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Coin Submission Center

Once you have signed up for a PCGS Collectors Club Membership, you have several options for submitting coins to PCGS.


Mail Your Coins Directly To Our Facility

Online Submission Center (Complete, Print, and Sign)

Submission Form  (Complete, Print, and Sign)


Attend a Trade Show


Attend a PCGS Public Friday

Speak to a PCGS Customer Service Representative for details.


Find a PCGS Authorized Dealer In Your Area

Estimated Turnaround Times

Standard & Gold Shield U.S. World
Express 5 10
Regular 15 20
Economy 30 30
Modern 15 20
Modern Gold 15 15

The turnaround times stated above are the previous week’s average for each service level indicated. These times are estimated, as turnaround times always vary. Certain tokens and medals may require additional research, and turnaround times can fluctuate based on the amount of research required. Times listed are in business days. Turnaround times may fluctuate based on many factors. PCGS counts business days starting the day after the order is entered into the PCGS system and does not include the time it takes to open incoming packages to PCGS or to ship orders once they are completed.

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