August 3, 2010 | Vol. 10 Number 16
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How Did You Get Started in Collecting Coins?
By Jaime Hernandez, eCollector Editor

We all have stories and remember special individuals who played a major role when we first started collecting coins. Some experiences are better than others but for the most part, we all have similar stories. In this issue, find out how PCGS Founder David Hall's grandmother influenced him in collecting coins in the article titled "How I Got Started."

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We just had the Members Only Coin Show in Las Vegas, Nevada and the show was great. The show keeps getting more and more popular every single time. But most importantly, the show was a lot of fun!

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Plus Grades Added to PCGS Standard Services!
By Don Willis

PCGS will begin offering Plus (+) grades on all Regular, Express and Walkthrough submissions as of August 1. Plus (+) grading is being added to Standard submissions at no additional cost. No changes are necessary in how you submit your coins. You only need to complete the submission form as always. Your submission will automatically be considered for Plus (+) grading.

Beginning with the pre-ANA show in Boston, PCGS will be offering Plus (+) grades on all Show Express, Show Economy and Show Gold. Standard submission forms need only be completed. Your submission will automatically be considered for Plus (+) grading. Again, there will be no additional charge. Read More...

Tips from the Grading Room
By Mike Sherman

Welcome to the third installment of "Tips from the Grading Room." Last issue we took a look at what constituted a "Full Bands" Mercury dime, designated "FB" by PCGS. This time, we'll examine the "Full Steps" designation for Jefferson Nickels.

Full Steps (FS) is the designation following the numerical grade of some regular-strike MS60 or higher Jefferson nickels that have at least five separated steps (lines) at the base of Monticello. Any major disturbance or interruption of these steps or lines, whether caused by contact, planchet problems, or another source, will result in the coin's not being designated FS. Read More...

PCGS CoinFacts - 1797 Penny New York Theatre, BN (Proof)

Since the launch of PCGS CoinFacts™ we have been hard at work updating and expanding the site's information. Here's another recent example:

Ron Guth: The New York Theatre Penny was issued in London circa 1796 by Skidmore as part of a series of Penny tokens depicting various buildings of architectural importance. Although the coin is more properly a part of the British so-called "Conder" tokens, the New York Theatre Penny has become a "must-have" item for U.S. Colonial coin collectors. Read More...

Memorial Lincoln Cents - Commanding Huge Premiums
By Jaime Hernandez

At the recent June 2010 Baltimore Sale, Bowers and Merena sold the Close To Perfect Set of Lincoln cents. This was also the #1 Set of Memorial Circulation Strike Lincoln cents graded by PCGS.

Some of the coins commanded impressively strong prices for being fairly modern-issue coins. Highlights include: Read More...
Don Kagin and David McCarthy share the story of Pioneer Gold Coins with David Hall.
Watch video!
How I Got Started
By David Hall

I started collecting coins in 1959 at age 12. My grandmother was a coin collector. She was also a heavy smoker. At the time, cigarettes were found in vending machines all over the place, and the cost was 22 cents a pack. You put a quarter in the vending machine and you got a pack of cigarettes. Inside the cellophane-wrapped pack was your change...three shiny new pennies. That's how my grandmother got started. She saved pennies, then nickels, then dimes, then quarters and halves, placing them in her blue Whitman coin albums.

My grandfather was very old country (Poland) old school...very conservative. He would not let my grandmother ever buy a coin she needed for her collection. She could only trade...a nickel for nickel...a dime for a dime. My grandfather's comment...Anyone who would pay a dime for a nickel is a fool." An interesting comment for anyone who has ever owned a 1913 Liberty nickel! Read More...

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