October 25, 2011 | Vol. 11 Number 22
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Custodians of the Coins We Collect
By Jaime Hernandez

Coin collecting is fun. Unfortunately, with today's fast paced world, sometimes it's easy to forget that. I will admit, in the past, I have forgotten the #1 rule in numismatics, which is to have fun!

For example, a lost coin or stolen coin, a bad purchase, an incorrectly described or imaged coin (and many other things) can happen when collecting, buying or selling coins. Some things are just out of our control and sometimes we can't do anything about them.

From talking to several collectors over the years, most of their experiences have been great. However, when inconveniences happen like the ones mentioned above, some collectors including me, have forgotten the #1 rule. After all, 100 years (if you're fortunate) or less go by really quickly, just like they did for the caretakers of the coins we collect today.

Collecting coins also reminds us that many coins were here before us, and will probably be here after us too. So, try to enjoy being a custodian of the coins you collect, because if you think about it... that's all we really are. We hope you're enjoying your coins and while you're at it, enjoy every other moment and those who mean the most to you too.

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The 1861-D Gold Dollar Takes Us Back in History
By Jaime Hernandez

In the early 1800s, the United States was experiencing one of its first major gold rushes in the South. During this period, it was not safe to transport any valuables from one part of the country to another. Transporting mined gold from Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia to the Philadelphia Mint proved to be challenging and extremely dangerous. Transporting gold was very expensive at the time and included traveling through uninhabited territory. One shipment alone to Philadelphia could take weeks. At times, bandits would try to steal the gold as it was being transported to the Philadelphia Mint. Read More...

PCGS CoinFacts 1864-S $10 (Regular Strike)

Since the launch of PCGS CoinFacts™, we have been hard at work updating and expanding the site's information. Here's another recent example:

David Akers (1975/88): In my 369 catalog survey, the 1864-S tied for first in the entire series according to average grade and was second in rarity according to frequency of appearance. Thus it is obvious that from the standpoint of both overall rarity and condition rarity, the 1864-S is one of the rarest dates in the $10 gold series, more rare than such famous dates as the 1798/7. Read More...

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Reader Responses

"The Wall Street Crash, The Great Depression, and Gold Coins Removed from Circulation"

Hi Jaime,

"I always look forward to finding the latest PCGS newsletter in my inbox. This time, your comments about the Great Depression reminded me of an old coin that once belonged to my grandparents. It is something of an oddity now, but back in the Depression it showed how desperate people were. It's a 1929 Mercury wood block "dime" made by carving out the coin dies and hammering a soft blank of metal (in this case I think it's zinc) into a recognizable coin. Read More...

25th Anniversary Set Available October 27!
By Jaime Hernandez

The U.S. Mint will finally offer the highly anticipated 25th Silver Eagle Anniversary Set starting at 12:00 p.m. October 27, 2011. What's so special about this set? First, the set will contain five different 2011 Silver Eagle versions. One of the coins in the set will be struck at San Francisco, making it a special coin since it is the first Uncirculated coin to have an S mint mark. Read More...
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100-coin bag (P) 3,269
100-coin bag (D) 3,176
Two-Roll Set (80 coin) (P&D) 24,099
100-coin bag (P) 3,571
100-coin bag (D) 3,726
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