October 10, 2012 | Vol. 12 Number 22    
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U.S. Mint Makes Coin Collecting Fun
By Jaime Hernandez
Reading today's featured article entitled "Numismatic Traditions" it makes me think of how coin collecting would be very different if the U.S. Mint used the same design for every coin on both obverse and reverse, the same size for every coin, the same metal composition without adding a date or mint mark to every coin, every year.

It would definitely be very boring and more than likely, we would lose a lot of collectors as every year went by. Thankfully, this isn't the case. On the contrary, the U.S. Mint keeps producing very exciting coins with different dates, designs, metal compositions, series, and even new sizes. Just look at the recently issued 5 oz. coins and there constantly changing designs. Or even the 2009 Ultra High Relief coin, which is considered to have one of the most beautiful designs issued by the U.S. Mint.

We look forward to the new coin designs and future U.S. Mint releases.

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The 1916 Doubled Die Buffalo Nickel on CoinFacts
The 1916 Doubled Die Buffalo nickel is the most popular doubled die variety for the entire Buffalo nickel series.

There are about 200 examples known. Most examples exist in VF grades. There are less than 15 mint state examples known with the highest being two coins in MS64 condition. The doubling is very dramatic mostly going south east of the date and also on the Indian Chiefs lips and chin. This variety is very prominent and it can easily be seen with the naked eye.

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Numismatic Traditions
By Richard Giedroyc
Isn't it amazing how much we take for granted on our coinage?

Virtually every coin we encounter has a date, Mint mark, denomination, designs on two sides, edge reeding and denticles about the circumference.
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President Obama Nominates New U.S. Mint Director
By Jaime Hernandez
On September 20, 2012 President Obama nominated Bibiana Boerios as the new United States Mint Director. If President Obama gets re-elected and the U.S. Senate confirms Boerio as the new Director, this would make Boerios the 39th Director of the U.S. Mint.
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2013 Girl Scouts Silver Dollars
By Jaime Hernandez
Late in September 2012, the design for the 2013 Girl Scouts Commemorative coins were finally released. Please see images in this article.

It is estimated that more than 50 million ...
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PCGS Dealer Spotlight: Doug Winter
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PCGS Submission Tips
Director of PCGS Customer Service, Trista King
A recent addition to the PCGS website is the step-by-step U.S. Submission Guidelines. This is another tool available at PCGS.com aimed at enhancing the overall submission experience. I encourage all clients to read whether you are getting ready to send your first submission or are a submission pro.
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Bicentennial Quarters: A Second Look
By Charles Morgan with Hubert Walker
As a child of the '80s, I was always fond of the Bicentennial quarter. It still turns up in pocket change once in a while, and roll hunters can run across more than a few when poring over bank boxes.
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