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Spencer Collection - 29th

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Spencer Collection

Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1946 1946 10C
1946-D 10C
1946-S 10C
1947 1947 10C
1947-D 1947-D 10C
1947-S 10C
1948 1948 10C
1948-D 1948-D 10C
1948-S 1948-S 10C
1949 1949 10C
1949-D 1949-D 10C
1949-S 1949-S 10C
1950 1950 10C
1950-D 1950-D 10C
1950-S 10C
1951 1951 10C
1951-D 1951-D 10C
1951-S 1951-S 10C
1952 1952 10C
1952-D 1952-D 10C
1952-S 1952-S 10C
1953 1953 10C
1953-D 1953-D 10C
1953-S 1953-S 10C
1954 1954 10C
1954-D 1954-D 10C
1954-S 10C
1955 1955 10C
1955-D 1955-D 10C
1955-S 1955-S 10C
1956 1956 10C
1956-D 1956-D 10C
1957 1957 10C
1957-D 1957-D 10C
1958 1958 10C
1958-D 1958-D 10C
1959 1959 10C
1959-D 10C
1960 1960 10C
1960-D 10C
1961 1961 10C
1961-D 1961-D 10C
1962 1962 10C
1962-D 10C
1963 1963 10C
1963-D 1963-D 10C
1964 1964 10C
1964-D 10C
1965 1965 10C
1966 1966 10C
1967 1967 10C
1968 1968 10C
1968-D 1968-D 10C
1969 1969 10C
1969-D 10C
1970 1970 10C
1970-D 1970-D 10C
1971 1971 10C
1971-D 1971-D 10C
1972 1972 10C
1972-D 1972-D 10C
1973 1973 10C
1973-D 1973-D 10C
1974 1974 10C
1974-D 1974-D 10C
1975 1975 10C
1975-D 1975-D 10C
1976 1976 10C
1976-D 1976-D 10C
1977 1977 10C
1977-D 1977-D 10C
1978 1978 10C
1978-D 1978-D 10C
1979 1979 10C
1979-D 1979-D 10C
1980-P 1980-P 10C
1980-D 1980-D 10C
1981-P 1981-P 10C
1981-D 1981-D 10C
1982-P 1982-P 10C
1982-D 1982-D 10C
1983-P 1983-P 10C
1983-D 1983-D 10C
1984-P 1984-P 10C
1984-D 1984-D 10C
1985-P 1985-P 10C
1985-D 1985-D 10C
1986-P 1986-P 10C
1986-D 1986-D 10C
1987-P 1987-P 10C
1987-D 1987-D 10C
1988-P 1988-P 10C
1988-D 1988-D 10C
1989-P 1989-P 10C
1989-D 1989-D 10C
1990-P 1990-P 10C
1990-D 1990-D 10C
1991-P 1991-P 10C
1991-D 1991-D 10C
1992-P 1992-P 10C
1992-D 1992-D 10C
1993-P 1993-P 10C
1993-D 1993-D 10C
1994-P 1994-P 10C
1994-D 1994-D 10C
1995-P 1995-P 10C
1995-D 1995-D 10C
1996-P 1996-P 10C
1996-D 1996-D 10C
1996-W 1996-W 10C
1997-P 1997-P 10C
1997-D 1997-D 10C
1998-P 1998-P 10C
1998-D 1998-D 10C
1999-P 1999-P 10C
1999-D 1999-D 10C
2000-P 2000-P 10C
2000-D 2000-D 10C
2001-P 2001-P 10C
2001-D 2001-D 10C
2002-P 2002-P 10C
2002-D 2002-D 10C
2003-P 2003-P 10C
2003-D 2003-D 10C
2004-P 2004-P 10C
2004-D 2004-D 10C
2005-P 2005-P 10C
2005-D 2005-D 10C
2006-P 2006-P 10C
2006-D 2006-D 10C
2007-P 2007-P 10C
2007-D 2007-D 10C
2008-P 2008-P 10C
2008-D 2008-D 10C
2009-P 2009-P 10C
2009-D 2009-D 10C
2010-P 2010-P 10C
2010-D 2010-D 10C
2011-P 2011-P 10C
2011-D 2011-D 10C
2012-P 2012-P 10C
2012-D 2012-D 10C
2013-P 2013-P 10C
2013-D 2013-D 10C
2014-P 2014-P 10C
2014-D 2014-D 10C
2015-P 2015-P 10C
2015-D 2015-D 10C
2016-P 2016-P 10C
2016-D 2016-D 10C
1950 PR 1950 10C
1951 PR 1951 10C
1952 PR 1952 10C
1953 PR 1953 10C
1954 PR 1954 10C
1955 PR 1955 10C
1956 PR 1956 10C
1957 PR 1957 10C
1958 PR 1958 10C
1959 PR 1959 10C
1960 PR 1960 10C
1961 PR 1961 10C
1962 PR 1962 10C
1963 PR 1963 10C
1964 PR 1964 10C
1965 SMS PR 1965 10C
1966 SMS PR 1966 10C
1967 SMS PR 1967 10C
1968-S PR 10C
1969-S PR 1969-S 10C
1970-S PR 1970-S 10C
1971-S PR 1971-S 10C
1972-S PR 1972-S 10C
1973-S PR 1973-S 10C
1974-S PR 1974-S 10C
1975-S PR 10C
1976-S PR 1976-S 10C
1977-S PR 1977-S 10C
1978-S PR 1978-S 10C
1979-S PR 1979-S 10C
1980-S PR 1980-S 10C
1981-S PR 95261 1981-S 10C PR69DC 8528 877 100571017
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1982-S PR 1982-S 10C
1983-S PR 1983-S 10C
1984-S PR 95266 1984-S 10C PR69DC 3953 579 3953579
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1985-S PR 95267 1985-S 10C PR69DC 3930 494 3930494
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1986-S PR 95268 1986-S 10C PR69DC 4125 513 4125513
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1987-S PR 95269 1987-S 10C PR69DC 4316 499 4316499
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1988-S PR 95270 1988-S 10C PR69DC 3726 551 3726551
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1989-S PR 95271 1989-S 10C PR69DC 3476 517 3476517
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1990-S PR 95272 1990-S 10C PR69DC 4258 702 4258702
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1991-S PR 95273 1991-S 10C PR69DC 3104 716 3104717
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1992-S PR 1992-S 10C
1992-S SILVER PR 95275 1992-S 10C PR69DC 4051 748 4051748
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1993-S PR 95276 1993-S 10C PR69DC 3131 677 3131677
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1993-S SILVER PR 1993-S 10C
1994-S PR 95277 1994-S 10C PR69DC 3022 719 3022719
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1994-S SILVER PR 1994-S 10C
1995-S PR 1995-S 10C
1995-S SILVER PR 95281 1995-S 10C PR69DC 2932 300 2932300
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1996-S PR 95282 1996-S 10C PR69DC 2816 518 2816518
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1996-S SILVER PR 1996-S 10C
1997-S PR 1997-S 10C
1997-S SILVER PR 95285 1997-S 10C PR69DC 3338 398 3338398
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1998-S PR 1998-S 10C
1998-S SILVER PR 95287 1998-S 10C PR69DC 3541 456 3541456
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
1999-S PR 1999-S 10C
1999-S SILVER PR 95289 1999-S 10C PR69DC 4575 457 4575457
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
2000-S PR 95290 2000-S 10C PR69DC 3290 608 3290608
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
2000-S SILVER PR 2000-S 10C
2001-S PR 2001-S 10C
2001-S SILVER PR 2001-S 10C
2002-S PR 2002-S 10C
2002-S SILVER PR 2002-S 10C
2003-S PR 2003-S 10C
2003-S SILVER PR 95307 2003-S 10C PR69DC 5041 882 5041882
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
2004-S PR 2004-S 10C
2004-S SILVER PR 2004-S 10C
2005-S PR 2005-S 10C
2005-S SILVER PR 95311 2005-S 10C PR69DC 4181 1140 41811140
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
2006-S PR 2006-S 10C
2006-S SILVER PR 95317 2006-S 10C PR69DC 3315 713 3315713
U.S.A. 10 Cent Proof, White Gem
2007-S PR 2007-S 10C
2007-S SILVER PR 2007-S 10C
2008-S PR 2008-S 10C
2008-S SILVER PR 2008-S 10C
2009-S PR 2009-S 10C
2009-S SILVER PR 2009-S 10C
2010-S PR 2010-S 10C
2010-S SILVER PR 2010-S 10C
2011-S PR 2011-S 10C
2011-S SILVER PR 2011-S 10C
2012-S PR 2012-S 10C
2012-S SILVER PR 2012-S 10C
2013-S PR 2013-S 10C
2013-S SILVER PR 2013-S 10C
2014-S PR 2014-S 10C
2014-S SILVER PR 2014-S 10C
2015-S PR 2015-S 10C
2015-P SILVER Rev PR 2015-P 10C
2015-S SILVER PR 2015-S 10C
2015-W SILVER PR 2015-W 10C
2016-S PR 2016-S 10C
2016-S SILVER PR 2016-S 10C