March 1, 2011 | Vol. 11 Number 5
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Silver Prices, 5 oz. Quarters and Varieties In the News
By Jaime Hernandez

It's already the third month of 2011 and the coin market is as exciting as ever. It's not just rare coins that keep the market exciting. Silver hit a 31-year high last week when it reached $33 an ounce, keeping the market busy even for non-rare coins and low-grade common coins. Gold prices also seem to be picking up again and so far, it's been a really good month.

The 5 oz. America the Beautiful Quarter prices finally seem to have settled down. New coin varieties are still being discovered, such as a 1786 New Jersey Copper M-18L, one of which just sold for over $100,000 in PCGS VF35 grade. For this variety and for the variety to be discovered after 200 years is simply amazing. Many other varieties have been discovered this year, proving that persistence pays off for those looking for varieties.

Hopefully the month of February was a good one for all of our readers and we wish you an even better month in March.

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One of Two Known Coins in 1786 New Jersey Copper Variety Sells for $105,655.55
By Jaime Hernandez

On February 06, 2011, a 1786 New Jersey Copper M-18L graded PCGS VF35 sold on eBay for $105,655.55. This is the highest price realized for a Colonial coin on eBay. The coin is one of only two known specimens of this variety. The coin was posted on eBay by a dealer from the East coast.

Initially, the M-18L variety was believed to be unique as only one example was known to survive. Read More...

CoinFacts 1937-D 5C 3 Legs (Regular Strike)

Since the launch of PCGS CoinFacts,™ we have been hard at work updating and expanding the site's information. Here's another recent example:

David Hall: The 1937-D "three-legged" Buffalo nickel is one of the most famous and most important coins of the 20th century. It is arguably the classic Buffalo nickel. This is a filled die variety with the front leg of the Buffalo missing, though interestingly, the hoof shows. The coin is scare in circulated condition and rare, though not that rare, in mint state condition. Some Gem examples have survived. Read More...

Silver Surpasses $33 an Ounce
By Jaime Hernandez

On February 21, Silver hit over $33 an ounce. That's the highest price it has been in over 3 decades!

With silver breaking new price records, coin prices will also be affected for many classic common-date, low-grade silver coins, including modern Silver Eagles, Commemoratives and Silver Proof Sets. Read More...

The Market for 5 oz. America the Beautiful Quarters
By Jaime Hernandez

The 5 oz. 2010 America the Beautiful Quarter sets were originally commanding around $2,300 - $2,500 last month. But in the last week of February, the 5-piece sets have come down in price drastically and the sets are now trading in the $1,500 - $1,600 price range. This is still not bad for individuals who purchased the sets directly from the Mint Authorized Purchasers for about $1,000 for each set.

So far, it seems that many of the individuals who purchased the coins were individuals who wanted the coins to sell for a quick profit, as there are a lot of sets being offered for sale. Read More...
In keeping with the ANA Sacramento "Rediscover Gold" theme, David McCarthy recounts the story of the famous $50 Slug.
Watch video!
Standing Liberty Quarters
By Q. David Bowers

In 1916, Hermon A. MacNeil, a well-known sculptor, produced a new design for the quarter dollar, replacing the familiar Barber motif which had been employed since 1892. The obverse depicts Miss Liberty standing in a gateway, her right breast exposed, wearing a gown, holding a branch in her right hand and a shield in her left. LIBERTY is in an arc above, while IN GOD WE TRUST is lettered on the wall or parapet to each side of where she stands. The date is on a pedestal beneath her feet. The reverse shows an eagle flying to the right, with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and E PLURIBUS UNUM above, with QUARTER DOLLAR below. Seven stars are to the left and six to the right. 52,000 were minted in 1916, followed by generous mintage of over 10,000,000 at the three mints in 1917. Read More...

Part Eight - The Gradeflation of 1983-1986
By Mike Sherman

With the ANACS providing the first independent, third-party opinions on the grade of a coin, the hobby was entering a new phase. But questions soon arose as to the "marketability" of an ANACS-certified coin. The problem centered around the "technical" vs. "market" grading argument.

ANACS employed a technical approach to grading, which basically assumed that a newly minted coin begins life as an MS70, and only events that transpire after the die's part act to lower the grade of the coin. Read More...
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