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December 17, 2013 | Vol 13 Issue 26     

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From Don's Desk

One of the ‘Ask Don’ questions this week comes from someone who came into possession of a large group of coins and is trying to determine what they are worth. This got me thinking about all the tools that PCGS has developed with this person in mind. Tools like PCGS Photograde, PCGS Price Guide, PCGS CoinFacts and others are available on our website and are also available in mobile versions. PCGS has also developed a family of mobile applications so you can take these collecting tools on the road or to shows. With a little bit of patience even the novice collector – or non-collector – can get an idea of what they have and approximately what it might be worth. Remember a smart buyer or seller is already ahead in the game!

Happy Collecting,

Don Willis
President, PCGS

Survey Question
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What are you most thankful for from the 2013 collecting year?

  • Being able to grow my coin collection
  • Learning more than ever about the hobby
  • Spending time with my fellow numismatists
  • Getting great returns on my submissions to PCGS

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The Missouri Cabinet Collection from Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers

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PCGS travels to numismatic conventions offering our grading and authentication services to dealers and collectors around the world.

Visit PCGS at any of the following shows and submit your coins directly.

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PCGS Asks: Changes to TrueView for 2014?
by Phil Arnold

PCGS Lead Photographer Phil Arnold wants your feedback to improve one of our most popular services, PCGS TrueView! The core tenets of TrueView haven’t changed much since 2005, but based on feedback from customers, Phil proposes a few adjustments for 2014. Find out if you agree and submit your suggestions to Phil.

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PCGS Set Registry 2013 Year in Review
by BJ Searls

The PCGS Set Registry reached new heights in 2013, thanks in large part to the many dedicated collectors who participate in the program. Set Registry manager BJ Searls recaps the global expansion of the Set Registry and highlights some of the most newsworthy PCGS Set Registry sets from 2013.

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Tip #7 for Using PCGS CoinFacts: The Best “Collection” Ever
by Ron Guth

Quick – name the best coin collection ever assembled. The Eliasberg collection of U.S. coins? The Simpson Collection of $10 Liberty and $10 Indian gold coins? In reality, there are probably too many great collections to mention. But what if you could combine all of these fantastic collections into one ‘master’ collection. PCGS CoinFacts President Ron Guth explores this amazing – but remarkably feasible – concept.

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The Who, What, When, Where
and Why of PCGS Authentication and Grading
by David Talk

PCGS Customer Service receives a wide range of questions from customer looking for more information about the PCGS submission process. David recaps the ‘five Ws’ of PCGS authentication and grading, providing an easy to follow snapshot for customers to reference.

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