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United States Proof Gold Volume IV

This volume on proof gold has nearly 2,000 illustrations. Every proof gold variety has either a full color photograph or a close-up illustration of pertinent features.

For a work of this magnitude, this is only possible because of digital photography and software.

Details I could only verbally describe before are now illustrated with such clarity that words are secondary. In this work, I have noted a date's position by describing an imaginary vertical line from the left base of the "1" to a dentil below it. However, many date positions have obvious other differences. Magnified photographs of date positions illustrate these differences and allow easy identification of varieties.

It is my hope that these four volumes (this work on gold, followed by silver, copper, and nickel treatises) will cause a renaissance in collecting proofs. Proof gold coins are among the most sought after and desirable issues in United States numismatics, but the other metals in the ultimate format have languished in recent years. Proof eagles and double eagles continue to be highlights in dealer’s cases and auctions, just as they always have been through the years.

These four works will systematically identify every known proof variety issued by the United States before 1916. By creating these works, I'm trying to help collectors assemble variety sets of proof coins. Numismatists can now collect proofs as they collect large cents by Sheldon and Newcomb variety and half dollars by Overton number. These volumes should make it possible to collect proof coins just as other circulated series that have been extensively studied.

— John W. Dannreuther

United States Proof Gold Volume IV Part One and Part Two

United States Proof Gold

Volume IV: Parts 1 & 2

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“John Dannreuther is one of the great numismatic research experts of all-time. His proof coin book is his magnum opus! There is so much detailed information on proof gold coins in JD’s book that I believe no numismatic library is complete without it. And I can assure you this book will be a major resource in the PCGS grading room for many years to come.”

— David Hall, PCGS Cofounder

“There are books and there are more books. Often, to find all there is to know about a specific subject, it is necessary to consult several books, perhaps even a dozen or more. As the author of quite a few books on American numismatics I know this well. No such field work is needed for anyone owning a copy of the present triumph by John Dannreuther, United States Proof Coins Volume IV: Gold. It is a one-volume encyclopedia that includes more historical information than could be found by spending a week or even a month in the National Archives or another of the great institutional libraries! That John was able to create this while at the same time maintaining his prominent position in the world of professional numismatics is amazing.”

— Q. David Bowers