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September 24,2013 | Vol 13 Issue 20     

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From Don's Desk

Working at PCGS is a coin collector's dream! You never know what is coming in for grading. For example, we recently had a chance to see the new #1 Registry set of Morgan Dollars - the Coronet Collection. What an awesome collection. From #1 sets to just really cool collector coins we see it all. We are spoiled!

Don Willis
President, PCGS

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Coin Dealer Pulls out a Shotgun…Roll
by Jaime Hernandez

Don’t worry, no one was harmed. But if you don’t know the lingo in numismatics, you might be at a disadvantage when it comes to commerce. PCGS Pricing Expert Jaime Hernandez goes over some of the more playful numismatic terms and tests your knowledge.

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PCGS CoinFacts: 1906-S Peso

Why is the 1906-S Peso so rare?

According to author Lyman Allen, "At the time, nearly all 1906-S Pesos were held back for use due to the high silver content and the rapidly rising price of silver. Most of those held by the treasury, along with earlier dates, were exported to the U.S. for re-coinage into the reduced size and weight pieces which followed in 1907."

From this, we gather that most of the 1906-S Pesos were destroyed and that those that survive today somehow made their way into circulation and numismatic collections. The lack of Gem examples of this date confirms this theory. In fact, the finest certified examples known today top out at only MS62 recoinage.

Get detailed coin information, pricing, population reporting, auction prices realized, rarity and survival estimates and condition census on the 1906-S Peso and all US coins, including Territorials, with a free trial to PCGS CoinFacts.

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Collecting Territorials: U.S. Philippines Coins
by Ron Guth

Following the Spanish-American War, the United States gained control of the Philippine Islands under the 1898 Treaty of Paris. In 1903, the Philadelphia Mint began making coins for the Philippines based on a Centavos/Pesos monetary system. Ron Guth reviews the history of the U.S. Philippines coins, which remain popular with collectors in both countries.

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PCGS Photograde China Due for Major Expansion
by Mike Sherman

PCGS has recently completed a major expansion to its Photograde China site and app, and plans are to deploy it within the next month. PCGS Eduction Director Mike Sherman explains the upgrades for the website and mobile applications.

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