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Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1794 1794 $1
1795 3 Leaves 39977 1795 $1 AU58 2 3 4727
B-5,BB-27 3 Leaves. Ex. Garrett coin (Lot 679-Sale2). Spectacular Luster with beautiful overall golden toning. This coin was sold at the ANA 7/08 Heritage Auction and then purchased by me from Don Willis on the same day. I truly believe this coin is more perfect than most MS63's or 64's. I had two graded 64's (Both BB-27) to compare with this coin. This coin was better. The coin was in a green PCGS55 holder and sold for $77500! Now it is in a PCGS58 holder but still is undergraded. See for yourself! Common variety. R1. Est.Pop. 2000-3000 coins. Note the 1893's' has more coins graded by PCGS (close to 4070 coins) than the BB27 (less than 1300)! For Unc. coins compare 35-MS Morgan 1893'S' to 20-MS 1795 FH for all varieties of 3 leaf! I grade my current coin MS-64-65! No plugs known although one was holdered as a plug. The consensus is that this is a mistake!
1795 2 Leaves 39989 1795 $1 MS62 1 1 510
B-13 BB-24 2 Leaves. This rare BB-24, MS-62 is the finest known, Ex.Baldenhofer- Ostheimer specimen. There is one other high grade specimen but initials were removed. I waited 4 years for this beauty and I consider the price of $77,750 a bargain. The luster is more subdued in this photo than usual true view photos. R6. 30-50 coins est. #1 CC.
1795 Silver Plug 39990 1795 $1 AU55 1 34
B-3,BB-11 Silver Plug, 2 Leaves. Rare in plug, R6-7? R5, unplugged. PCGS AU55(CAC). This is ex. Garrett and Cardinal and is the finest BB-11 specimen Plugged or unplugged! This coin is uncirculated and at least MS63 or higher. Original beautiful toning with obvious plug! Est.Pop 50-75 for all grades. Head of '94. Beware of typical flat type stars seen in all BB-11, BB-12 and BB13. Grading services rarely take this into consideration when grading these varieties! This specmen actually shows 6 stars which are not flat, the only coin I have seen to show stars of this quality in the BB11-BB-13 series!
1795 Draped Bust 39995 1795 $1 MS61 2 2 422
B-15,BB-52 Dr.Center Bust. CC coin! Could be MS63! Great toning, strike and luster. R2. About 2/3 that of B-51 Pop. or 1000-1600 coins in all grades.
1795 Off-Center Dr Bust 39996 1795 $1 AU58 2 1 139
B-14,BB-51 O/C Dr.Bust. CC coin. Great luster! R1. Est.1400-2200 coins in existence.
1796 Small Date, Sm Letters 39999 1796 $1 AU58 1 41
B-1,BB-66 SmDtSmLt. This is one of the finest known B-1,BB-66 Small Date,Small Letter Small Eagle Dollars. Great strike, luster and color. PCGS AU58 (CAC). One or two in the condition censis statis. Highest graded PCGS for this variety. R4. Est.Pop.150-250 coins.
1796 Small Date, Lg Letters 40000 1796 $1 AU55 2 1 85
B-4,BB-61,SmDtLgLt. CC coin! Nice luster. R2.Est.Pop.800-1500 coins.
1796 Large Date, Sm Letters 40002 1796 $1 AU55 3 2 129
B-5,BB-65 LgDtSmLt. Nice Rose Toning. PCGS AU55+ (CAC). R2/3. Est.Pop.500-1000 coins.
1797 9X7 Stars, Lg Letters 40003 1797 $1 AU55 5 4 1310
B-1,BB-73 Stars9x7, LgLt. R2/3. Great strike and luster. Minor adjustment mark on neck. Was NGC AU58 and this should carry over. Est.Pop.400-1000 coins.
1797 9X7 Stars, Sm Letters 40005 1797 $1 AU53 1 22
B-2,BB-72.9x7 Stars with small lettered reverse. This is the rarest variety of 1797's. Quite rare in AU in fact this must be high in the CC. The coin is always a weak strike especially the reverse. This coin is exceptional for this variety and unlike most has LUSTER and pizazz. I bought this from a Bowers and Merena Auction Aug. 2008! I was fortunate that at the auction no one picked it up and I bought it after the sale. I am pleased with the beautiful golden toning. R4. Est. Pop.150-250 coins. CC#2-3
1797 10X6 Stars 40004 1797 $1 AU58 3 2 128
1798 Small Eagle, 13 Stars 40006 1798 $1 XF45 3 6 2627
B-1,BB-82 Small Eagle-13 Stars. Great color and pizazz. Usual softness of strike. Better grade? I think so. R2/3. Est.Pop.450-900 coins.
1798 Small Eagle, 15 Stars 40007 1798 $1 AU55+ 1 3 17
B-2,BB-81 SE-15 Stars. CC coin! Nice luster. R3. Est.Pop.400-700 coins
1798 Large Eagle 40030 1798 $1 AU55 1 3 6563
B-27,BB-113. Great strike and luster for this variety. R2. Est.Pop.500-750 coins. Mid in CC.
1798 5 Stripes 40009 1798 $1 MS61 1 0 30
This is the only Mint State (PCGS MS 61) B-32,BB-91 known to exist and was purchased as a raw, albeit uncirculated coin from Stacks in 2006. CC#1, finest known. Found in San Marino Collection as Lot 501! R7! Est.Pop.10-15 coins.
1798 Knob 9 40014 1798 $1 AU50 2 1 310
B-3,BB-94. Great color and high in CC statis. Characteristic weakly struck reverse. R4/5. Est.Pop.70-120 coins. Hard to find EF & above.I grade this AU53-55
1798 10 Arrows 40024 1798 $1 AU58 1 43
B-21 BB-107, 10 Arrows. Possibly the finest known. Although graded AU58, this coin is UNC - MS63. Beautifully toned with exceptionally clean surfaces. R5. High CC coin. Est.Pop.30-50 coins.
1798 Wide Date 40021 1798 $1 MS61 1 35
B-22 BB-104 Wide Date. 1798 Possibly the finest 1 or 2 specimen known. Great luster and nice even golden toning. R4. Est. pop. 100-250 coins.
1799 40056 1799 $1 MS62+ 2 229
B-8,BB-165. Great color with PL surfaces and wonderful luster. Normal design. PCGS MS62+(CAC) and thus high CC coin. Late die state and thus weak Reverse! R3. Est.Pop.600-1000 coins.
1799/8 15 Reverse Stars 40064 1799/8 $1 MS62 2 1 86
B-3,BB-141, 15 Starred Reverse 1799/8. Nice PCGSMS62 (CAC) with beautiful color and luster. Was an MS62 NGC and crossed. Not a rare variety but still very popular due to the unusual 15 starred reverse and being an overdate. R2. Est.Pop.800-1200 coins. A CC coin.
1799/8 13 Reverse Stars 40065 1799/8 $1 MS62+ 1 12
B-1,BB-142, 13 Starred Reverse 1799/8. This exceptional ex. Col. Green Specimen is listed in Bowers as tied for 3rd finest known but may be higher. Both NGC and PCGS grade it MS62 BUT PC GAVE IT A + AND (CAC) ADDED A STICKER! Weakly struck centrally on obverse and reverse is typical for this Die State III. Beautiful iridescent blue, lustrous toning is noted. R2(R4- Perkins) Est.Pop.150-250 coins. High CC.
1799 Irregular Date-15 St 40062 1799 $1 AU53 1 2 24
B-4,BB-153, 15 Star Reverse, Irregular Date. PCGS AU53. Great luster and toning. AU examples are rare. This is an AU58 by my estimation. This is in CC. R3. Est.Pop.300-500 coins.
1799 Irregular Date-13 St 40044 1799 $1 XF40 1 2 726
B-13,BB-151, Irregular Date. R5 and the rarest variety of this date (1799). This magnificent coin is better than its grade and probably is the 2nd finest, "Stack's 1987: 779 "AU" and choice. Perfectly centered and struck. Mint lustre beneath pink and iridescent toning." mentioned in Bowers' Encyclopedia on Silver Dollars book. All coins of this variety are weakly struck in the center on the Reverse. A ray of star 13 touches the bust. Reverse die dot (rust) above E in STATES. Est.Pop.40-75 coins
1799 Obverse Stars 8X5 40063 1799 $1 AU58 2 1 32
B-23,BB-159, 8x5 Star Obverse, unique among Bust Dollars. An exceptional toned specimen with great luster. PCGS AU58 (CAC). R2. Est.Pop.500-900 coins. Although not as rare as many bust dollar varieties, this is one of the most popular for type collectors and therefore may sell for higher than usual levels do to demand
1800 1800 $1
1800 Wide Date, Low 8 40076 1800 $1 AU58 5 1 72
B-10, BB-190, WIde Date and 8 too low. PCGSAU58 (CAC). Absolutely spectacular color and luster for this same obverse used in the rare B-11, BB191. R3. Est.Pop.400-600 coins.
1800 Dotted Date 40078 1800 $1 AU55 1 1 35
B-14,B-194, Dotted Date. Popular dotted date. Common R2/3. Est.Pop.500-800 coins. Used as type set and therefore higher premium. Nice luster and strike characteristicly weak on obverse left of bust. May be low in CC.
1800 12 Arrows 40079 1800 $1 MS62 1 0 10
B-17,BB-196 12 Arrows. Ex Cardinal Coin. Great color, luster and strike. Famous collar clash on bust. Often weak on hair not seen in this coin. MS exceedingly rare. Great strike. Should be MS63-64. R3. Prob in top 2 of CC coin. Est.Pop.500-900 coins.
1800 10 Arrows 40080 1800 $1 AU55 1 1 21
B-15,BB-195, 10 Arrows. The Cardinal coin. High CC statis. Beautifully toned with great luster. PCGSAU55 (CAC). My grade MS62. Ex Logies - Cardinal Collection. R3. Est.Pop.250-450 coins.
1800 AMERICAI 40082 1800 $1 MS61 1 1 12
This B-19,BB-192 is one of the finest known Americai bust dollars. It came out of an old private collection in the Mid West (held for 40 years) before it was sold and made an MS61 on the first and only submission to PCGS. There is one other at MS63. Who knows which is better? The pizazz and color are outstanding. An R2 pop.1000-1200 but extremely rare in MS60+. High CC coin.
1800 Wide Dt,Low 8,AMERICAI 40081 1800 $1 AU50 2 2 23
B-11,BB-191, Americai, Wide Date, Low 8. Great coin for this mod. rare variety (the rarer of the two Americai). PCGSAU50 (CAC). Should grade AU53. Middle to high CC. R4(Perkins says R5). Est.Pop.150-300 coins.
1801 40084 1801 $1 MS63 2 33
B-2,BB-212 Nice toning and great luster. This magnificent PCGSMS63 coin is just like the photo and ranks as top CC 1 or 2! It is PL and struck better than any other BB-212 I have owned including the other PCGS MS63 B-2, BB-212. R3. High to mid CC coin. Est.Pop.425-800 coins.
1802 Narrow Date 40088 1802 $1 AU53 3 6 3079
B-6,BB-241. This common variety is often found in high grades of AU or better. This coin is graded PCGSAU53 but could easily go up to AU55-58. Nice steel-like toning with lots of luster. Great strike. R1-2. Est.Pop. 1000-1500 coins.
1802 Wide Date 40089 1802 $1 AU58 1 0 20
NOW IS #16286508. B-5,BB-242,wide normal date. Ex. Cardinal coin. The higest graded one in PCGS holder. High in CC. May be finest known! R5. Est.pop.75-100 coins.
1802/1 Narrow Date 40091 1802/1 $1 AU58 1 113
B1,BB-231, Close Date, overdate 1802/1. The top of the CC, perhaps #1. Beautiful toning of sunset hues with a touch of iridescent blue. Great strike for this rare variety. R4. Est.Pop.100-150 coins. Could be MS63 just as easy as AU58.
1802/1 Wide Date 40094 1802/1 $1 MS61 1 2 13
B-3 BB-234 Wide Date, 1802/1. R3. Most common of the overdates but still rare in MS condition. Nice original toning and luster. R3. CC #1. Est.Pop. 400-600 coins.
1803 Small 3 1803 $1
1803 Large 3 40101 1803 $1 AU55 3 4 1012
B-6,BB-255, Large 3. Spectacular toning with PL look. R1/2, Est.Pop.1000-1650 coins. Should be low CC coin. Grade AU58+- MS62.