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November 3, 2015 | Vol 15 Issue 22
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  • Part II - The Lord St. Oswald Coins – Where Are They Now?
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  • Strike Part I, Nickels & Dimes – Grading 102: Qualifiers
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  • Regency Auction XIV Brings Just Shy of $5 Million
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  • David Hall’s Rare Coin Market Report
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  • How Far Have You Gone to Secure a Coin for Your Collection?
    Part II - The Lord St. Oswald Coins – Where Are They Now?
    by Ron Guth

    The Lord St. Oswald pedigree is one of the most legendary in all of numismatics. In part two of his series, Ron Guth revisits the original sale of the Lord St Oswald coins by Christie’s, Manson & Woods, Ltd, today known simply as Christie’s.

    H.10 1849/8 PCGS MS67+

    This is the ONLY PCGS MS67+. PCGS has graded one higher. That coin is impounded in the Law/Simpson set that Legend has built. Even if you’re not looking to build the finest collection, Legend can still help you assemble one that will bring you pride and joy.

    LegendCoin.com >
    Great Set’s Appeal – Indian Head $10 Gold Eagles
    by Adam Crum

    Teddy Roosevelt’s impassioned interest in numismatic art brought forth a stunning, breakthrough $10 gold coin design AND a battle with Congress over a glaring omission.

    View Adam’s Gold $10 Indian Picks at MonacoRareCoins.com >
    Strike Part I, Nickels & Dimes – Grading 102: Qualifiers
    by Mike Sherman

    PCGS currently recognizes four strike designations across five series. In today’s video, we look at three of those series – Jefferson Nickels, Mercury Dimes and Roosevelt Dimes. PCGS Director of Education Mike Sherman explains the details behind the Full Steps and Full Bands designations.

    Regency Auction XIV Brings Just Shy of $5 Million

    The Coronet Collection, previously the #1 all-time MS Morgan Dollar collection on the PCGS Set Registry, accounted for 49% of the $5 million Regency Auction XIV, presented by Legend Rare Coin Auctions.

    Discover 1857-S Type One Double Eagles and More
    by Douglas A. Winter

    The discovery of thousands of 1857-S examples from the S.S. Central America kick-started the wider market for this series. The 1857-S is desirable to collectors, investors, and history lovers alike. You can read more about this issue, for free, on the Type One reference website, www.DoubleEagleBook.com.


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