May 11, 2011 | Vol. 11 Number 10
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Silver Prices Flirt with All-Time Highs
By Jaime Hernandez

Silver is on the move once again! But this time, it's coming down in price. Some think it's a correction, while others believe it's just a break before it reaches a new record. It failed to break the all-time record high of $50.36 set on January 18, 1980, as it recently hit $49.845 on April 25, 2011. Many dealers, collectors and investors are keeping a close eye on what it does next, to try to capitalize on price fluctuations.

In the meantime, the U.S. Mint is also scrambling to keep up with the most current price levels for silver and gold as they have to change their product prices for bullion-related coins that are also affected by the spot metal prices. Recently, the Mint released the 2010-P Hot Springs Collector Version Quarters. Collectors and dealers are waiting to see how the market reacts once the coins make it into the public's hands.

Finally, I apologize for the redundancy of the Kennedy Half Dollar over the past several months as the Coin Giveaway. I set aside some time and went shopping for some new coins, so expect a variety of coins from now on.

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America's Most Wanted - Captured!
By Jaime Hernandez

The 1969-S Doubled Die Lincoln Cent once made it into the list of America's Secret Service list, not because the Secret Service employees were coin collectors themselves but because the 1969-S Doubled Die cents were once considered to be counterfeit coins. The same individuals who search for Americas Most Wanted Fugitives were for the first time ever searching for America's Most Wanted Coin.

Secret Service Investigates the Production of Fake Coins

By sheer coincidence, the 1969-S Doubled Die cents became tainted by an actual counterfeit, the 1969 Doubled Die Obverse cent.

In 1969, Roy Gray and Morton Goodman began producing fake 1969 Doubled Die Lincoln cents and other counterfeit coins which soon came to the attention of the authorities. Read More...

Franklin D. Roosevelt:
The Man on the Marching Dime

By Ed Reiter

Most former presidents who appear on United States coins have been mated with those coins in what might be described as "marriages of convenience."

There was no compelling reason to match George Washington with the quarter, for example, or Thomas Jefferson with the nickel. Nor was John F. Kennedy closely identified with the half dollar, or Dwight D. Eisenhower with the dollar. In each case, the coin was chosen not so much because it was fitting, but because it was handy. Jefferson got the nickel, for example, because it was due for a design change, and Kennedy got the half dollar because Benjamin Franklin, the coin's former occupant, seemed less likely to be missed than the men on the other coins. Read More...

2010-P Hot Springs - 5 Ounce Collector Versions Sold Out?
By Jaime Hernandez

The 2010-P Hot Springs 5 Ounce Quarters went on sale on April 28, 2011. The coins were offered by the U.S. Mint at a price of $279.95 each. A one-per-household ordering limit was imposed. However, to many collectors' surprise, the coins did not sell out that same day. Sales continued for the rest of the week and into the next week, until the coins were pulled from the Mint's website. The Mint has not reported a sellout yet. Read More...
Steve Contursi and Don Willis discuss the Brasher EB-on-Breast Doubloon, displayed at the Sacramento ANA.
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The Hidden Jewel in PCGS CoinFacts™
By Don Willis

Auction Prices Realized is one of the hidden jewels offered by PCGS. It is perhaps one of the least publicized but most valuable offerings contained within PCGS CoinFacts. Why is Auction Prices Realized (APR) so important? Primarily because auction results are usually the most accurate indication of value for any coin and are especially significant for coins that seldom trade.

APR is an actual reflection of what an individual was willing to pay for a coin at a certain point in time. One can speculate on the reasonableness of the individual or the competitive nature of the auction, but what is certain is that all legitimate auctions are held in the open with an arm's-length relationship between the auctioneer and the bidders. Not only do APR records indicate how much a particular coin sold for, but also reveal how often the coin appears in auction.

So how can auction prices realized be used, particularly within PCGS CoinFacts? First of all, PCGS CoinFacts contains approximately two million auction records spanning over 14 years and including over 30 auction firms. Read More...
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