November 11, 2009 | Vol. 9 Number 28
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Gold Selling by the Ton!
By Jaime Hernandez, eCollector Editor

There is no question that the hottest thing in the coin market – and capturing a great deal of attention in the global economy – is none other than gold itself. Just imagine: on November 4, the central bank of India purchased over 200 tons of gold for approximately 6.7 billion dollars!

The good news is, when gold increases in price, there is usually a higher demand for gold coins, which attracts more people into the coin market. Gold-related coins have been trading very well for the past couple of months, and in the past few weeks, there has been a much larger demand for gold coins. Last week, the U.S. Mint sold nearly the same number of 2009 Proof 1 Ounce Gold Buffaloes in four days as it did for the entire period 2008 Proof 1 Ounce Gold Buffaloes were offered (see article below).

As far as non-bullion collector coins go, it seems as if collectors and dealers are now stepping up and purchasing coins at the current price levels. Most importantly, collectors and dealers are not allowing coins to go for cheap prices as was the trend earlier this year.

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PCGS Grading Sets Go Online With New Photograde
By Mike Sherman

In conjunction with the debut of the new PCGS website, we will be presenting the PCGS Reference Grading Sets on-line for the first time at the end of this month.

Upon the establishment of PCGS 24 years ago, grading sets were assembled for major series such as Morgan Dollars, Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, Walking Liberty Halves and others. In the ensuing years, other sets have been built to serve as benchmarks for our graders to insure consistency of opinion when examining submitted coins. Read More...

1861-D Dahlonega Gold Dollar on

Doug Winter: The 1861-D is the rarest Dahlonega gold dollar. It is also the best known and most famous issue from this mint because its entire mintage was produced by the Confederate States of America.

The Dahlonega Mint was seized by the Confederacy in April, 1861. Shortly thereafter, a small quantity of gold dollars was struck by the rebel forces. The number of surviving examples (coupled with the assumption that a number of coins were almost certainly saved as souvenirs) has led experts to guess that the mintage figure was somewhere in the area of 1,000-1,500 coins. Read More...

2009 Presidency Cents Released
November 12

By Jaime Hernandez

The Presidency Lincoln cent will be released by the U.S. Mint on November 12, 2009. The ceremony will take place in Washington at the Ulysses Grant Memorial at 10 a.m. The Lincoln Presidency cent is the fourth and final design that will be issued by the U.S. Mint in 2009.

The Lincoln Presidency cent uses the same Lincoln obverse design as previous versions. The reverse, however, displays the U.S Capitol Dome, symbolic of a nation torn apart by the Civil War and Lincoln guiding the country through a great crisis. Lincoln began his presidency in front of the Capitol Dome and under the completed dome his body lies in state, as he made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the Union and defend freedom and democracy. The Presidency cent reverse was designed by Susan Gamble and sculpted by engraver Joseph Mena. Read More...
PCGS Founder David Hall's presentation on "Why My Wife Collects Coins."
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1857 Flying Eagle Cent Die Clashed With $20 Double Eagle
By Jaime Hernandez

Some believe that there are as many as 60 examples extant of 1857 Flying Eagle cents clashed with a $20 Double Eagle obverse design. If this was indeed the case, it would make this a very scarce variety. However, I personally disagree with that figure and I would estimate that less than half of this estimate actually exists!

One of the main reasons why I believe this coin exists in such a small quantity is due to the simple fact that this variety hardly ever comes up for sale. And when they do come up for sale, it is usually the exact same coin, which makes the coin practically unattainable. Read More...

$50 2009 Proof Gold Buffaloes On Sale

The 2009 Proof Gold Buffaloes went on sale October 29, 2009, and the Mint sold nearly 19,200 coins within the first week.

This is a large number of coins sold by the U.S. Mint compared to the $50 Proof Gold Buffalo coins from 2008. In 2008, the Mint sold just over 19,500 coins during the entire period they were offered.

There is unquestionably a large demand by both dealers and collectors for gold coins. With the recent cancellation of several of the U.S. Mint gld-related products, it has only increased this demand.

The 2009 $50 Proof Gold Buffaloes are still available directly from the U.S. Mint, and currently, there is no ordering limit. Read More...
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