September 19, 2017:
•  The King Of Morgan Dollars
•  My Coin Got a "Details" Grade. What Does That Mean?
•  The Gold Buffalo Coin Series
•  Come Clean About Cleaning Your Coins
•  Will a Morgan Dollar more valuable than the Vermuele-Lee-Coronet specimen 1893-S ever emerge?
The King Of Morgan Dollars
Ryan Gaeta

The finest known 1893-S Morgan Dollar just happens to be the most valuable Morgan Dollar in the world, and the coin will soon be on display during the upcoming Members Only Show. Enjoy this look into the coin and the date.


1798 Bust Dime PCGS MS64

High-end early Bust Dime with mesmerizing colors and sharply stuck details. You just don’t see great looking Early Bust Coins like this offered unless an old time collection is sold. If you are building a Gem Type or Bust Dime collection, this coin is a must buy. See this and other quality coins.

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My Coin Got a "Details" Grade. What Does That Mean?
Mike Sherman

Ten years ago, PCGS began holdering certain classes of problem coins, but did not give them a numerical grade. They were marked "Genuine," and assigned a "Details" grade that indicated the amount of wear the coin showed. The problem code offering further information on why the coin did not get a regular numerical grade can be read above the barcode, between the PCGS number and the certification number.

The Gold Buffalo Coin Series
Jaime Hernandez

In 2006, the U.S. Mint decided to revisit a revered design with its 2006 1-Ounce Gold Buffalos. Since that time, the popular coins continue to sell out each year. See what made the modern take on a classic release an annual hit.


The Murray Hill Collection Presented by Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ Baltimore Auction offers incredible coins from the Murray Hill Collection like this 1873 Liberty Head Double Eagle Close 3 PCGS PR63 DCAM.

Come Clean About Cleaning Your Coins
Nichole Schembre

Before you clean your coins, consider this advice - don’t do it! This article outlines the danger that cleaning presents to your coins, and the benefits of PCGS Restoration. Remember, no one wants a coin to come back with "Genuine Cleaning."

The Amazing Morgan Dollar

Prepare to be amazed! This video features a new filming technique that we think you are going to love. And if that were not enough, it’s packed with information about one of America’s favorite coins - the Morgan Dollar.


PCGS Survey
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Will a Morgan Dollar more valuable than the Vermuele-Lee-Coronet specimen 1893-S ever emerge?
  • No way. It’s the finest example from the key date.
  • Yes. There’s always a possibility in numismatics.
  • Who knows?
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