June 21, 2011 | Vol. 11 Number 12
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eCollector Survey Winner Announced!
By Jaime Hernandez

In the previous eCollector issue we asked readers to suggest a survey question. We thank all of you who submitted suggestions; they are all very good and a few are great. It was a tough decision to choose just one. So in the future, hopefully we can do another one.

In the meantime, congratulations to Chris H. for submitting the best suggestion. Your survey suggestion is now posted in this issue of the eCollector. Since we chose your question as the best one, we will send you a PCGS 1854 Large Cent with our compliments.

In the other news, the Whitman Baltimore Expo just concluded. It was a great show. Some great coins came to the market and Stack's Bowers Galleries put a great auction together including a terrific auction catalog. To my surprise, the auction catalog seemed unusually thick, indicating that many great new rare coins are coming out into the market.

As always, please let us know how you are enjoying the PCGS eCollector.
eCollector Subscribers: WIN a Free Coin!
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In each issue of eCollector, we randomly draw a name from our subscribers. The winner in this issue will receive a a 1834 Capped Bust Dime in a special PCGS holder indicating eCollector issue #70. Check the next issue to see if you won. Good luck!

Last week's survey suggestion winner won an 1854 Large Cent. Congratulations Chris H!

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Deciphering a Message -
On a 200 Year Old Coin!

By Jaime Hernandez

Benjamin Franklin, one of America's smartest and most powerful men, gave this sound advice to the American population: "Mind Your Business." Franklin put this phrase on the 1787 Fugio Cents. When he did this, he was well aware that these words would forever be on the first official coins issued by the Original 13 states, indicating that he must have felt very strongly about this phrase.

So, what did he really mean by "Mind Your Business?" Many interpretations have been offered over the years and in this article, we will attempt to decipher his message. The phrase Mind Your Business means just that, to mind your business, but by focusing on what you're doing. Not necessarily meaning not to stick your nose in other people's business, but by focusing on what you're doing, you'll have a better chance of being successful. Read More...

PCGS CoinFacts 1861-S $10 Regular Strike

Since the launch of PCGS CoinFacts™, we have been hard at work updating and expanding the site's information. Here's another recent example:

David Akers (1975/88): While not as rare as the 1858-S, 1859-S or 1860-S, the 1861-S is still a very rare date in all grades. It is similar in rarity to the lower-mintage 1855-S and a little more rare than the 1857-S. Most specimens are well worn with the population evenly spread over the Fine, VF and EF grades. A very few AUs are known but no uncirculated specimens. Like the other dates mentioned above, this date is a grossly underrated rarity.

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2011-W Proof Silver Eagles $59.95 each!
By Jaime Hernandez

Last year the Mint offered 2010-W Proof Silver Eagles at a price of $45.95 each and many collectors thought the price was too high. Previously, prices for 2008-W Proof Silver Eagles were at $31.95 each since the Mint did not produce any Proof Silver Eagles in 2009. In 2011, the Mint has raised the prices for Proof Silver Eagles once again. The price is now $59.95 for each 2011-W Proof Silver Eagle. Read More...
Ron Gillio and Don Willis recap another outstanding Long Beach Expo.
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"In God We Trust" - The Story of the
Two Cent Piece

By Mike Sherman

While many believe that the Two Cent piece was a direct outgrowth of the nation's coinage needs during the Civil War, the idea for a two cent coin actually predated the Civil War by many years. As early as 1806, proposals for a two cent coin struck in billon (an alloy of mostly copper with a small amount of silver) circulated in Congress. Read More...

What's Going On with the 5 oz. Coins
in the Market?

By Jaime Hernandez

It's amazing that the Mint just recently issued the 2010-P Yosemite 5 oz. Collector Version coins and yet collectors still seem to be keeping up with the Mint's pace. The 2010-P Yosemite is the third coin issued in the 5 oz. America the Beautiful Collector Version series. The coins went on sale on June 9, 2011 for a price of $284.95 each and within two weeks, the Mint has already sold 20,511 coins. Read More...
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