a vast improvement over our humble beginnings, but the vision remains the same. Enjoy!
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Ron Guth and Don Willis discuss the merits of the all-new PCGS CoinFacts Watch video!
All-New PCGS CoinFacts Goes Live

PCGS CoinFacts® (www.PCGSCoinFacts.com), the Internet's most comprehensive, one-stop source for historical U.S. numismatic information, is now live. The new site – ideal for both novices and advanced collectors – has been completely revamped with thousands of updates to its database and image files and a number of important new features.

PCGS Founder David Hall sums up the significance of the release: "The new PCGS CoinFacts is a 25-year dream come true. Ron Guth has been working on many aspects of PCGS CoinFacts for 15 years and I have personally worked on many parts of the new PCGS CoinFacts for at least that long. We have had a dedicated team at PCGS working on the PCGS CoinFacts launch for the last 12 months. But CoinFacts is much more than the work of the PCGS team, as we have had the help of many of the numismatic community’s top experts.”

"CoinFacts now offers the most extensive repository of information about United States coins anywhere on the Internet. It's a multi-functional combination of numismatic encyclopedia, historical price guide and reference resources," said Ron Guth, President of PCGS CoinFacts, a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT).

Along with dedicated pages for nearly 30,000 U.S. coins, PCGS CoinFacts members will have access to the PCGS Population Report, auction prices realized and an expanded price guide – three unique and indispensable tools for determining coin values – free with their membership. In addition to providing basic listings and mintage figures about coin types, users will find an expanded price guide for all coins in all grades; prices realized from all major auctions; survival and rarity estimates for all coins; a condition census for all coins; and relative rarity comparisons for all coins. Coins covered by PCGS CoinFacts content include all regular-issue, proof, and commemorative United States Mint coins, and all Colonials, Patterns and Territorial issues.

"This site will be a tremendous help for the identification and valuation of coins as well as for finding historical information. It will be a tremendous tool for anyone who wants to buy or sell coins," Guth added.

Originally launched in 1999, CoinFacts has expanded for its tenth anniversary to instantly provide an unprecedented amount of online information about U.S. coins ranging from Colonial and Territorial issues to circulation strikes, proofs, patterns and commemoratives. Each coin has its own page that includes photos, detailed information and hyperlinks to other pertinent facts and references.

The updated site also includes digital photographs with enlargement and zoom functions for most U.S. coins, including significant rarities.

"It's taken years of hard work to create these many enhancements, but the results are extraordinary. And while PCGS CoinFacts has more numismatic information than any other Internet resource, it is a work in progress with new information being added daily. I am especially excited about the expert narratives which are starting to appear for many important coins. I believe this will be the first place many collectors, dealers and novices go when they're looking for specific information or simply want to casually browse the world's largest online library of numismatic knowledge," said Guth.

Access to all features on the all-new PCGS CoinFacts website will be available by subscription for $9.95 per month.

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