July 06, 2010 | Vol. 10 Number 14
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PCGS at the Summer FUN Show
By Don Willis

As this latest edition goes out PCGS is leaving for the Summer FUN show in Orlando, FL. This is the smaller sister of the two shows sponsored by Florida United Numismatists (FUN) but it is still well-attended by most major dealers and features an auction held by Heritage.

The price of gold remains near all-time high levels. Interestingly, as the price of gold goes up, more and more people want to own it (too bad they didn't buy a year ago - although we might say the same thing next year!). Strong gold prices always have a positive effect on the coin market as gold purchases fuel dealer buying. Market psychology is good when gold is strong. Whether you are attending FUN, or buying gold, or not, enjoy your summer!

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Last week's winner of the 2009-P Mint State Kennedy Half Dollar was Amir Mohabbat from DeKalb, Illinoi. Congratulations Amir!

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What Determines Value in Collectibles?
By Mike Sherman

"What's it worth?" is perhaps the most asked question among collectors and dealers of collectible items. From coins, to sportscards, to stamps, to comics.... no other topic elicits more debate, or interest, than the market value of a given item.

While purists often decry this rather mercenary aspect of the hobby, it's a reality that establishing a fair market value enables trading and acquisition to take place, and is the vehicle that allows collectors to collect and dealers to deal. I am reminded of the late John Ford's famous line about the young dealers of the day about whom he remarked: "they know the price of everything and the value of nothing."

So what is it that drives the price of a collectible item? Is it age, rarity, or condition? It is none of these. It is the simple interaction of supply and demand. That's it. Read More...

1952 Superbird Washington Quarter - 'S' Mint Mark on Eagle's Chest
By Jaime Hernandez

Coin collecting is without question a hobby full of imagination and many times is filled with wording that is recognized only by numismatists.

In 1952, a proof Washington Quarter was produced containing a letter "S" on the eagle's chest on the reverse of the coin. Once, this was discovered, creative collectors and specialists with wild imaginations quickly referred to this anomaly as a Superbird Quarter, comparing it to the Superman hero character. Some believe the coin was produced intentionally by a U.S. Mint employee in relation to the new Superman T.V. series that was widely popular at the time. Read More...

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Summer is heating up and there is no better time to have your coins graded by PCGS. Visit us for some fun in the sun in Las Vegas for the PCGS Members Only Show. For additional shows PCGS is attending in 2010, click here.
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Portraits of Liberty: Martin Logies Exhibits the Cardinal Collection of U.S. Large Cents - Part II
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Tips From the Grading Room
By Mike Sherman

Welcome to the first installment of a new series we're calling "Tips from the Grading Room." Each issue we'll take a look at a different aspect of grading a particular series, and share a few insights with you.

For our first series, we'll examine exactly what constitutes a "Full Head" Standing Liberty Quarter.

Full Head (FH) is the designation that follows the numerical grade of some Standing Liberty quarters that have full detail in the head and cap of Miss Liberty. For coins that grade AU-50 and higher, this designation is assigned when full head and cap detail is present for the three varieties of the two major design types (Type I: 1916, 1917; Type II: 1917-1930). Read More...

PCGS CoinFacts™ - 1915-S $50 Pan-Pac Round (Regular Strike)

Since the launch of PCGS CoinFacts™, we have been hard at work updating and expanding the site's information. Here's another recent example:

Ron Guth: In 1915, San Francisco hosted the Panama-Pacific Exposition to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal. To commemorate the event, the United States Mint struck a variety of coins in silver and gold, including a Half Dollar, Gold Dollar, $2-1/2 Gold, $50 Gold Octagonal, and $50 Gold Round. The coins were sold at the Exposition individually or in a variety of combinations and/or sets. Read More...
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