April 14, 2010 | Vol. 10 Number 8
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Intro - The PCGS Big Announcement
By Don Willis

PCGS Secure Plus was announced on March 25, 2010 at the ANA National Money show in Ft. Worth Texas. This new service takes advantage of groundbreaking laser technology designed to capture a unique identifying record of each coin. These records are archived by PCGS and are referenced in subsequent submissions. This historical data will help PCGS in identifying coins that have been artificially toned or altered in some other way.

It will also help provide a base of consistency and confidence that not only will assist PCGS in addressing "gradeflation," but will also provide the basis for PCGS graders to grade Secure Plus coins on a 700-point scale (vs. the traditional 70 points). Also, with PCGS Secure Plus now formally recognizing "+" grades, we believe the added value that these coins warrant will be established and standardized in the marketplace.

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The winner in this issue will receive a 1853 Seated Liberty Dime in a special PCGS holder indicating eCollector issue #39. Check the next issue to see if you won. Good luck!

Last week's winner of the 1994-D Olympic Silver Dollar was Neal Sakima from Baltimore, Maryland. Congratulations Neal!

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Questions About PCGS Secure Plus? We've Got Answers!
By Don Willis

Since the PCGS Secure Plus service is brand new and such a departure from "business as usual," I have fielded numerous questions about it since its unveiling March 25 at the Fort Worth ANA Money show. Coin enthusiasts are understandably excited about it, but they do have a number of questions and concerns.

This article covers the most recent update to the PCGS Secure Plus FAQ. I have provided detailed answers to what I feel are some of the most important questions we have been asked so far, and hope to put any concerns about the new service to rest. Read More...

PCGS Members Only Show is Back Again

May 12-15, 2010 • The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Show Details:

When - Wednesday-Saturday, May 12-15, 2010

Where - The Venetian Hotel, San Polo Room # 3402

New From PCGS CoinFacts
By Jaime Hernandez

Since the launch of the new PCGS CoinFacts, we have been hard at work updating and expanding the site's information. Here's another recent example:

2008-W Silver Eagle Struck with Reverse of a 2007 Silver Eagle.

Sometime possibly as early as 2007, for unknown reasons the U.S. Mint decided to modify the reverse design of all upcoming 2008 Silver Eagles, including the Proofs. Read More...

1909 Matte Proof - New Coin Die Discovered
By Brian Wagner and Kevin Flynn

A new 1909 Lincoln Matte Proof cent die has been discovered by Brian Wagner and Kevin Flynn. Brian Wagner recalls:

While previewing small cents at the Long Beach show in early February, I encountered a 1909 MPL Lincoln cent that got my attention. The coin was being offered for sale in the February 2010 Heritage Long Beach Signature Auction. It was an attractive, magenta-toned 1909 MPL cent graded PR66RB by PCGS.

As I brought the coin to my eye and began to view the coin's obverse with my 8X glass, I couldn't see any signs of die scratches running in front of and below the nose on this coin. I thought perhaps they were being hidden by the deep toning on the coin's surface. Next, I looked to see if I could find the die scratch that runs from the back of Lincoln's coat into the field and running up toward the right leg of the R of Liberty. Another "no show" for this die scratch. Read More...
The adventures of the PCGS Customer Service Unit Continue.
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Photograde Version 1.2 Released on Three Platforms
By Mike Sherman

PCGS has released the second revision to its popular Photograde™ Online on three different platforms.

Web Version: Available at the PCGS Website here.

iPhone™ Version: Available at the Apple App Store. Search on "PCGS."

iPad™ Version: Photograde HD™, with double the resolution of the iPhone version.

Both the iPhone and iPad versions are distributed free of charge.

Included in this update is coverage for two additional series, Half Cents and Half Dimes, plus over 550 new photographs. PCGS Photograde now features a total of 1450 photographs, illustrating an average of 21 grades for each of 69 different series.

According to Mike Sherman, project coordinator, "In addition to the newly-added series, a great many of the lower grades in the existing series have been replaced. We have made a concerted effort over the past several months to get better representatives for coins in the VF and lower range." Read More...

PCGS Collectors Club Quarterly Grading Special - Free PCGS Secure Plus Submission

The PCGS Quarterly Grading Special announced April 1 allows customers to submit a free coin through the new PCGS Secure Plus™ Service - a $65 value.

Join with a Platinum Membership and you can also receive a voucher for eight free coin submissions. What are you waiting for - join now!
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